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Bible mysteries, prophecy, numbers are examined. This includes prophetic words, signs, and warnings.

Also,  Bible fractals will be explained layer by layer.

Blood-Moon Prophecy (Israel's Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads)

What are Supernatural Bible Fractals?

Bible fractals are not naturally drawn images, but result from mathematical formulas. In this case, they are derived from the Bible. Fractals are the geometry of chaos.

“Bible” fractals produce symbolic images that closely resemble the vast imagery found in the Book of Revelation, and thus the entire Bible.

Fractals have been studied by mathematicians and technicians for several decades now. They have many practical purposes in our scientific world. But what these ‘mysterious fractals’ are really about was revealed to me, by-in-large, in the summer of 2014. The Bible Fractal is the fruit of 25 years of intensive study in Bible numbers, mysteries and codes.

The Bible Fractal was deciphered using Bible timelines and numeric. When applied to fractal geometry, order is created out of fractal chaos.

One by one, layers of this single Bible fractal scene in heaven will be explained.

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