Curse tablet discovered on Mt. Ebal is a fearful sign

“Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse… thou shalt set the blessing upon Mount Gerizim, and the curse upon Mount Ebal.” (Deut. 11:26, 29)

According to the researchers, the 40 letters inside the tiny folded lead tablet found on Mt. Ebal read:

Cursed, cursed, cursed – cursed by the God YHW.

You will die cursed.

Cursed you will surely die.

Cursed by YHW – cursed, cursed, cursed.

There was a press release about a sealed curse of extraordinary importance on March 24, 2022. It was initially discovered sometime in December of 2019. It dates to around when the original curses were declared on Mt. Ebal in 1406 BC. (“1406 BC” is the date of the conquest of Canaan used by Dr. Scott Stripling, the person who presented the discovery. It is the same date used by most evangelical scholars and myself.)

Those who discovered this tiny lead tablet do not claim it was by Joshua himself. Excavations appear to show two altars on Mt. Ebal. This tiny tablet is from a second altar built around 1200 BC. (For more about these two altars, see the interview with Dr. Scott Stripling: “Has Joshua’s Altar Been Found on Mt. Ebal?“.)

Below is the Youtube video of the press release. I believe that this discovery is a sign intended for the end days, so continue to read this post after you watch the video. Doubtless, what the tablet says and even when made will be debated for a long time. However, the fact that the curses and the blessings are before our eyes at this time is God’s way of drawing our attention to them — no matter the final interpretation outcome.

This article assumes the reading to be correct, at least for now. Most of this article was written back in March 2022. I chose to delay its posting until the final report was made by those who discovered it. But due to the Supreme Court’s decision to end Roe v. Wade I have decided to post it now.

See yesterday’s post: Roe v. Wade overthrown & great signs in the heavens,

A relook at Roe v. Wade provokes the whole world to choose life or death again. It is now shouted from the mountain tops of Mt. Ebal, so to speak, by wicked men in high places who put evil for good. But no matter what they say, it is loud and clear that to choose death is to reject Christians, Christ, and the Bible since it is well known that Christians took the lead in this righteous cause.

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. Deut 30:19

So was there “a witness from the heavens” the day Roe v. Wade was overturned?

Yes indeed, as discussed in yesterday’s post.

An extremely rare parade of planets was seen in the sky the same day the Supreme Court undid the chains of wickedness, with the Sea Monster of the Nile at center.

Moses and the killing of babies

Abortion is like killing babies at the time of Moses’ birth. Then, all of Israel was chained to Pharoh. All male babies were thrown to the Nile to be torn to pieces by monsters of the sea. But God hid Moses for “three months.”

By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict. Heb. 11:23

And so, ironically, three months to the day after the Curse-Tablet press conference, Roe v. Wade is overthrown, forcing great and small the world over to choose life or to choose death once again. Their choice justifies the wrath or mercy that follows as we approach the 70th jubilee from Joshua and the Mt. Ebal curses. (1406 BC plus 49 x 70 = 2025 AD).

Woe! Woe! Woe! to the earth!

Actually, there were 12 curses, plus 6 more, as stated in the next chapter (Deut. 27-28). Hence, “Cursed be…” is said 6-6-6 times!

Pictographs of YHW is Jesus crucified

This is by far the oldest reference to the covenantal name of the LORD (YHWH) ever found in Israel. It is so ancient that the letters have not quite changed from pictographs to mere symbols as seen today. (For example, the letter “A” was originally an upside-down ox head with horns!)

Notice that the name of YHW does not include the last letter (YHWH). Anyone who has studied Hebrew knows why. The last letter was silent and likely added later as the language developed.

Half a year ago, God gave a sign using these same three Hebrew letters. They appeared on the temple wall in Jerusalem. I wrote a post about it.

Below is what the Divine Name looks like in the lead tablet discovered on Mount Ebal.

Taken from the Youtube video press conference. It reads from left to right here, although Hebrew only reads from right to left today!

“Cursed is the man who hangs on a tree”

In the above image are the three letters that spell “Yahweh” in the curse tablet. The Hebrew letter “H” of YHW in the above image is a pictogram of a man with hands raised but appears to be stylized to depict someone with their foot planted on the ground.

And it is also of someone being nailed/hung on a tree.

Why do I say this?

It’s because the Hebrew letters for YHW is a pictogram of a hand, a man with hands raised, and a nail (or peg) upon which someone is hung.

“Well, that’s a stretch,” you might say!

But go back and read the story of the curses pronounced upon Mount Ebal. The curses upon Mount Ebal begin with a king hung on a tree and end with five more kings hung on trees, including the “King of Righteousness” of Jerusalem. Moreover, the foot is planted on the neck of the enemy.

Thus the curses are arranged in a chiasm (like the lead tablet). It begins and ends with kings hung on trees (which anticipates the 7th king — the King of kings — Jesus)!

Now read all of Joshua 8:29-10:27.

And when they brought those kings out to Joshua, Joshua summoned all the men of Israel and said to the chiefs of the men of war who had gone with him, “Come near; put your feet on the necks of these kings.”

Then they came near and put their feet on their necks. And Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous. For thus the LORD will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.” And afterward Joshua struck them and put them to death, and he hanged them on five trees. And they hung on the trees until evening. (Josh 10:24-26)

The words on the curse tablet are written inside and out (Rev. 10). Thus, the name of YHW likely overlaps itself in reverse, like a mirror. This makes sense prophetically because Jesus hung on a tree and became a curse for us. He stretched out on a cross in our place as if overlapping us.

The below image is what happens when the curse is folded back upon itself. Notice that YHW (the Lord) is a pictograph of both the one who pierces a hand and the one whose hand is pierced.

Footnote: This was also true of the Hand Code explained six months ago. Jesus is both the executioner and the one executed -- as says the Mene Tekel Code, which also reads forwards and backward, and was sealed and unsealed, and accompanied by mighty judgments that culminated with the discovery of this tablet in December of 2019.

Moreover, the ancient Samaritans link Mount Ebal to Mount Hermon, and Mt. Hermon is where the Watchers were cursed. The "Watchers" (fallen angels who begot giants) are a major theme in the Mene Tekel Code.
The “y” shape is a pictogram of a hand, and the other letter (the “w” sound) is a peg or nail used to hang something. The man in the middle is the “H”. Because the curse is chiastic, it mirrors itself from the center, and the tablet was sealed tight by overlapping itself; therefore, the curse also overlaps itself. The above is what may be the intended result for the Name of YHW (found twice in the curse). Look close: The hand of Jesus both pierces and is pierced!
Mount Ebal tablet curses. The lower portion shows how it is folded together

“Cursed, cursed, cursed – cursed

by the God YHW.

You will die cursed.

Cursed you will surely die.

Cursed by YHW– cursed, cursed, cursed.”

Below is another way of mirroring the Lord’s name that uses formal pictographs.

In this case, the “Y” shape is the peg or nail that pierces the longer hand (forearm). The shapes are a little different because this reflects a different period in the development of the Hebrew script.
Let’s look at the name “YHW” again. Observe the below image: the foot is planted firmly down. This may simply be the writer’s style as he etches letters on a very tiny piece of lead. But let’s assume it’s intentional. This is the same emphasis found in the Bible from Genesis to the Book of Joshua. ‘Every place that the sole of their foot would go was theirs.’

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3

This is why Joshua put his foot upon the neck of their enemies before hanging them on a tree — accursed like the Watchers of old in the days of Mt. Hermon.

The altar where they found the curse tablet forms the image of a pierced foot — a huge foot! This foot shape atop Ebal was intentional, according to many. So it makes sense to have this emphasis engraved in the letters as well

God roars from Zion

The word “cursed” (Hebrew, “arar”), is fascinating. The curse tablet repeats ten times (cf., ten commandments). The word itself sounds like a growling lion, which is likely the origin of this word “arar” and also the word for a lion “ari” itself. Therefore, if spoken aloud this curse sounds like a growling lion about to leap on its enemy.

Cursed (“arar”), cursed, cursed – cursed by the God YHW.

You will die cursed.

Cursed you will surely die.

Cursed by YHW – cursed, cursed, cursed.

Therefore, the above sounds like this:

Arar, Arar, Arar– Arar — El YHW.

Mot Arar.

Arar Mot Mot.

Arar YHW – Arar, Arar, Arar.

Think what this would sound like if roared from Mt. Ebal with its acoustics.

Seven times Balaam attempted to curse Israel, but turned it into a blessing:

The people rise like a lioness;

they rouse themselves like a lion

that does not rest till it devours its prey

and drinks the blood of its victims.”

Then Balak said to Balaam, “Neither curse them at all nor bless them at all!”

(Josh. 23:24-26. Cf., Rev. 11:2.)

490th Shmita (70 jubilees)

The press conference occurred in the middle of the 490th Shmita (seven-year period) from when the curses were pronounced upon Mount Ebal, (70 x 7 x 7, less 3.5). The dividing of seven years expresses the breaking of the covenant and the resulting curse, as per Daniel 9.

Prophetic image of the Lion of Judah roaring against his enemies atop the mountain as He tramples upon the dragon

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  1. Dean, I would like what you think about Trump’s new video
    and what you see what happened by the raid on his Maralargo home.
    It seems Russia and China is ready to fight against Europe in WW3. It seems the Nuclear EMP attack on America seems to happen soon. From my understanding scripture does not name who does it. But it is clear Germany and the 9 other members of the EU put in their minds to Nuke American Port Cities at the 5th Trumpet, and at the 6th Trumpet Russia and China enters the War where 1/3 of the People die. At that point God has to send Christ to return to Earth and the 144,000 first fruits in the first harvest. Some who are still alive will not taste death, but be changed to spirit composed bodies after the dead are raised first such as David, Abraham and the rest that make up the 144,000 and rule in God’s Kingdom with Christ on Earth. It supposed to happen on a Pentecost according to the plan in Leviticus 23. And just maybe June 1, 2025 is the Reset?

  2. It’s very thought-provoking that there were ten curses in the tablet, just as there were ten Commandments. I have noticed the number ten in the Bible always relates to LIMITS: the most or the least of something. For example, the ten Commandments were the least, most basic that we should obey. The tithe (the tenth) was the least offering that was required.
    Gen 18:32 When Abraham prayed for the city of Sodom, if there had been even ten righteous people there, it would have been spared. But God did not go below that limit.
    Noah’s flood came during the tenth generation from Adam. (God’s limit of withholding judgment).
    Gen 8:13 The earth was fully flooded for ten months. (the most God’s wrath could last.)
    Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed ten generations from Noah.
    Num 14:22 Not one of the men who saw my glory and the miraculous signs I performed in Egypt and in the desert but who disobeyed me and tested me ten times. (the limit of God’s mercy, the most He could stand).
    2 Kings 25:1 “…On the tenth day of the tenth month, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon marched against Jerusalem with his whole army.” It was the final limit of God’s patience.
    There are 58 more examples of this limit of ten in the Bible. I’d be glad to send you the whole list, if you’d like.

    When I saw that there were exactly ten curses in the tablet, a chill went down my spine. It really is a serious warning.

  3. Hi Brothers and Sisters
    “International Goal Record” was a particular section in article 33^137 in which the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was used by the Lord to give us a great teaching and a promise. The supreme leader of Iran, Khamenei, mentioned Ronaldo’s name in his speech a couple of weeks ago. Those who are familiar with a type of speech he usually gives, knows how odd it is to hear such thing from him. How exactly the vibration of the Lord’s revelations is bringing destruction to the Kingdom of Darkness we could not measure but sometimes a true sign and wonder such as this one clearly speaks of the magnitude of the threat being felt by the Kingdom of Darkness and its agents; Basically, Khamenei was upset complaining about the fact that the Iranian youths know a name such as Ronaldo’s more than those of the Islamic martyrs. Remember that this was coming out of the mouth of someone who himself makes tens of martyrs every year. Someone who has made 1000s of childless mothers himself;
    It didn’t stop there though. After him, the National TV of Iran also made a program in which it was introducing Ronaldo as an Israeli-Hater player. They had falsely altered some of his interviews, videos, and pictures to make such a case for their ignorant audiences. Why does even someone bother himself to make such a bizarre and nasty effort? The amount of mistranslation, video-editing, and photoshopping was so disgusting that it became the topic of all major opposition media for a couple of days. A total shame so magnificent that even the real Israeli-Haters in the Iranian Government couldn’t digest it and had started complaining. It was showing Ronaldo’s rejection of giving his jersey to a player from Iceland but claiming that the rejected player was from Israel. It was showing Ronaldo’s message of love and support for the Syrian Children but the interpreter was translating it into Farsi as “The Israeli fans are the most hated fans in the world for me and I could not stand the disgusting feeling that they give to me”. It was such an amateur alteration that it was not taking much intelligence for anyone to realize how fake it was. Then it was showing some very badly photoshopped pictures to prove their point and show how supportive Ronaldo is for the Palestinian cause. You can watch a report of it at France24 here:
    The weapons given to us by Christ Jesus are so mighty in spirit that can take down any stronghold and it is the sole reason for their feeling threatened from the revelations and they launch these useless attacks against them. The Christ contends with anyone who contends with us and even above that, the battle is his own in the very first place. This is why we become even more excited by seeing their attacks such as this recent one. By now, our enemy has learned very well that it will be through MIRACLES as opposed to MISSLIES that the demise of their kingdom arrives. Little by little they are going to learn more and more that they have been working on a wrong device all along.
    Jesus informed us that when we hear of wars and rumors of wars such as the ongoing conflict between Israel and Iran, we should not be troubled then, because first must come the knowledge of Christ upon all inhabitants of the earth. Without this knowledge it is not worth being saved from the Kingdom of Pharaohs and Magicians just to fall into another darkness. Only knowing our Moses, Christ, makes the RED SEA miracle possible and worthy. We are right at this stage in which the knowledge of Christ Jesus is being spread throughout the world in such an unprecedented way with signs, wonders, and miracles from God. As we discussed in the article, the captivity of people especially the Iranians is now so much ESTABLISHED into the hands of the Pharaohs (Politicians) and the Magicians (Religious Leaders) that only a miracle from God as magnificent as the RED SEA miracle can free us from this system. Only the 10 plagues upon the system can get us to that RED SEA moment. And only when we get to know our Moses, who is Christ Jesus, and follow him, the 10 plagues are worth being sent by God upon our enemies and the system. If we do not know the Christ, if we do not follow his steps, are the plagues still worth being sent by God to destroy our enemies? What is the point of coming out of a well to only fall into another one? Without knowing Christ Jesus, without being Born Again in the Spirit, without building intimate relationship with Christ, and without knowing the attributes of his Kingdom and diligently seeking them there is no point to come out of this slavery system only to fall into another one. The closer we get to the dead-end road, the more it is perceived by the people that the only remedy for us is a RED SEA miracle. We cannot do it ourselves. Until the people’s trust is on the politicians to fine-tune the system in such a way that never meets any catastrophe, they will not feel the need to call upon God asking for a RED SEA miracle. They need to see the end of the road to wake up. Anyone who is desiring the mother of all revolutions must diligently strive to know the Christ and help others to know him, specifically to know the Grace of God coming along with him.
    Recently, the Lord gave me a new strategy for this stage of introducing the Christ to the whole world. In a dream I was shown that we were having classes in China for the Chinese and I was effortlessly communicating with them while in reality I do not know a single Chinese word. Later on, I realized that mathematics is not only a universal language but surprisingly the Chinese people are the best at Mathematics. I have isolated the chapter about the Bible Mathematics in the link below. If you are living in the US or Canada, you can share this link with your Chinese friends:
    Also, you can access the latest update to the entire article from the link below. I guess it is possible to download only on the desktop, not on the mobile platforms:
    It is worth mentioning it here once again that it is not us who goes to him but it is him who comes to us and it is all through his GRACE not by how much holy efforts we have put for meeting him. Until one is relying on the length of his worshipping or the amount of his good works, he might not even hear him knocking. It is him who knocks on the door first and that is when the heart is ready not when the amount of our good works has become enough.
    If you want to be used by Christ in the mother of all revolutions that is due soon, do not worry if you are a weak in spirit or you don’t feel to be gifted enough in the spirit. You are to count on his Grace and only his Grace. The Lord has promised that the blessed ones are the poor in spirit. You are qualified to be used by the Lord if you are born in spirit only, not gifted in spirit. Then if you never sacrifice the Truth and Justice, even when it comes to the Truth about Your Own Religion and the Justice about your Own Land and People, you are qualified. In fact, nowadays those who are damaging the Christ’s Kingdom the most are among those who are the most gifted in the spirit but lack any discernment of the time and the situations. That RED SEA miracle will be done by Christ through you once you BELIEVE and only BELIEVE and TRUST him no matter how weak you are in the spirit. You will decree a thing on earth in the name of Christ Jesus and it shall be done. Whatever you bind on earth in the name of Christ Jesus will be bound in Heaven (Spirit). You will do it by his Grace through your Faith, not by the beauty of your lengthy worshipping through your sinlessness. Neither by any other Religiously-Done works or Rituals; The latter must only be the byproduct of the former and if not, there is no spiritual value in it in the Christ’s Kingdom. Now if you need to evaluate how much you believe, see how much your concern has shifted towards knowing Christ, following him, and spreading this knowledge. You Believe when the only thing that excites you and satisfies you is the seeking of the Lord’s Kingdom. Indeed, the RED SEA miracle will be done by Christ through you. Even I promise you that it is already in the making. All the preparations are seamlessly and neatly being made by God for that moment. People are being positioned where they must be positioned and the strategies are being given to whomever they must be given. In that moment every tongue will say “only God could have done this”. The weaker we are in the spirit, the greater work he does through us. It is his own promise. This is how he shows that he is the only true living God. The one who works through the weaknesses is the True God, not the one who works through strengths.

  4. Dean,

    Not sure if you’ve heard the latest regarding Israel, but here is a link to a YouTube stream from several hours ago. Amir Tsarfati is a Jew who served in the Israeli military and intelligence services, now a Christian. I recently learned of this fellow myself. If you’re interested in accurate, up to date intel on what is really happening in the middle east, he is a must listen.

    Anyhoo, here is the link to the stream – “Amir Tsarfati: Breaking News: ISIS leader in Syria killed. Ezekiel 38 coalition formed.”:

    BIG things are happening!

    G-d bless,

  5. Mr. Coombs,

    I hope this reaches you. I want you to know how very, very much I appreciate the tremendous blessing it is to myself, and,I’m sure, to many, for the years of study and volumes of information you have on your site that I recently found on the internet. It is hard to find anyone of like-mind on the subjects you cover. This is HUGE to me and you go far beyond what I have learned. I praise my God for all He has revealed to you and that you so freely share. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Shalom and Blessings,

    Oh yes, maybe I missed it, but, how do I get a password for some of your studies?

  6. The Rapture (resurrection of the saints) is imminent now?
    And the SECOND COMING is about 3.5 years from now?
    It has been about 3426.5 years since Israel began the Conquest of Canaan?
    We are about half-way through the 7 year Trib?
    We are at Mid-Trib?
    70 *7…….less 3.5 years = 3426.5 years………..which is 70 jubilees less 3.5 years.
    The Rapture could occur anytime in the next 3.5 years?
    Any person who gets saved AFTER the Rapture will be a mortal Christian (but we are immortal Christians………..Big Difference!)
    Am I telling this correctly?
    May God bless you very much, Dean Coombs!!!

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us. I really look forward to your briefings they are very edifying, powerful, humbling, and they help everyone be able to see the most important prophetic events manifesting and allows us to be ready for HIS end time events, and help other see too.
    Blessing Dean
    Chanda & Friends

  8. Dean,

    Welcome back! It is so good to read your articles again. 😊

    I am writing to give you a heads up that the ESV link you shared with us to read Joshua 8:29-10:27 is one of many modern Bible versions that takes away from G-d’s Word. For example, see Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 19:9 (partial) and 23:14 at and compare to KJV from (Please see for a list of other known removed/partially removed verses.)

    I hope this helps.

    G-d bless,

  9. Hi,

    Great article. Also, I was wondering about your website if you can give me a price on making me a spreadsheet calendar like yours for a website that I would like to build, but for mine I only need the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese calendar, the Islamic calendar and the ancient Egyptian calendar dates.



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