2) Pi is the Pattern of the Trinity

Part two on how Pi, (ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), lays at the root of all Biblical patterns, including time and matter itself.

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Accurate to Pi to 12th decimal. Below is the exact same formula in algebraic form

In the beginning…

Notice the three half-circles created by the outer branches, each with seven almond blossoms. The almond tree is the first to bud. It begins the circle/cycle of the year for trees

The first term of “22/7” resembles the “7” branches of the menorah with its “22” flowers. 22/7 is accurate for Pi to almost the third decimal.

We can also show that the seven days of Creation are patterned after 22/7. But before we proceed, below is a recommended short video from a source unrelated to this site. The first minute is especially relevant.

Pi and the seven days of Creation and Tabernacles

Pi as 22/7 unravels as the seven days of creation, plus one week until Tabernacles, plus another week of Tabernacles, then the 8th day of Tabernacles, the 22nd of the month.

This 8th day (22nd of Tishri) represents the New Creation. Therefore we literally come full circle — as do the scriptures, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.

Pi and the seven days of Creation

Creation structured after His Triune nature
Pi begins as (7+7+7)÷7 = 3÷1

Pi is initially represented by the ratio of 3:1. This ratio is descriptive of God, who is at once Three and One.

The circumference of three is fundamentally related to its diameter of one as evident by its continued fractions, and by the Bible, (IKings 7:23-30).

Below is God’s triune geometric symbol that describes Himself — a triangle within a circle — produced by Pi.

Trinity symbol of the unity of God. God is both One and Three. The three sides of the triangle and the circumference of the circle both equal three. It can also be expressed as a ratio of three weeks to one week, which you must do before increasing its accuracy to actual Pi. Seven (a week) is the number of perfection
The Trinity symbol of PERFECT unity, here expressed in weeks. (A week, “7“, is the number of perfection). Notice that the seven is here divided in half — as is common in the Bible.

The next step relates to the incarnation of Christ at His miraculous birth. Jesus is both fully God and fully Man.

This is expressed by the 1/7th that must be added to make 22/7. This “1/7th” symbolizes “a new Creation”, that is, the 8th day of Tabernacles. This is the same day when Jesus cried out and said:

He that believeth on me…from within him shall flow rivers of living water…

I am the light of the world, (John 7:37,38; 8:12)

Here the 1/7th is added to the circumference. Pi as 22/7 is joined with the previous 21/7 to form a ring. The corresponding perimeter of the triangle is therefore 3 weeks, but doubled as in a mirror to make six weeks and forms the Star of David. Compare this to the previous example.

Notice that now the diameter of the circle is also ≈seven (3½+3½).

Also, note that the first branch of the menorah reads 6 weeks + 2/w(ignoring ‘p’ for now), which is double the opening “3 weeks + 1/w“. This is another indication that the triangle is meant to be doubled. (Note: doubling the circle has no visible effect because it’s center is a zero.)

Creation and everything in the Bible is the product of the above geometry

The above three geometric images are miraculously encoded in Pi and its geometric structure is further expanded. It is hidden as a code within the 37th to 65th decimals of Pi itself and creates the below shapes, (and more).

But before we come to that, next in Part Three we examine Pi within the first seven days of Creation and the Feast of Tabernacles.

This geometrical shape is hidden within the digits of Pi as a code, as is the below configurations


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