Eve’s 2500-year old olive tree burns

A historic 2500-year old olive tree burned down in Greece, the home of the Olympics, on the last day of the Olympics when the torch was extinguished.

This post is meant to be read with the previous ones in mind.

Also, see the similar sign seven days later:

The Olive Tree, a symbol of prosperity and light, burns to the ground

Someone sent me an article dated “Aug. 8, 2021”, the same day as the above two posts. The one about the “Sabbath year”, investigates the Jewish notion of the jubilee as “50 years” so that in 2500 years there are 50 jubilees of 50 years. (Actually, a jubilee is 49 years.)

2,500-Year-Old Ancient Olive Tree Burned Down in Evia Fires in Greece

August 8, 2021

A 2,500 year old ancient olive tree on the island of Evia was destroyed today in the ongoing wildfires consuming the region…

The tree was large, with a trunk so wide ten people could fit along its diameter. The tree was fertile with olives all the way until it fell victim to the wildfire. (Greek Reporter)

Compare the way the burnt branches in the above image reach up in a circular fashion with the Olympic-flame caldron. Both were extinguished the same day!

Figurative or literal? “The Titans Have Returned”

Thousands of Greeks have fled their homes as a fiery nightmare consumes their island. Furthermore, the legendary 2,500-year-old Evian olive tree has gone forever, in what is an environmental clash of the titans.

Standing close by the Greek mainland just east of Athens, the island of Evia (Euboea) is the second largest Greek island after Crete. Now, thousands of people have now evacuated the historic island after record temperatures have set it ablaze.

The Titans Have Returned

According to Greek mythology the island of Euboea was first inhabited by the Titans, precursors and adversaries to the Greek Gods . It was here that the first wars between the Titans and the Giants unfolded, said to be so violent that the battles sparked earthquakes on the island. (Ancient Origins.net)

Bible-Code Pictogram of the Olive Tree in Paradise

“The Island of Evia” literally means, “The Island of Eve”, as in Adam and Eve in the Paradise of God. “Eve” means, “life”, “she is the mother of all living”, Gen. 3:20.

The Bible-Code pictogram was revealed just before the 2004 Greece Olympics. It depicts an olive tree that is weighed in a balance with an ax to its root. It also forms a burning lamp. Thus, the olive tree is on fire.

In part, the code reads:

“ What shall they compare me to? I am Jesus, His blessed Lamp. Indeed, I am the Lamp and my fire shall surely come”.


The 2500-year old olive tree burned down in Greece on the last day of the Olympics when the torch was extinguished.

The olive tree with the fiery sword and the Olympic torch, which is carried high in the ‘hand’ of the lamp
The Cherub overlaps the previous image of the Olive tree/lamp. The feet of the Cherub overlaps the base of the lamp

I am not keen on the KJV Bible Codes, but…

I hesitate to add this. It’s from the KJV Bible Code. I do not want the reader to spend time on the English codes. God can use anything to communicate, even this. I have long since shied away from them due to their weakness in communicating truth. But what is ridiculous to one person may save another from hell.

The word “Eve” is written just below where the prophetess sees red (flames).

The below image is from 2007, just before the Athens Olympic fires. Notice the word “EVE” just below the tear. It’s part of the actual text that reads:

And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter halt into life, than having two feet to be cast into hell, into the fire that nEVEr shall be quenched. (Mark 9:45)

Also, recall the ax to the “foot“/base of the olive tree. (The above cherub overlaps the olive tree, therefore, notice its foot.)

English KJV Bible Code of the crying prophetess who sees “red”

Also, see:


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Endnote: “3.5 days” from when the burned olive tree equals symbolic day-years 1328-1325 BC. This corresponds to the base of the cross that the menorah bears, which reads: “A menorah on fire”.

The diagonal cross can overlap the vertical menorah in that both are seven letters high. Together they symbolize death and resurrection.

See Rev. 11:4,5,11.

Also, see the similar sign seven days later:

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  1. Israeli astronaut to take 1,900-year-old Messianic ‘Son of Star’ coin into space

    When Eytan Stibbe, a businessman and former IDF fighter pilot, becomes the second Israeli to be a space tourist in January, he will be carrying with him a 1,900-year-old coin minted during the Bar Kochba (son of the star) revolt. Stibbe said that he is taking the artifact with him as a symbol of his Jewish heritage. “As part of ‘Rakia’( Rakia moonshine Alcohol/Drunk Babylon) mission to the International Space Station, I will be taking with me a bag filled with items that have a special meaning to me. It was clear to me that one of these items will be a symbol of Jewish history,”

    The coin was minted in the 🙃(second year of the five-year second Jewish revolt)😜
    against the Romans, also known as the Bar Kochba revolt, bearing the name of its leader, Shimon Bar Kochba. ( that name is very close in spelling just an observation…. Simon Bar Jonah “Son of the Dove” Jesus would address Peter as “Simon bar-Jonah” after his declaration of Jesus as the Christ)

    Bar Kokhba Revolt coinage were coins issued by the Judaean rebel state, headed by Simon Bar Kokhba, during the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire of 132-135 AD. During the Revolt, large quantities of coins were issued in silver and copper with rebellious inscriptions, all being overstruck over foreign (mostly Roman) coins, when a file was used to remove the designs of the original coins, such as the portrait of the Roman Emperor. The undercoin can clearly be seen on some of the silver coins because they were not filed down so as not to lose the value of the silver. On the bronze coins it is very difficult to see the underlying coin because they were filed down before they were over-struck. In rare instances, the coin cracked when it was overstruck.

    Since the mid-nineteenth century, a number of scholars have provided alternative attributions for the coins. Claude Reignier Con-der,(fool me once shame on me) writing in 1909, suggested that the coins were forgeries of the coins of Simon Thassi, Wolf Wirgin/rhymes with Virgin), writing in 1959, suggested that the coins were instead minted by King Herod Agrippa…. Alice(In Wonderland) Muehsam, writing in 1966, suggested that those coins with dates such as “Year 1” were actually First Jewish Revolt coinage. (Pardon my name hacks, just trying to be funny)

  2. HARPS BUILT FOR THIRD TEMPLE DESTROYED IN MAJOR JERUSALEM FOREST FIRE- THE FIRST TEMPLE HARPS IN 👉2,000 YEARS..Micah & Shoshana Harari began making handmade harps in the early 1980s based on 👉3,000-yr-old cave drawings discovered by archaeologists in Megiddo.👈 😂Without knowing it, they had brought a musical instrument into the world whose music had not been heard for 2,000 years. Everything seemed on track to bring harps into the world for their unique music to be played in the Temple until Sunday when Arab terrorists set the blaze that became a massive forest fire surrounding Jerusalem. In addition to the 5,000 acres of forest, the workshop of Micah Harari in which he had painstakingly created unique handmade harps for more than three decades burned to the ground, destroying his tools and many harps that stood waiting for the Temple.

    Rev 18:22 The sound of harpists, musicians, flutists, and trumpeters shall not be heard in you anymore. No craftsman of any craft shall be found in you anymore, and the sound of a millstone shall not be heard in you anymore.


      • “The Temple harp is the symbol of the state of Israel,” Harari said. “Of course, people who hate Israel would hate harps and be happy we aren’t able to make any more.”

        When Micah saw the fire approaching the outskirts of the town on Sunday night, he went to the workshop which was located about 150 meters from his house.

        “I was fighting the fire all the way to the door,” Micah said. “They finally told us to evacuate. I ran out without a wallet or anything. We stayed with a friend in Beit Zayit. I had only the clothes on my back. All night, I was thinking that the house would be burned too and that we would have nothing left in the world.”

        On the 360-calendar, the Sunday evening began the 7th month, that is, the 360-calendar equivalent of Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year. https://www.360calendar.com/360-days-Calendar-Converter.html

        Hence, exactly 1260 days from now is Nisan 1st on the 360-calendar in 2025, the hour of the 70th jubilee from when Israel entered the Promised Land.

  3. Interesting News:

    Satellite images show huge regions across the entire planet engulfed in clouds of smoke of astronomical proportions, from Siberia, Greece, and Spain all the way to the Pacific Northwest. Turkey has been hit particularly badly this year, as evidenced in videos of vacationers clearing beaches as the fires are raging in the background. Some, like the Bootleg Fire in Southern Oregon, are so huge that they’re creating their own freak weather patterns. The US is even struggling to recruit enough firefighters. Last week, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a shocking report declaring “code red for humanity.” Seeing that demise from several hundred miles floating above the Earth’s surface must be shocking, to say the least.


  4. The Coat of Arms of Haiti has a tree in the center, with two Axes at the Root (base of the tree). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiti#/media/File:Coat_of_arms_of_Haiti.svg
    Also see the older coat of Arms here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coat_of_arms_of_Haiti#/media/File:1888_Coats_of_arms_of_Haiti.jpg

    The last major earthquake (Jan.12, 2010) was 529*8 days (4232 Days convert 23 to 25 = 4600 days?) from this latest one. It has also been 529 (23*23) years since the first Europeans (Christopher Columbus) discovered the island.

  5. Your so spot one. I’m so blessed to have found you the marking of the beast those not jab like myself will be in Medical apartheid we will not be able to buy or sell that means the end is near.

    • Greetings brother. I do not believe that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. It would be obvious if it were — God would make it obvious. It’s a sickness with many opinions on how to fight it. Christians have different opinions on the matter. An opinion is not something Christians should divide over.
      Peace to you.

      • I knew it! I was going to quote from the Code, but I figured that you would have more to say about it. “….my fire will surely come.” It was exactly what I was thinking about!
        Thank you!

        I was wondering if you had any thing to add about the tragic earthquake in Haiti on Sat Aug. 14, 2021. Prayers for the Haitian people. I encourage giving to the relief efforts, if one has the means. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the 17 years (6210 days) from the “Axe being laid to the root” Fri Aug. 13, 2004? Not sure what it would have to do with the code, if anything. Haiti is also really close to the center of the middle cross on the Mystery Babylon Map. And notice three Storms in the Atlantic (Fred, Grace,& Henri)

        Also, the Fall of Kabul (Afghanistan). to the Taliban, was either the last day of the 360-Day Calendar year or 1st day of 7th month (Autumn New Year to Autumn New Year Reckoning)? The Link below has a timeline of reports. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/8/16/taliban-says-afghanistan-war-over-as-president-diplomats-flee/


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