Timeline of Creation from 4027 BC to 2035 AD

Timeline of Creation from 4027 BC to 2035 AD

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  1. Hi
    I have compelling evidence that tells me which of these 8 variations is correct. I can only imagine the work that you have put into these creations. Apparently one of them is spot on. The Holy Spirit has given me evidence that I would be surprised if you did not accept. I am getting ready to deliver my findings on YouTube, and I am anticipating a very significant response. I have been alone in my endeavours up to this point, and would consider talking to someone before I go public. As it is one of your charts that is the foundation of my case, I would at least welcome a chat with you. This particular thing is just the tip of the iceberg with me. I am cautious about what God shows me, even to the point of being guarded. For instance some of the content on this site makes me uneasy; However I would like a chat.

  2. I found this Timeline of Creation, and ist is great!
    What a big work! Is there a Continuous one (or more) available, too?
    That Work should not be forgotten in the „Nirvana“ of the Internet, but be a blessing for other Bible-Readers.
    Thank yo for this.
    Be blessed


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