eclipse moon

Lunar-eclipse 2019 (Universal Time used in upper right corner). (The shadow is at the peak position in this image.) Note the location of the lunar eclipse (noon) over Cuba and compare it with the exact middle of the crossbeam of the middle of the three crosses in the image above this one. The crossbeam itself is the word “Tekel”, which means “to weigh in the balance”.
This means that this very letter, Quoph ק, is the exact central letter of the mene-tekel matrix. Thus, dead center in every way that one can look at it. The next image superimposes the moon in this image as exactly supplied by Time and Date with the said middle cross. Compare for yourself and scrutinize all you want. It’s perfect.
And the 4*4 repetitions of “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” perfectly agrees with the biblical symbolism of the four corners of the earth. (This equals 20*20 [400] squares upon the face of the earth.)

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