Throne-room fractal, Measuring rod, & Book of Enoch

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The colors of the fractal of the Throne Room have been improved. The lines have not been changed, just the colors. By altering the colors obscured features of the fractal become visible. Perhaps in the future when I have the time I might have the fractal program transition the colors as a movie.

This fractal will be used to demonstrate how a timeline radiates out from the base of the throne and that it precisely matches the Enochian timeline posted 19 days ago, and all other timelines. At left is the timeline and below are the fractals. (Allow images a little time to download.)

The Throne-Room Fractals

(Def. of a fractal: “Infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales”)

Each fractal draws us closer to the throne room of God. Click on the link below each image for the best quality and enlargement.

Click here for best quality. Panoramic view from afar of the throne room
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In the above image, the Lord rides on His heavenly chariot. However, the cherubim are left out to allow observation of other details. The below image includes the multi-dimensional cherub with “wings of an eagle”.

Includes the birds that form an eagle/cherub. Click here for best quality. For more images and information about the eagle/cherub, click here
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Click on image to enlarge. Fractal of the throne room with an altar at the center. This is the same image as before except with greater complexity. It was left out in the first images because the intense detail can be overwhelming

All of the above is nested as a seal over the heart of the Lord in the below image.

Click to enlarge. Fractal of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven. This image is 196 times large than the previous one that looks like it. Wheels with wheels, each precisely intersects to its smaller equivalent by locating the river in the same place — flowing out from his side at his waist. Thus, this image produces an identical “river” 196 times smaller and is thus located as seen in the previous images. The circle in the middle is exactly 490 x 196 years across as explained next
Click to enlarge. The Branch of God. This image is 196 times smaller than the first and thus 196 x 196 times smaller than the previous image. It is lodged within the “Lord on His throne” but was not included. Even if it was, it would barely be visible, about the size of a few pixels.

The three sizes of the Lord symbolize, past, present, and future.

I Am Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The Ending,” saith the Lord, who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty. Rev. 1:8

The Measuring Rod of God

The above circle (with the branch in His hands) spans exactly 10 years vertically and horizontally. It is here lodged within another fiery circle exactly three times its size, hence, 30 years.

The golden throne is slightly larger than the Lord

Because the above circle spans exactly “10-years”, therefore, the main image of “the Lord on his throne” is 196 times larger. Consequently, the first images depict the Lord’s throne at a height of 1960 years (40 jubilees). This throne spans from 6 BC at its base (a little below His feet) to 1955 AD at the top (a little above His head).

The “24 elders” (i.e., larger golden circle) span 3920 years (80 jubilees) vertically, (1895 BC to 2025 AD.)

The Church spans 140 jubilees vertically, from 3436 BC to 3425 AD. (The Church is the large seven-pointed star, hard to spot at first.)

Click to enlarge. The Church, along with the “seven angels to the seven churches”, Rev. 1. Spans 140 jubilees vertically
Click to enlarge. Same image, different color scheme. The golden large seven-pointed star is the Church, Rev. 1

The four massive, interlocking guardian angels at the four corners of heaven span 280 jubilees, 6795 BC to 6925 AD, from bottom to top. Below will help to spot them more easily.

Enlarged view of the throne and the 24 elders with the four large interlocking guardian angels surrounding the entirety of heaven
Four archangels of Enoch that guard the four corners of the earth and its seasons
Just the four angles. Four archangels of Enoch that guard the four corners of the earth and its seasons
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The very large throne, which is 196 times larger, spans 196 x 1960 years, from 262086 BC to 122075 AD. Its center is 70006 BC, 1000 generations to Christ.

Remember that all these images interlock by intersecting wheel within a wheel (Ezek. 1), and thus the timeline is the natural outcome.

Measuring the throne and the length of a rod

The following is a little complex but is essential in order to appreciate the intricate agreement of the length of the “rod” with the Bible and with the Book of Enoch. After all, it’s the rod that measures all else.

As said, the “1960 years” of the circle is also the length of “the Branch” (Zech. 6:12), and the “Branch” symbolizes the Messiah. It is also the length of the throne. This agrees with Zech. 6:12-13.

The Branch is .77777 and .66666 that of a regular and royal rod, (Rev. 11:1-3; 21:15-17).

One “handbreadth” equals “70 years“, Ps. 39:4-5; 90. There are six handbreadths to a regular cubit (seven if it’s a royal cubit) and there are six cubits to a rod. Therefore…

“70 years” times 6 (or 7) times 6 = 2520 (or 2940) years.

Jesus is both Priest and King, employing both a regular and royal cubit

Jesus is both Priest and King, (Zech. 4). Because a rod (2520 years) is 1.5-times the average height of a man, thus the fractal image of the Man (at the throne) spans 1680 years, which is the priestly number of grace, (= 336 x 5). Thus, the Lord upon the throne spans 1680 years. (1680 x 1.5 = 2520.)

Notice that on the Enoch timeline, Levi (who starts the priestly line) is 336 x 5 years to Christ and Christ is 336 x 10 from the beginning of time. And the Flood is one rod (2520 years) before Christ.

However, with the “Royal Cubit”, a rod is 2940 years long and thus a Man is 1960 years. The throne spans 1960 years.  (1960 x 1.5 = 2940.)

Notice that from “in the days of Jarod” (Enoch 6:6), is one Royal rod to Christ; Enoch was born to Jarod. And from Terah to Christ are 1960 years; Abraham was born to Terah.

Also observe that according to the Enochian timeline, half a Priestly rod (1260) and half a Kingly rod (1470) both span from Moses to Christ. Moses is a type of King and Priest, who stretches out the rod of God, Rev. 11.

Measuring the throne in the reflective Crystal Sea

The likeness of the throne is cast upon the crystal sea before it, as in a mirror, at a ratio of 4:3. Thus, in the crystal sea, the reflected throne measures at half-a-royal-rod, thus 1470 years (6 BC to 1476 BC). And thus the Lord measures at half-a-regular-rod, 1260 years.

Jesus is the exact image of God, Heb. 1:3. When He rose, Jesus passed through the lowest and highest depths, “sea”. Thus, Jesus rose up through the crystal sea into the presence of God, the victor over death and hell.

Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession, Heb 4:14.

(Click to enlarge.) Fractal of Jesus rising up into glory, as in a chariot of fire, as in a race before adoring saints and angels. He ascends into God’s heavenly ‘coliseum’ before a great cloud of witnesses, Heb. 12:1-2

The above scene is really the reflection of the throne, and is, therefore, the view from the throne. It is thus upside-down when compared to the other images. An entire video was created that illustrates this.

Footnote: The throne can move one generation of 70 years. Thus it may also span 2025 to 65 AD (and its mirror from 65 AD to 1406 BC).


Because it's a "throne of grace". It allows flexibility and mercy by delaying judgment one generation, Heb. 4:1-16, "the generation under His wrath", Jer. 7:29.

Enoch 91-93, the Fractal Template

By now it should be clear that the Enochian timeline is the template for the entire fractal. (This was noticed after the fact. The fractals were created by deduction and were based upon Biblical numeric. Use of the Book of Enoch came later.)

Thus, fractals not only govern the natural world but also form nearly all Biblical imagery. The author of both the Bible and creation are consequently One and the same.

We will examine the fractal line up line in upcoming posts, beginning at the throne.

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