Pi formula that is based in calendar

This version contains the next logical term, accurate to Pi (π) to 18 decimals. In the Bible, “25800” years” is also Precession, (and is 1/60th of “430”). To be consistent, therefore, the day can also be broken down as 1/25800th of a day. Also, “70²” (i.e., 70 x 70) is the timeframe given in the Book of Enoch that the fallen angels are locked up in their prisons and is inferred to in “Daniel’s seventy weeks“, (Daniel 9:24-29).

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  1. Hello, this is all very amazing. Certainly I did need reassured with what we now are facing. Realizing the time is now and I live in USA, not sure if even these mountains here will help. Can you explain please the word Jehovah that you used. Hebrew doesn’t use J’s, so could you please tell me the original name found. For years I’ve felt the warning of Elohim for mankind to repent and such nearness to His coming back. I’m not sure if you saw the one (what appeared to be a Rabbi) on a new video this June of 2020 warning that the window is very short and to go to the hills/mountains. Realizing not all in Israel is of Israel according to Romans. However, I definitely heard the warning and have been studying from sunrise to sunset near daily for almost a year. I’ve been seeking and asking what help can I be for others, however, very few are awake or caring to pay attention. Haven’t been in church for about Six years, can’t partake of the pagen rituals/holidays, now it’s even halloween. Most of my adult life Pentacostal, Foursquare churches. The true Name of Messiah please . Sincerely, Debra


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