Book of Enoch’s 70 generations (100 jubilees)

See, “Enoch’s Prophecy of Seven 490-year Periods” (Nov. 17, 2018). The post awaits an update to reflect the addition of this critical chart. This chart (and the “Key of 23” posted 23 weeks ago on Oct. 2nd, 2020) marks the completion of 30 years of research. For more, see: Pt. 1. Jubilees of Book of … Read more

19. “Until 70 generations in the valleys of Earth” (Enoch 10:12)

OUTLINE OF SIGNS (Following THE MENE-TEKEL PICTURE CODE) Click to enlarge This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.) Part One. Mene Tekel: … Read more

Enoch’s prophecy of ten 490-year periods

Before discussing Enoch’s prophecy of the seven epochs of 490 years each that span from Creation to Christ, it is important to understand the significance of the Book of Enoch in modern times. The timing of the renewed interest in the book of Enoch with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 is … Read more