Trump & Biden are weighed in the balances

He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who understand. Dan 2:21 (Gen 1:14-16) The Sun and Moon weigh Trump and Biden in their cosmic balance at the 70th jubilee from when Israel entered Promised Land. As explained in … Read more

Meaning of super-rare blood moon (Nov. 2021)

I will keep this brief. You will have to do further research for more. I only supply lead-in thoughts. While I believe that this eclipse is auspicious, I am not saying that this day marks anything more than what might have been — on God’s calendar. Not everything that could have been — happens! There … Read more

5. Meteorite hits moon exact minute of 2019 eclipse

OUTLINE OF SIGNS (Following THE MENE-TEKEL PICTURE CODE) Click to enlarge This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation”. These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.) Part One. Mene Tekel: … Read more

Blood-Moon Tetrads on Passover & Tabernacles

Blood-Moon Prophecy (Is Still Very Relevant!) (Israel’s Passover-Tabernacles Lunar Eclipse Tetrad Cycles) Click here for the full article in PDF: “The Temple of Time“  If you think that the tetrads are no longer relevant, think again! The Tetrads Reveal the Big Picture We examine the big picture that includes tens of thousands of years, not … Read more