SARS-like Virus

The virus that has infected hundreds in China shows signs of being far worse than SARS, the pandemic that killed nearly 800 people 17 years ago, a prominent virologist has warned after travelling to Wuhan, where the new coronavirus first began to spread. (GlobeandMail)

Update: “2019-nCoV is a bat virus and Sars is the closest relative seen previously in people.

“In essence, it’s a version of Sars that spreads more easily but causes less damage. (Yahoo)

I will post on this subject soon –actually a repost of sorts from 17 years ago. (10 years from the SAR outbreak to the MERS outbreak, plus seven more until now.)

Moth/SARS Bible Code

I have been watching for this, expecting a second wave of a SARS-like virus to emerge and to occur on a specific timetable. This fits the pattern perfectly — in every way, even to the day.

But will God delay again, as happened in 2002/3 with the Swine Flu?

Over the past 30 years, the Lord revealed hundreds of events ahead of time, and often when they would occur. But this one prophecy about SARS and the Swine Flu –the full impact — it was postponed.

I imagine that some thought then that I was merely making excuses for why the SARS impact was mainly felt just where I lived most of my life up until 2002 — in Toronto near Grace Hospital, and why SARS did not spread as virulent around the rest of the western world.

“Grace Stirred”

It was eerie — the day Grace Hospital stirred, trembling as the whole hospital was quarantined, closed off with yellow tape.

Many nurses died.

Grace Hospital was where my children were born. (I was born at Mt Sinia Hospital — both hospitals, Sinai, but especially Grace were vocal points of SARS in 2003 more than all other hospitals in the world other than East Asia.)


However, part of the encoded-words within the SARS/Moth code read:  “Grace stirred”. Thus, postponement by grace made sense.

And God may postpone again.

However current events are definitely timed in such a way that this new outbreak is clearly another warning  — at the very least.

For the original SARS articles as background to what I will soon post please click on this post from 17 years ago.

Below is a quote from 17 years ago as to why God gives prophetic warnings.

Why give prophetic warnings?

1. To demonstrate that God holds the keys of death and hell, and over ever calamity that befalls man so that men may honor God.

2. To encourage Christians that their suffering will pass in the timing of God just as it also came in the timing of God.

3. To warn sinners that God holds their life in His hands and therefore they should fear Him and repent.

A prophetic warning does not mean that the predicted event will certainly come to pass, but that it will if God permits. It is contingent on how men respond, including His intercessors. Picture if you would, horses straining at a rope tied to the ground impatient to be loosed. Even so, are some messengers of death, (Zech. 6:7).

(GNB) “As the dappled horses came out, they were impatient to go and inspect the earth. The angel said, “Go and inspect the earth!”—and they did.”

The following was posted the day after this post and is directly related to it:  Doomsday clock set to 100 seconds to MD

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  1. Hi Dean!
    This is just a comment/reflection concerning the covid situation in Sweden. It is a second wave coming and for me and some of my colleagues, we will change in work tasks (from surgery to ICU). As an advanced nurse practitioner /scrub nurse I realised that now is the time to let go of cancer surgery for the moment. I put my faith in to God, my trust in him to guide me on my path.
    Why change? It seems that the virus has mutated in Denmark and spreading. It feels like a change in the wind. I can’t explain it other than that particular feeling/voice inside me that said “be there, it is time” yesterday when my boss called for a meeting with all the nurses.
    Take care, God speed.

  2. If I understood correctly the leader wanted Jesus replaced in the bible with his name over there. Also, I know you did a thing on Mubarak once. He just died.

  3. China …completely godless …Mammon is its god …President Xi said China would conquer the whole planet in the name of communism before 2049 …

    Is this a divine punishment ?


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