cross Mene Tekel Peres ankh

The moon sits precisely above (or below) the cross of Christ. When above, the shape of the Egyptian Ankh is formed. Locate the letters “אנק סינ”, “The Ankh of Sin” (the moon god). Thus, Sumerian and Egyptian mythology are combined and then mixed with Islam. This is “The mystery of Iniquity סתר אָוֶן” through the ages. (סתר is a play on word for “star” as in Ishstar איסתר, thus “An evil star”. Locate Ishstar איסתר ) Remember the horizontal cylinder effect when searching for סתר אָוֶן.)  On the crossbeam, read,  “The faith of the Imam .” (אִמאם or אמנ אממ). The Imam אִמאם is the name of the Islamic clergy.  In full, איסתר אונ “Ishtar of Heliopolis”, thereby identifying Isis איסיס with Ishtar איסתר Because Isis איסיס overlaps the yod י at the center of the moon, 

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