Trump’s trick or tweet on Halloween

House Democrats hold a historic vote on Thursday to kick off the public phase of an inquiry of President Donald Trump that moves significantly closer to a vote to impeach him. (Bloomberg)

Those who read these posts know that I am no friend of Trump.

Nevertheless, I acknowledge the good he has done, and his remarkable courage, and I pray for his success.

Trump’s Halloween tweet on the day when the House voted to proceed with his impeachment is more than coincidental. Trumps’ tongue in cheek tweet is truer than he may know.

On Halloween of all days!

Given all the rumors of democratic involvement in witchcraft among some of the upper elite, it’s astonishing this impeachment vote happened on Halloween. After all, it’s a day that evil is flaunted in God’s face, tempting God to turn His face of mercy away.

Whether it was planned that way of men, I cannot say. But given the flood of the demonic right now hunting for the soul of the nation  — I can’t help but think Trump is almost right: This may not be “a witch hunt”, but it certainly looks like “a hunt by witches”!

Often God times events to coordinate with an anniversary that conveys meaning, such as on the anniversary of Purim or Passover, or the Fall of Jerusalem. At the very least, therefore, it appears that God allowed this to occur on Halloween to relay a message to those who have ears to hear, “This is the work of the evil one”.

But even the wicked are just putty in God’s hands, merely instruments of discipline towards “those who will inherit salvation”. Therefore, don’t focus on what the wicked one does, but rather on what God is doing in this situation.

What about Halloween?

From heavens perspective, Halloween is a celebration of victory over death. Every day belongs to God. Even that day which marks the approaching season of death.

Therefore, we should “come out of this world and be separate”, but at the same time “be wise as serpents”. As regards Halloween, how these two principles mesh is between you and God.

May the “Author of life” be glorified in all you say and do.

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  1. Thank you for your solid reminder that “everyday belongs to God.” I can get into frenzied modes sometimes and these words of truth are important to remember.


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