North-South California Fires (Paradise)

Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar) (For the month of November, 2018.) As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized. (Enoch’s calendar was held in reserve for the last day but does not replace the Jewish lunar calendar. It’s a secret second witness … Read more

Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch My View of the Book of Enoch and Biblical Inspiration Click here for the first article in this series. The Book of Enoch has impacted the New Testament (and arguably the Old Testament), yet most seminarian and Bible College professors sadly neglect it. Is the Book of Enoch Inspired? … Read more

(Pt. 1) Donald Trump’s Weather Disasters Revealed Beforehand, and Isis. (Trump & King Saul)

(The section about Donald Trump has been copied and moved to this link. The article below is both about Trump and other related events and is therefore much longer.) Five United-States Disasters in 50 days (This is Part One of two documents). Click here for Part Two. There have been five major disasters in the United States … Read more