Plague of the ‘Donald Trump Delusion’

Donald… Humble yourself before God so that prosperity might continue under your leadership.

The above was said one year ago in a post on February 15, 2020. I quote it ahead of what is said next in order to demonstrate that I am not against Trump and that I have always acknowledged the good he did — as well as the evil.

Hopefully, this is the last post about Trump. It has not been easy these many years to proclaim the exact opposite of what 99 percent of the ‘prophets’ say, the majority of which are endorsed by the leadership of the charismatic movement.

(This is why “submission to ecclesiastical authority” is not the answer to the current prophetic confusion, as many suggest. A complete overhaul from head to toe is necessary before “submission” can work, down to the very definition of what New Testament “Church” even looks like.)

Increasingly clear prophecy about Donald Trump over the past ten years

Over the past 10 years, the Lord gave me many prophetic messages about Donald Trump with great signs following. At the end of this short article are the posts during just the past four years about Trump.

Some of the below posts refer to the much earlier articles about a man named “Don” who would arise and be considered by some to be like “king Cyrus”, and that he would be very wealthy. However, the 2011-prophecy said that in the end “Don” would disappoint ‘like a cloud without rain’. He would be a rival of “Hillary”, whom God mocked as ‘hilarious Hillary, just as he mocked the statue of Baal.

The Lord revealed an image of a man “whose name is Don” atop a tall mountain planting the flag of Israel. The mountain was “2300” days/years high. Furthermore, the flag of Israel was moved to the position of overtopping the mountain “2300 letters” from one point in the prophetic picture to another. Remember, all this was way back in 2011 and can easily be verified at “Internet Archive”.

And so it was, “2300 days” later to the day, (around Hanukkah), Donald Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, “planting the flag” in Jerusalem, so to speak.

And so forth.

All this happened many years before I even heard of the name “Donald Trump”.

Below is just a sampling of the prophetic images in order to give you some idea of what I mean. However, the purpose of this post is not to go over all this again, but to recap the basic message about Trump in lieu of the madness overtaking God’s people.

Click to enlarge and read the caption about the sign and wonder in Washington when the Lord revealed this image. The image was created back in 2011. 2300 days later Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Hundreds of signs and wonders just like this occurred back then and still are. I meticulously recorded most of them as contained in about 300 lengthy articles.
Click to enlarge. “Flag in the storm ” at the upper right corner advances ahead “2300 letters/days” unto the spot in the image where “Don” kneels. atop the mountain as seen below.
“Flag in the storm ” as seen in the previous image at the very top right corner is now seen here because it has moved ahead 2300 letters/days forward. 2300 days after God revealed this mountain code Donald Trump “moved” the embassy to Jerusalem. The flag itself is better seen in the next similar image also revealed in 2011.
“Flag in the storm ” moves ahead 2300 letters/days unto the spot in the image where “Don” kneels. The kneeling man reads in Hebrew, “His hand removed Don!” Both came to pass as everyone now knows.

Prophetic messages during the Trump Presidency

Below are links to prophetic messages about Trump during the four years of his presidency.  The vast majority of Christians rejected everything I said.

The Lord gave me many prophetic words.

Not one word fell to the ground. All came to pass.

A meteor heads toward the mountain top. This image was coupled with others that included the moon, Trump, etc. One hour after posting this 2011 image on for the very first time, a meteor indeed struck the moon during the first 21 seconds of a total blood-moon lunar eclipse. I had just said in the post that the eclipse represents the Trump Wolf-Blood Moon. Trump was weighed in the balance that day just as this heavenly sign was exactly to the day two years into his presidency with two years left to go — perfectly balanced. Found wanting, “Don” was “removed” two years later as I warned would happen

What is the truth about Trump revealed over and over again during the past ten years?

The TRUTH was validated by God hundreds of times by signs and wonders. For example, there was the time that an image of a meteor striking the moon atop the mountain (where “Don kneeled”) during a wolf-blood-moon eclipse named after Donald Trump.

One hour later it literally happened and made headlines around the world. (See left image and caption.)

This is the gist of the message revealed over the past ten years about Trump — a message despised and rejected…

Prophetic Messages about Trump Summarized

A ruler would arise name “Don” (and “the son of dawn” Isa. 14:12 ESV), an impish man whom God would remove from power “after four years” unless he repents of his pride.

He would be like king Saul whom God gave in His anger but “removed” in His wrath.

Delusion would come upon God’s people for a time because of their idolatry over this man and for mixing with the world. Jesus is their king and will have no rival. God knows the heart. Most (not all) are like Israel when they chose Saul to lead them rather than God. They will fall for a time in order to be purified.

However, if God’s people do not repent, they are in danger of setting up an antichrist to rule over them in the future, (perhaps even the Antichrist, and his false-prophet son.)

But if they yield to the present ruler (Biden) and bestow due respect, then Biden will treat them well. But if they resist they will bring upon themselves a yoke of iron. 

God knows the wickedness of both parties. However, the kingdom of God has nothing to do with either of them. “The whole world lies in the lap of the evil one”, and “the flesh profits nothing”. Remember that! 1 John 5:19; John 6:63.

Stop trusting in Egypt

My friend, stop turning to Egypt for help!

But I will pass judgment on you

because you say, ‘I have not sinned.’

Why do you go about changing your mind so much? You will also be disappointed by Egypt, just as you were disappointed by Assyria…

for the Lord has rejected those you trust;

you will not be helped by them. Jer. 2:35-37

What is the root of the problem?

Teachers who teach that Christians MUST vote rather than leaving this up to the individual and their conscience.

This error is compounded further by leaders who infer as to which party a “real” Christian should vote for, thereby dividing the body of Christ.

The devil is a strategist and has outmaneuvered carnal Christians. You cannot fight against flesh and blood. If you “lay hands” on a man thereby endorsing him, then you partake in his sins and risk his plagues, in this case, “The Plague of the Delusion of Donald Trump”.

Trump is stuck on himself! — Are you stuck on Trump?

Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; Rev. 18:4

What then must we do?




Wait for the King of Heaven to return.

Prophetic words about Trump during the four years of his presidency
Suggested Video about the Trump Delusion


16 thoughts on “Plague of the ‘Donald Trump Delusion’”

  1. [Gen 12:3 NLT] 3 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you.” HAS NOT been repealed.

    No recognition of the parallels between Trump and Netanyahu political delays?

    If you can’t see that Trump is Jacob and Biden is Esau(Edom) in the Obadiah Prophecy, you are not paying attention.

    [Oba 1:4 NLT] 4 But even if you soar as high as eagles and build your nest among the stars, I will bring you crashing down,” says the LORD.
    What is the US Presidential Seal? An eagle surrounded by (50) stars.

  2. Thank you for sharing! It has made this time so much easier for me. God is in control, but people just cannot let go of the idea that they are in control. That their system cannot fail, or that if it does, that they are capable of fixing it. It is God that brings one down and exalts another. And we can pray for our leaders, and live our life unto God, but at the end of the day, it is the majority that choose what God will do in a country. This is a dynamic between the people and God, not between the people and their system they have made. We could never surprise Him with anything we do or with any result of our systems. Time is like a maze we live in, separated by walls we can’t see over, but God is over it all, and sees it all in one glance. He created it all at once, already allowing for everyone’s choices at once and weaving it all together to His own purpose. Everything is to Him and for Him and by Him. To Him be all the glory.

    • Well said. God is sovereign.

      I have never been against Trump. However, His people must not be engrossed in this world and that includes politics. “Engrossed” is the keyword.

      Elections are always about choosing the lesser of two evils, therefore, to vote is by no means obligatory.

      Only Jesus is the righteous king. “We know that the whole world lies in the lap of the evil one.”

  3. Hi Dean,
    I wanted to catch up on your articles. I still don’t pretend to understand the codes, I am always amazed at how God shows me things in current events and when I come here, you have mentioned those very things. Praise God that he does speak to those of us who long for His appearing no matter what intellectual level we are at! I am nobody in this world, I am however a child of the Most High God! I hoped Donald would bring more positive change, but I knew and still know, that there can be no peace without Christ. All the “good” Don did is already undone in our government. My hope has never been in a man. I do my civic duty and will continue to do it, I search out truth the best I can, but my prayer is always for Jesus’ return, His reign and rule is what I desire. In reference to your article above, what struck me most was the call to “come out of Babylon”. As soon as the election was over and Biden was declared winner (no matter if by fraud or by popular vote, God allows what is His will) I heard over and over, “come out of Babylon”. It is a constant alarm in my soul now. I began closing all social media, cancelling on-line subscriptions, I have no peace about the vaccine. I feel led to reduce, clean out, pay off debts, become less dependent on the technology and things of this world. I want to come out of Babylon, but in my own ability is it impossible. God help me, remove me from Babylon, give me rest in Your land❤️🙏. God bless you Dean, and God bless all those who long for Your appearing Jesus, Amen!

    • That was a long time ago. It was a snapshot I took of a video that a local news network had as they explained the weather. It would have been the local news from that area.

  4. Hello Dean

    I have a question regarding a previous post from way back entitled, “Mount Carmel Hanukah Forest Fire posted on on Dec. 2-5, 2010”.

    I was reading up on the 2011 Super Tornadoes of April and would like to know where I may find the source is for that image you have on there depicting an angel seen on doppler radar in midst of the tornadoes in the Southern States.

    • That was a long time ago. It was a snapshot I took of a video that a local news network had as they explained the weather. It would have been the local news from that area.

  5. What I don’t understand is why YOU are stuck on Trump. “Don” has disappointed nobody. This election was a total lying fraud. I would give you evidence but you would ignore it. You seem to be on some self-appointed mission to point out how ignorant and selfish American Christians are because they wanted a leader that would support Christian values. And the bad things were dumped on us as God punished us to the delight of the new world order. How do you explain the frozen mess we are in now as the “climate change” green energy sources just failed. In your zeal against Trump, you stand with Hollywood, the grisly planned parenthood, the witches who prayed curses against him every new moon, and of course, the earth worshipers. Here’s where we are here. We are stronger than ever, waiting on the return of our Lord, sorry that the new world order is taking over every government. And Trump? He is not “carried away” He is stronger than ever, working for freedom encouraging us to continue in our beliefs. He is not gone any more than the mega wealthy royal couple Meghan &Harry, who moved to a mansion in LA so she could continue her movie career, are Jacob & Sarah.

    • I understand your concerns. However, I stand by the word the Lord gave me from the beginning. “God gave you a king in his anger and took him away in His wrath” (Hosea).

      King Saul did great things, but God’s people, especially the charismatic church, have become worldly and trusting in the power of the flesh.

      The unbelievable Trump delusion now sweeping the charismatic church is proof that I did not get it wrong. Most of God’s people are caught up in this world and their choice of believing in lies about Trump is appalling and disgraceful. Nine out of ten charismatic Christians are condemning “prophets” who now apologize for prophesying wrongly that Trump would have another term. They want to hold onto the lie! And God’s name is blasphemed around the world because of this deception.

      They are laughing at us.

      This has given the government of China and India (where most Christians live) the excuse to persecute believers all the more. If the church of America does not repent of its idolatry, this might well end in both Christians and Israel voting in the Antichrist himself. It might not be Trump, but perhaps Jarod Kushner or some other. It’s shocking and is “checkmate” from Satan’s perspective.

      If I am right, is that not worth harping on?
      Blindness is upon the prophets and God’s people love it so.

      It’s the repeat of the mistake of Emperor Constantine, which effectively gave birth to the Roman Catholic Church. History teaches us that mixing with politics on a grand scale always leads to disaster.

      • Your analogies are totally wrong which I allude to your misunderstanding of how our government works and your dependence on the fake news, the lying prophets of Baal. Trump did NOT say “the virus was a hoax.” How do I know? I heard him. He spoke directly to the people to the few outlets that would let him. The MSM twisted this Like they twisted everything. Even CNN now admits this was a twist but you don’t because you are on their bandwagon. Trump orchestrated a vaccine that is helping the world. God did not “give us a king.” Trump ran, on his own money because he cared what was happening to this country. He is now half as “rich” The truth is he was elected to another term. What really disturbs me is you think communist China’s cruelty is because they don’t “see prophecy.” Their cruelty is because they serve satan. They saw what a compassionate country that values life can produce and they hate it. China was influential in our election, the cabal rigged it. Even Time magazine is now admitting it. China dumped this virus on the world to destroy economies, topple Trump & gain control. Guess which country benefitted from the pandemic? And Biden is their puppet, his family taking millions, his son’s laptop full of images of abused children. Biden said that China’s abuse of people is “cultural.” God speaks to any one of His people, regardless of their intelligence.

        The satanic world system is gaining control. People like Trump are a threat to it. I don’t expect you to get it. I’m done here. But I had to take exception to your accusation that ministers that failed to predict Trump’s political stance are the cause of China’s policies. Please….

        • One small clarification: The enamoring of Christians in the United States with politics is what justifies other nations to view Christians as a political threat, such as Muslims, Hindus, and Communists. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world” and this foundational message is lost to the ears of rulers of nations whose kingdom is of this world.

          Politics should be a low priority for Christians, but this is clearly not the case. Pray and preach the gospel — this is what changes nations. A nation cleansed by force will be overtaken by demons seven-times worse in the end, and that end has come as time will tell.

          There is a place to declare the sins of a nation. I have done this many times publically. But that is not the same as wrestling according to the flesh.

          • My position is that everything we do should be for God’s glory. Christ said His people would speak to those in authority. As for other beliefs seeing the Christian message as a “threat” to their kingdoms, of course it is. My dad, a patriotic person of great faith, fought Hitler. Others of that generation stood against the aggression of imperial Japan. As as veteran, I lived on Guam where I spoke to a chaplain whose brother died in a Japanese concentration camp. The day the Americans landed is still celebrated there. You have your opinion. Here, we have people who think any involvement with government is somehow contrary to their faith & we protect their rights, at the same time protecting their safety. I will say it is hard for me to understand why you think cruel, oppressive regimes shouldn’t feel “threatened” by the truth of how citizens should be treated. I hope you wouldn’t argue for slavery. Have a blessed day.

        • Dear sweet Naomi, I SO agree w/you regarding everything you say about Trump! I believe he is sent by God-ordained to be the trump of the Lord in these end times. The notion that Christians should steer clear of politics is utterly ludicrous. Would Jesus not speak out (& act) against evil. Sad that so many believers have put God in a box & are so closed minded. They will hopefully be awakened in time. Extremely disappointed in Dean for this stance. Pray that everyone’s eyes will be opened. BTW/we are not by any means worshipping trump-he is simply God’s weapon for the shocking times we are in. C.H.


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