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Enoch’s prophecy of 70 jubilees

The following are personal and subjective “signs” that I have witnessed that the reader may or may not be interested in. I have locked out this note because not everything is meant for the general public.

“What do you see?"
..."It’s a different world”

I wrote the next section that I named, "No more color blindness" two days after the following video was posted on Facebook. It's about a Deputy in Northern California who sees color for the first time.

Two days after I wrote this, even CNN was picking up on the story -- the same day that I wrote this section about color blindness. Below is CNN's article about the man who sees color for the first time.
These glasses help man see ‘a different world’
A Humboldt County, California, Sheriff Department surprised a colorblind fellow deputy with special glasses that allow him to see color for the first time.

Click here to view the original raw footage on Facebook. Please watch it to get the emotional impact of what I say in the next section concerning “colorblindness”. “The whole world is lit up!” The Lord put this illustration into my mind without me knowing that this video was going viral beginning just 36 hours earlier!

The very first that I heard of the video was Nov. 18th, 2018 on the Weather Network with the caption:

“Colourblind sheriff sees color for the first time and notices all the California smoke (emotional)”.

I “happen” to write about this very same fire in the end section of this article: “Extreme Events on the Enoch Calendar,” and the day that he “sees” is equally important. (I.e., “75 weeks”.)

(Click to enlarge.) The Woman rides on the wings of the eagle into the storm, (Rev 12).  Can you see the veil over her eyes that looks like a five-branched-lamp full of grace?  The desert blooms. The veil is torn. She wears the victor’s crown! (The “veil” is actually the shimmer of the top of a very high mountain over which she flies to escape the “fiery red dragon”.) “He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind…” (Ps. 104:3).
(Click to enlarge) Head of Dragon looking down on women riding eagle.)
Distant view: The 7 hills seen. Eagle no longer in image, but shimmer of the top of hill is now identifiable. (Click image.)

All that is said next, including the section on the California Fires, and all images, were put there before the above video appeared on CNN, Weather Network, etc.

No more color blindness

To be clear, I am not presenting some new revelation that replaces the old.

God forbid!

But on the contrary, we are being healed of color blindness, so to speak. All looks the same, but there’s more than meets the eye.

This is the “sevenfold light” that was promised and has now come to our generation, and it’s needed in this dark-age of so-called “science”.

The summation of what I am saying is this: the entire Bible and human history have an invisible numeric schema behind visible events and all things gravitate to it. For it is God’s “order”, God’s plan.

Ishihara 9.png
(Wiki) Example of an Ishihara color test plate. People with normal vision should see the number “74”. Many people who are color blind see it as “21”, and those with total color blindness may not see any numbers.

The numeric behind all things biblical ultimately produces an image of all that the Bible says. But this won’t be easy to see, at least for now, and perhaps for this generation.

The difference between what you can see and what is actually there is the result of systematical being taught the numeric language of God’s clock since 1991. Just as it took a long time to be revealed, so it will take time to pass along to others, although not nearly as long.

Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.

The literal “seventy weeks” (490 days) prophesied last year about this time unto Hurricane Michael and the Paradise Fire.

If these conditions…persist…this (fire) could well turn out to be one of the U.S.’ costliest weather and climate disasters, exceeding the damage caused by recent major hurricanes such as Katrina, Sandy and Harvey. (AccuWeather)

Said Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder and president of AccuWeather, “This is a serious humanitarian as well as economic disaster for the state of California, possibly rivaling the negative impacts of the great earthquakes there. (AccuWeather)

These two events are among the two most terrifying in American history. (To be posted by Nov. 19th, 2018.)

Below is the chart found in the article from last year entitled: “(Pt. 2) U.S. Pattern of Disasters Revealed Beforehand.” (As you can see by the link address, it was put out exactly 360 days before Hurricane Michael.)

The chart in that article contains the pattern for the prophecy. With a little effort, you can figure it out for yourself. Just make sure that you use the 360-calendar.

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, becoming the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it. I also had this chart date-stamped (Aug. 2nd to 8th, 2017, which is the week that I worked on the chart) on Youtube, and then posted the Youtube video Holloween, 2017, to prove its authenticity for the future.

Click here for the full article that explains how these two events were predicted by the above chart and more. “Seventy Weeks to Hurricane Michael and Paradise Fire.”

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