MT Long Chronology with Cainan

This chart sequentially adds the age at death of each patriarch, tracing chronology from both Moses and Aaron (representative of king and priest), born three years apart. Dates from Creation to Flood have a +/- 2-year range due to Gen. 5:32; 11:10. The beige dates on the left reincorporate Luke 3:36’s Cainan, who lived ‘460 years’, into the Masoretic Text (MT). Overall, it covers Adam to Shem (49 x 175), Shem to Abraham (7 x 428), and Abraham to the Conquest (49 x 21), totaling 12600 years. It also notes the 23’s — 14004 to 4831 to 2435 to 1446 BC, where 23 equals 25; 69 equals 70; and 299 equals 300.

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