Quintuplet Prime Numbers are the Cornerstone of Every Number and Pattern

Three and a half years ago, the Lord revealed Pi from a Biblical perspective. Now He has revealed the foundation, which upholds all things — the cornerstone.

Jesus is the cornerstone.

I have been locked away in a deep study for the past few months. The past month, in particular, has been incredibly intense. After 32 years of studying the numbers in the Bible, it became apparent to me that there must be an underlying formula behind the millions of interweaving patterns that I have studied and posted about. I initially thought that someone else might discover it, but to my surprise, the Lord began to reveal it the very next day.

I wept.

Given the past month’s events, including the earthquake, the revival, and the findings of the Webb Telescope, I believe that they are all signs of a great transition in the world. Moreover, understanding Prime Numbers is also a significant sign.

‘We just discovered the impossible’: Giant young galaxies shake up our understanding of the early universe.

Astronomy.com (Feb 23, 2023)

The final understanding came this morning and its diagrams. Here is a photocopy of the rough work that contains all the essential information.

The three menorahs are based on Zech. 4, Rev. 11, and the Creation narrative. They serve as the foundation for everything mathematical in the Bible, upon which all narratives depend. The green numbers signify the seven days of Creation arranged in three different ways. The flames on the three menorahs, formed by the seven-times-three numbers, consist of the first ten prime numbers, including negatives. Notably, according to the Bible, one is also a prime number, as affirmed by Jesus who said, “I and the Father are ONE” (John 10:30). The middle “zero” of the three menorahs represents eternity. In contrast, the outside zeros represent chaos”.

The middle menorah is the cornerstone. The rest, including primes 97-113 (prime sextuplet), form the foundation. All other primes larger than these take their position in time from 97-113 (i.e., 92/96 to 104/108 AD, as well as thirty less, 62-78 AD, etc.), and also less 210 to the negative prime equivalents. This will be explained more fully later.

The larger the constellation of primes, the more rare and important it is. The menorah on the right and left is itself a constellation of seven primes. After this, only a maximum constellation (cluster) of six primes exists. See Wikipedia for more.

The diagram is meant to be viewed upside down — as seen from heaven.

The “bowl” above the middle menorah is according to Zech 4. Everything is mirrored, including BC and AD. Thus, 29 Nisan BC and 30 Nisan BC are the mirror of AD 29/30. The concept of the “mirror” is explained many times already.

Expect future articles explaining this chart, the Lord willing.

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  1. Brother it’s ahhhh-mazing what the Lord has revealed to you. Thank you for being so faithful so diligent so long-suffering all these years. What a journey hey? 😊
    Sister Maralah (Marla)

  2. Netanyahu is pushing for PEACE with the Saudis (and all Arabs), but Jesus put a spiral (a Sign that means “crazy”) in the sky on April 15, 2023.
    It is crazy (unScriptural) that Israel can live in Peace with the Arabs.

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    Who is the ultimate MILK COW in the Bible?……..Israel the Promised Land is “flowing with milk and honey”………
    A few years ago, in Beebe, Arkansas, birds (Phoenicious) fell from the sky TWICE on New Years Eve, a year apart,,,,,,,a SIGN that many Philistines will fall at Bibi Netanyahu’s feet.

  4. Wow Dean, I can tell you’re getting close to the number structure/ pattern that underlies the manifestation of story. Really mind-blowing. Having not really taken the time to see these progressions of intervals between primes, it’s great to see them portrayed and there’s something about the hand-drawn notebook pad that actually makes it more understandable.

    First the middle Menorah contains the only even non-prime number, two, and the zero. Are you saying this the Lord’s Number Menorah? Meaning, Is His numeric essence best expressed in 0,1,2 and 3…and then the creation menorahs on either side as emanations?

    Why the negative mirror in the negative integers, in your opinion? IS that invisible fourth dimension story, is it destruction? is it illusion? Can we know?

    Also, being a ” prime” novice…let me ask…there are clearly patterns of distance between primes. The middle is 0 to 1 to 2 to 3, the distance expanding progressively with each difference. The next Menorah shifts to 5 to 7 to 11 to 13 to 17 to 19 to 23- a distance between integers of two then four then two then four then two then four. the next would be 23 to 29 to 31 etc…is the 6 digit leap the significance that makes these later clusters of prime unable to bear the same importance as these two initial clusters on either side of God’s center? What is the significance in your mind of that six digit leap in the prime phenomenon?

    I find it very interesting that the middle prime cluster of sevens “needs” the zero, but there is no other way for this mirror phenomenon to work and it makes spiritual sense. There is a consistent mirror phenomenon in both solar eclipse dates and their geographical appearances. The zero must have the kind of significance necessary to complete God’s story.

    I love the side clusters, especially the positive one on the right. The cluster of human story? All those strange and challenging numbers 5, 7 and 11 13 and 17 and 19 and 23.

    In the eclipses, the Draco-Metonic 19 year reality is its most fundamental recurring peculiarity, as eclipses line up to repeat every 19 years on the same date for up to a century… But the 7 sided Hepton Cycle is right there with it in terms of strangeness. Seven eclipses each occurring 7 eclipse seasons and 7 eclipse years apart on the same day of the week.

    The Lord our God is the foundation of all things. He creates a very exciting mystery, even for us who must watch the decay of civilization.

    Here comes the next series of eclipses, Dean. they have avoided major population centers for the last several years. Australia is the first harbinger. A hybrid scrapes it on Adolf Hitler’s 134th birthday next month 4-20-2023. From the on, it’s game on. With North America getting two eclipses in a row Oct 14 2023 ( Dwight Eisenhower’s 133rd birthday) and Apr 08 2024, 8 days after Easter. The April one comes to Canada as I am sure you know.

    God Bless you! Sand

    • Great questions. I plan on getting to them in future articles. Impressive that you noticed the 2-4-2-4-2 pattern. It is key to understanding the “women taken out of the man” from his side. See the “Key of 23” article. Out of 23 comes 25 because 25 is 23, too; that is, 23 solar years is 25 priestly years of 336 days. This continues the pattern of 2-4-2 longer to create the new Eve. I will explain this later. The seventh branch of the menorah “branches out and builds the temple of the Lord,” which is eight branches, the new creation, the Church, and the Bride. Zech 6:12.

      The 2-4-2 primes become increasingly rare. The Menorah pattern contains six spaces (2-4-2-4-2-4) never occur again, but five spaces do, although very rare after sequence 97. (Next is 16057, then 19417, then 43777, then 1091257, etc.) I will show that these rare numbers (and one less space distance) produce a framework upon which all biblical chronology hangs, including expanded biblical chronology and even Babylonian chronology with its vast periods. I believe that the Babylonian (Sumer Tablets) was revealed to man before the flood, as mentioned in the Book of Enoch, and is true, although reinterpreted as about false gods and pagan kings. It’s the spaces between many of these large clustered primes that are the giveaway. The mirrored primes are also important.

      The purpose of primes is not to conform to modern interpretation, but instead reveal God and His eternal purposes.

    • Hi and thanks for your input. I live in Gold Coast city you have mentioned here. Do these ellipses signify judgement?

      • Eclipses must be understood from God’s perspective since He created them. God’s plan for the ages is centered on Christ and His redemption. Therefore, God created this perfect eclipse situation, due to the precise relative size of the sun and moon, to signify the death and resurrection of Christ. Both the Blood moon and Solar eclipse occurred on the day Christ died. It is worth noting that when Christ died, the sun went dark, but it was not a normal eclipse and thus was something far more mysterious. However, the meaning remains the same: the Light of God was snuffed out for a time but then reappeared.

        Thus, the eclipse represents judgment in this sense. All who refuse Christ will suffer God’s wrath — Hence, an eclipse serves as a warning to unrepentant individuals or nations who refuse God’s sacrifice.

        See John 3:36 (KJV), where Jesus says, “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”

        • Dean,
          I just watched your podcast “Trump Peace Treaty and 666(P3).
          A Brother and I have developed a timeline that has been spot on for 2 years now. I would like to share it with you or others that follow you. We believe the 7 year tribulation started with the signing of the Abrahamic Accords on 9/15/20. This is approximately when the Lamb, Jesus broke the 1st Seal on a book(KJB). Then in September of 2021, the 2nd seal was broken. September 2022 the 3rd and so forth. We also believe each Trumpet sounds within the calendar each of each seal. We have the Anti-Christ coming to power and ministry Spring of 2024. We believe Donald J Trump is killed with a sword thru the head, laid to rest in Washington tomb in the rotunda in Washington DC and a ceremony of some demonic kind lead by Hilary Clinton the Daughter of Alister Crowley bring him back to life as a 30 year old version of himself now indwelt by Lucifer to reign foe 3 and 1/2 years. We believe this also marks the beginning of the great tribulation when things really get bad and we lose 1/4th the worlds pop.(4th seal). We also believe the Blessed Hope aka rapture happens after the breaking of the final seal and sounding of the final trumpet corresponding with the year of wrath for which we are not appointed.
          If anyone would like our timeline, especially Dean you can email me at scottrobertsalmonsen@gmail.com. I would like to get more exposure as we get closer to some really bad times to try and both prepare and warn fellow Christians and those who haven’t made a decision for Christ yet, but may when their cozy world crumbles.
          God Bless all who call on the name of Jesus and want others to as well!


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