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This is an update to:

“Typhoon Marathon Man and Tokyo Olympics”,

However, the Typhoon/Marathon Man article is part of a longer series of posts about the Olympic wreath and the Pi-of-Time formula that encodes a wreath. (Also see the third part in this series about Marathon Man, “Four Horsemen: a shield & a crown”.)

No need to read all the posts in order to understand what I will say here, but you should quickly read, “Typhoon Marathon Man and Tokyo Olympics” because this is an update.

Below are the other related posts in this series.

49th New York Marathon — We win!

Marathon Man and Women

I have learned to keep things short at the expense of details.

If you read earlier posts then what I say now will be most obvious and wonderous.

First, let me quote from the post “Typhoon Marathon Man and Tokyo Olympics,

Typhoon “Speed” slams Tokoyo as Marathon Man sets marathon speed record
Flower of Life with laurel leaves highlighted in green

(This is the second article about Typhoon Hagibis, “Speed”, and is part of the larger series about “The Crown of Pi“. Sadly this Typhoon killed about 80 people in East Japan and caused billions in damage.)

This is another update along the same theme, namely, that the wreath/crown of victory belongs to Jesus.

This is God’s very own theme at this time in history, not mine. They are His signs.

Anyone following the previous posts must surely know this by now. No one can predict the future nor string together so many signs, both on earth and in the heavens — that repeatedly punch out the same message.

Jesus said, “Let him who has ears, hear.”

The repeated theme of the wreath of victory

The previous posts should at least be scanned for context to appreciate the obvious symbolism of this new sign.

Think about the timing of the Marathon run in the context of what has been said the past few posts (and the past 15 years — ever since the Olympics in Greece).

This ax to the root of the
This ax to the root of the “Balance Bible Code“, was revealed during Hurricane Charlie in the context of the 2004 Greece Olympics the same day they began. God chose this moment to prove a point, namely, “Who controls the weather?” — The ancient gods of Greece, etc., or the Lord Jesus Christ?

What amazing timing!

As “Typhoon Speed” (that had just lived up to its name) made landfall in Tokyo, (the sight of the 2020 Olympics), “Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge runs the marathon in under 2 hours!

And what is the symbol of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

A wreath!

The above was a quote from the post from 8 days ago.

Marathon Women

It took a couple of days for the terrible Typhoon named “Speed” to enter and leave East Japan (i.e., Tokoyo, the sight of the 2020 Olympics). In that post I said:

What amazing timing!

As “Typhoon Speed” (that had just lived up to its name) made landfall in Tokyo, (the sight of the 2020 Olympics), “Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge runs the marathon in under 2 hours!

Well, it happens that as Typhoon “Speed” left Japan the next day that a woman shattered the record for the equivalent marathon worldwide among females!

What are the odds that on the same two days of Typhoon “Speed” that two equivalent marathon records are shattered as per the said pattern revealed a few days before it happened? (To be precise, Marathon Man already held the Marathon record. He simply shattered his own record, doing what was thought impossible — the marathon in under 2 hours.)

Keep in mind that Tokoyo hosts the 2020 Olympics, which includes the marathon.

Moreover, this Marathon Women is also from Kenya!

Her name is Brigid, which means “Vigorous”.

And the race occurred Sunday, Oct 13, 2019, which is the 14th of Tishri! (See “3) Pi in Creation and Jewish feasts”,

When God repeats a sign over and over, it’s important!

One might ask:

“Did anything happen seven days later at the end of Tabernacles?”

Yes indeed! Another Marathon.

This marathon happened to take place where I live, or at least where I lived most of my life, although now I live an hour north.

The marathon was in Toronto, Canada!

The marathon qualified runners for the Tokyo Olympics.

Anything special happen at this Toronto marathon?

Yes, both a man beat the previous record for the marathon for Canada and a woman beat the previous record for the marathon for Canada.

Two new records for Canada!

But guess what?

Both are from Kenya — again!!!

It was an extraordinary day at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, with Kenyans Philemon Rono and Magdalyne Masai Robertson taking down the men’s and women’s course records and setting new Canadian soil records in the marathon. Running

Imperial Coat of Arms of Ethiopia under Haile Selassie as explained the day BEFORE the first marathon, when PM won Nobel Prize, etc.

And the same day that this marathon was occurring in Toronto, “Marathon Man” received Kenya’s highest award for his marathon run 8 days earlier!

Moreover, in both races (Oct 13 and 20th), Ethiopians came in second place.  See “Crown Him with many crowns”, 

40-day Race for Prime Minister of Canada

And today is the 22nd day of Tishri, the final 8th day of Tabernacles. (See Pi-of-Time articles.)

It happens that there is another very important race today.

The race for Prime Minister of Canada.

And those in the United States should care as it affects you too. (Do you want more open doors to terrorism?)

Also, on this same day:  "Israel’s Netanyahu Fails to Form New Government. President Rivlin gives Benny Gantz 28 days to try to hammer out ruling coalition." (Wall Street Journal)

Why Kenya

Four new marathon records, all four from Kenya. Truly the meek will inherit the earth.

Why is God highlighting Kenya?

Well, like the Olympic flags of 2004 and 2020 as discussed in the previous post, the flag of Kenya is very revealing.

Flag of Kenya

The colour black represents the people of the Republic of Kenya, red for the blood shed during the fight for independence, and green for the country’s landscape and natural wealth. The white fimbriation was added later to symbolize peace and honesty. The black, red, and white traditional Maasai shield and two spears symbolise the defense of all the things mentioned above. (Wiki)

Why is this flag important?

Because of what the Lord said earlier, at the start, with Hurricane Dorian — meaning “the gift” — and Hurricane Lorenzo, meaning, “the reward/wreath”:

After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision: “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.” (Gen. 15:1) Also compare this with Dt 33:29; Sam 2:3; Ps 7:10; 84:9), and the Lord will give you understanding.

Like the colors on the flag, Jesus bought us with His precious blood and He is “our shield and very great reward”.

May His shield protect you and His spears defend you.

(Also see yesterday’s post about “Upgrades on the Armor of God“, written as the race in Toronto was underway!)

The Lord is your shield and reward

The Lord is your shield and very great reward. He is your marathon wreath. And you are His crown as well.

And the greatest reward is knowing Him. All other gifts cannot compare.

And for some reason, the Lord is going out of His way at this time to remind us all of this.

Let no man steal your crown!

Also see the third part in this series about Marathon Man, “Four Horsemen: a shield & a crown”.

And, 49th New York Marathon — We win!

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