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This footnote is hidden because of how controversial Bible Codes are. I am not convinced that tracking their fulfillment is always profitable.

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The Dragon Picture Code from 18 years ago predicted this event and when. In the code, the dragon on the Red Sea is flipped (“removed”) from south to the west (i.e., the dragon is now over the Mediterranean Sea).

In part, it read: “What sea is rotting? The sea of Moses is being removed.”  At the top right, the first of the seven mountains on the dragon reads, ( השמן הים) “Sea oil!” השמנ הים. People find codes hard to swallow, so I won’t elaborate further.

A large rotting whale washed ashore in Ashkelon, Israel, Feb. 18th, not unlike the image of the dragon!


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  1. Hi Dean, I emailed this to Feb. 22 you before I looked at the contents of your footnote:

    “Thanks for the access & your thoughts Dean!”

    “I should let you know that a meteor “falling star” fell today (Feb,22, 2021) over Edmonton (Reminded me of Rev. 12-7-9). It fell at 6:23:47-50″ (10 Adar & 6th day of the 12th/1st Month: 360 1465/1495SBC), just as I was outside waiting for my bus to work. Perfect timing, really. I saw a flash that was really bright & looked up to the North North East and saw fire streaking across the sky. To me it looked like it headed down toward the north north east. It passed just to the left of Cassiopeia. I included an image from Starry Night.” (See reply to your Email for Image)

    This was 931 days (49*19) from the last meteor I saw, which was on Aug. 5, 2018 at 10PM= 2426BC Christ vs. Dragon Code & Ezekiel 1) the same day of Aug 6, 2018 Trump Executive order for Iran Sanctions (which took effect midnight that day), Lombok Earthquake (7:46PM Local Time), California Holy Fire Begins, which was 777 days from the Erev Purim comet Ba/14 perehelion. The Mendicino Complex Fire Merged into the largest Fire of the Season the next day.

    “It was 19 or 49 days to 1446BC in the Mirror 1495BCAD to 1446AD/BC is 490 6*490 years/days. 490*8 from 2426BC/AD to 1495AD/BC. I think 1446 SBC will be very important!
    LORD Bless You Dean!”

    “David R.”

    This is written after I saw the footnote page. Notice the mention of the Christ vs. Dragon Code!

    • Wow! I read about the meteor back then and thought of you.
      I have been busy with my own studies and so have not read this til now. It’s really amazing that you saw this with your own eyes. That’s usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and since God is also unraveling his mysteries to you, perhaps this is a sign. After all, you just completed your first document about the number “17”. Small starts lead to huge endings if we persevere.

      The Lord has revealed something important to me which began about that day, too. I hope to add it to the Enoch document about the 70 jubilees. As you know, there are many major chronologies — at least 12 distinct ones, (including Matt and Luke’s). Besides the fact that all weave together (something we already know), they all show 2025/2026 as cut short two generations from 2165/6 AD. The further 140 years means that if God wills He may fulfill the full timespan and yet not break any prophecy embedded in the timeline. Not that I needed it, but God confirmed this by a sign, not so remarkable as yours, however!
      I know that the world does not revolve around you or me! But it does around His Son and ALL who are in Him.


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