Cyclone Fani sits on his chariot and a cobra on the loose

Tropical Cyclone Fani: The storm is India’s strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years. (CNN)



Fani means “snake’s hood” in Bengali.

Click to enlarge. Path of Cyclone Fani superimposed over the prophetic picture
Calendar of events

Fani made landfall in Puri, India on May 3, 2019. Puri פורי is famous for its chariot of the gods festival. It honors the false “Savior of the World”, attended by millions worldwide.

Locate the two record cyclones in Mozambique 8 days earlier and 50 days earlier.

It happens that May 3, 2019, is Pentecost on the 360 prophetic calendar.

This means that 8 and 50 days earlier is April 25 and March 14 (EST) and therefore are the anniversaries of when Christ died and then when He ascended up to heaven in His true chariot of the sun (symbolically speaking) — until Pentecost when He poured out the Holy Spirit. (This is in contrast to the counterfeit spirit from “Jagannath”.)

Moreover, Cyclone Fani made landfall at 9 am. On the 360 Bible-Prophecy calendar, this was the very same hour on Pentecost that God sent “a mighty rushing wind”.

Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting… These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning! (Acts 2:2,15)

Three unusual clones in 50 days

Thus the last three record or near-record cyclones fell on the anniversary of Christ’s death (or resurrection), ascension and outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

A red horse

Yet another example of perfect timing, messaging to false gods that their time is nearly over.

The red horse rides.

The serpent strikes.

War in the unseen realm.

Another tower to another false god

Officials had been concerned about the welfare of the city’s 858-year-old Jagannath temple during Fani’s onslaught, according to BBC News.

What makes Fani unusual

Fani’s notoriety is in its unusual intensity for this early in the year. Only one other cyclone this early with this intensity has occurred in the past 118 years.

Also, another cyclone was occurring in the Indian ocean at the same time. In parallel to each other, this, too, is unusual.

Two cyclones at the same time, like the two circles on the Indian Cobra — rotating like wheels in opposite directions (Cyclones Fani, Lorna: “hood of serpent” “loosed”)
Indian Cobra with hood, which is the meaning of the name “Fani”. It is worshipped as a god in India. The Hare Krishna movement has popularized this god worldwide
Note the beady eyes of Jagannatha, “Lord of the Universe”! The eyes and mouth resemble those on the hood of the serpent. They are said to represent the sun and the moon. The Hare Krishna movement has popularized this festival worldwide. Jagannatha is part of a trinity with a direct connection to the cobra’s hood (fani).

Every sign has at least two or three witnesses

This same sign of the twin cyclones occurred when the coordinates for the first layer of constellations superimposed over the map was revealed. That was back on Feb 18-19, 2019. Among other things, this resulted in the constellation of Hydra superimposed over earth — shown rising from the underworld at Anartica below the Pyramid. (See prophetic image after this next one.)

Feb 18-20, 2019 — but was most symmetrical late 18th into the 19th of February — the exact same time as the signs of the two stars occulted (darkened) on earth that supplied the coordinates for the first prophetic image, and thus “Hydra”. About 70 days later when this same phenomenon happened again, the next coordinates were supplied (April 25-29), resulting in the serpent Hydrus, etc. See Sign 13. (For details, see The Weather Channel)

In the above image, astoundingly, Typhoon Wutip became the strongest ever in any February and tied for the strongest ever for any January and February at cat 5.

Thus, Hydra (the female water serpent) was revealed when the twin cyclones of Feb 18-19th were occurring (see Sign 13), and the counterpart, Hydus (the male water serpent) was revealed during the next twin-cyclone event (April 26-30).

In the prophetic image, Hydus falls from heaven to earth, and ultimately into the abyss. But Hydra rises up from the abyss. (Hydra is explained in detail in Sign 13B.)

The first prophetic image of the constellations superimposed over the earth and pyramid, based upon the celestial events of early Feb. 19th, 2019. Hydra rises up from Abyss! Record-breaking Wutip peaked at the divided hand of Virgo
The second stage of revelation based upon the sign in the heavens in the Mensa constellation — derived April 25-29th, 2019 — when the second twin cyclone event was happening. Hydrus is cast down to earth!

The River Nile (Eridanus) — Ishtar  (15)

The beginning and the end of time

Observe that the first of these twin cyclones (that resemble a serpent-hood) occurred at the tail of the river Eridanus, whereas the second twin cyclones occurred at its head.

Eridanus (river) begins at the foot and shin of Orion. But now it ends superimposed over the stretched-out hand of Virgo.

(The river takes on the shape of the number 15 — Ishtar’s number.)

The serpentine trinity is also seen in the prophetic image, with the male (red) water serpent (Hydrus) revealed and added to the prophetic image from the 25th to the 29th of April, 2019 — the same time as the two cyclones. The sun, moon, and serpents Enlil, Hydra, and Hydrus are split asunder

Paw of Nimrod’s (Orion’s)  tiger

The right paw of the (Bengal) tiger of Nimrod forms the shape of the classic hurricane symbol. It hangs like a cloud over Bengal Bay. Its claw is on its shore.

Earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting. This image is simply superimposed over the image above it, and so forth. Serpent constellation “Hydra” is in red seen rising up from the Abyss.

As the swelling of a river, Pison is a constricting Python that surrounds India. But He will crush its head! (Gen 2:11)

Turn from false gods.  Jesus, alone, is  “Savior of the World”!

Earth observed from the second heavens with stars in combat

Click here for an interactive global map with partial constellation background.

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