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Pictures that Prophesy

Fractal image of throne room with altar at center
Click to enlarge. Look closely! This is what all that math in the Bible creates! Fractal image of the throne room with an altar it’s center

“Mystery Babylon” revealed

Click to enlarge “Mystery Babylon”, Rev. 17:5. See, Fractal, Prophetic Map, Enoch with the angels

One of the many images that predict future events before they happen.

Every stroke is the outcome of the Jan 20, 2019, lunar eclipse, and the extremely rare eclipses of two stars and a planet all on the same day, (Virginis Chi, Sirius, and Venus).

Furthermore, a “falling star” struck the moon at the exact minute of the Jan 20th eclipse.

See “Sign 13B” for how this prophetic map of Mystery Babylon was deciphered, and the abundant unusual signs that followed. See, Fractal, Prophetic Map, Enoch with the angels

Fractals of Heaven and New Jerusalem

Fractal of Christ (small circle at center) and angels, along with the saints, before the throne. The Alpha and Omega — which was, and is, and is to come!
Click to enlarge. Enoch with the angels. Posted June 11, 2019
Click to enlarge. The previous image upside down. Enoch with the angel: Seraphine or a cherub with six or four wings in flight above the rising sun within the temple. (Metatron is the counterfeit of this true representation.) For other fractals, click here
Fractal of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, protected like a roaring lion. Each gate is composed of various sacrificial animals -- with the blood of Atonement upon the worshipers. The previous images fit within the oval over His heart. Click to enlarge.
Fractal of New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, protected like a roaring lion. Each gate is composed of various sacrificial animals — with the blood of Atonement upon the worshipers. Here, the previous images fit within His heart. Click to enlarge.
What are Bible Fractals?
Woman flees on eagles wings to escape the dragon. This eagle is located in the above image at the feet of Jesus

Bible fractals are not naturally drawn images, but result from mathematical formulas. In this case, they are derived from the Bible. Fractals are the geometry of chaos.

Bible Fractals” produce symbolic images that closely resemble the vast imagery found in the Book of Revelation, and thus the entire Bible, as well as the book of Enoch.

See, Fractal, Prophetic Map, Enoch with the angels

The Rod of Enoch is Pi “π”

Bible Fractal: Angel of the Lord is "Raising the Bar"!
Bible fractal: The Rod of Enoch is Pi. Click to enlarge


Bible fractals are formed by reshaping circles according to strict mathematical formulas. Thus, the formula for pi is fundamental to fractals. Furthermore, Bible-fractals ‘just happen’ to create the scenes described in both the Bible and the book of Enoch.

If that weren’t enough, the formula for Pi (“π”) in and of itself ‘just happens’ to also create the calendar described in the Book of Enoch as well as the Bible.

Simply put:

  • “Pi” should not be related in any way to the calendar of Enoch — but it is!
  • Fractals should not create the vast imagery of the Bible, nor the book of Enoch, but they do!

Moreover, their discovery was predicted thousands of years ahead of time in both the Bible and the book of Enoch. Their discovery is a harbinger of things to come, and the resultant images are prophecies of that which is, was, and is to come.

(A formula for Pi.) y =year, g = generation, w = week, s = second. Each term is successively more accurate to π, reaching 14 decimals of pi. The last term can also be written as 100 jubilees, ie 4900 years. Notice that “y = 365, g = 70, w = 7” is Daniel’s “seventy weeks of years” from Daniel 9:24-27, whereas the similar “g g y” (i.e., 70 generations”) is the time allotted for the imprisonment of the angels as per the Book of Enoch, 10:12. Perhaps this is the greatest evidence given to modern man that God created all things. If you know someone with even a basic understanding of math, astronomy or Bible prophecy, please email the formula to them along with this brief explanation or put it on Facebook! 1260d.com

The below formula is the same as the above but instead of adding “one second” it adds 3½ “parts” instead. (A”part” is the smallest part of a day according to Jewish and Babylonian reckoning.)

“The Rod of Enoch”. Astonishingly, this formula is accurate to 12 decimals of Pi. It encodes every aspect of our calendar year, including seconds, “parts“, days, weeks, months, seasons, years, Sabbath years, jubilees, even the vast “Years” of Precession of 25920 years, etc. It also includes all the Jewish festivals of the Bible

The numerator (circumference) equals “≈ 1000 Years of Precession as if just one day, and a day as 1000 Years”, (2Pet 3:8).

Daniel’s “seventy weeks”
This version contains the next logical term, accurate to Pi (π) to 18 decimals. In the Bible, “25800” years” is also Precession, (and is 1/60th of “430”). To be consistent, therefore, the day can also be broken down as 1/25800th of a day. Also, “70²” (i.e., 70 x 70) is the timeframe given in the Book of Enoch that the fallen angels are locked up in their prisons and is inferred to in “Daniel’s seventy weeks“, (Daniel 9:24-29).

The above formula is the subtle blueprint that underlies all biblical patterns and of time itself.

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