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The article “Reconciling Time with the Key of ’23′” explores the significance of the number 23 in biblical chronology and numerology. The author, who adopts the mindset of an esoteric believer from the second temple period, sees the number 23 as a divine tool God uses to manipulate time, either to hasten or slow down the unfolding of events. This concept is referred to as the “Key of 23”.

The number 23, according to the author, symbolizes reconciliation and is used by God to stretch or contract timelines, ensuring His decrees remain true while also demonstrating mercy. It is seen as a priestly tool that converts to 25, symbolizing “grace multiplied (5 x 5)”. The author also suggests that multiples of 23 unify the sun, moon, and stars, including Venus, the “Morningstar.”

The author further explains that 23 can lengthen to 25 “Priestly Years,” 70 “Prophetic Years” of 360 days, 300 “Enochian Years” of 364 days, 403 “Lunar Years” of 12 moons, and 1496 “Egyptian Years” of 365 days. This is achieved through various multiples of 23.

The number 23 also binds together the many covenants in the Bible, including demonic covenants. It is seen as a tool that reshapes biblical chronology into interlocking blocks, taming irrational numbers and bringing order out of chaos.

The author suggests that the knowledge of the “Key of 23” was known to a select group of scholars from the time of Daniel until the Apostle Paul. However, it was not meant for everyone to know because it was associated with an elite priesthood. It was hidden and sealed within the Bible, veiled within numeric lists and customized chronologies.

In conclusion, the author presents the number 23 as a significant tool in biblical chronology and numerology, used by God to manipulate time and bind together various covenants. The “Key of 23” is a divine tool that brings order out of chaos and symbolizes reconciliation and grace.

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