The Christobrot Fractal: Lamb on the Throne and California Quakes

Christobrot fractal (replacing the so-called "Buddhabrot"

Four important things were discovered this week related to fractals:

  1. The Bible-Fractal overlaps all the dimensions of Ezekiel’s temple and city (Jerusalem) when one cubit depicts seven years, and thus each palm-length (i.e., a handbreadth) equals one year, and so forth
  2. The Bible Fractals are further finetuned when applied to the position of the circle of the eclipse to the plain at one iteration (to be explained later)
  3. A few days later on July 3, 2019, while working on a fractal image with the intent on beginning to systematically reveal the fractals –beginning with the altar — I accidentally discovered that “The Lord-on-the Throne” fractal transitions into a ‘Lion on the Throne opening the seals of a scroll’ as the eclipse position exits. It’s like discovering a part of grammar that you overlooked before.
    • The next day was a 6.4 earthquake in California between Los Angelas and Death Valley on the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem (360-Calendar)
    • About a dozen posts over the past two years explain the parallel in the symbolism between Jerusalem with Los Angelas, the Dead Sea with Death Valley, and the similar topography of each “Promise Land”
    • Click to enlarge. ‘Lion on Throne opening seals of scroll’ (in the exiting-eclipse position) discovered July 3, 2019, the day after the total eclipse. Notice lion-face and lion-claws on the scroll
      Click to enlarge.  ‘Lamb on Throne opening seals of scroll’ (in the exiting-eclipse position) discovered late July 4, and 5th, 2019. Notice the cross overlapping the Lamb/Ram. From top to bottom: Lion/leopard, Lamb/Ram, eagle/owl, hawk and oxen at right and left side (which is much more clear in other images. Example, see next image).  And much more– to be pointed out later. (“Christobrot fractal”: 700 million iterations with emphasis on 0-7 orbits combined with the o-70,000 orbits.)
      Fractal image of throne room with altar at center
      Click to enlarge. Christobrot Fractal within the Temple (that is, the previous two images overlapped — plus part of the fractal-temple showing). This composite image was completed on July 9. Notice the large “wheel within a wheel”. This and other images are explained in the next post

      Fractal image of throne room with altar at center. Image only shows part of what is there in order to give an unobstructed view of things that would otherwise have been overlooked in the complexity.
      Fractal image of the throne room with an altar at center. Image only shows part of what is there in order to give an unobstructed view of things that would otherwise have been overlooked in the complexity
  4. Then late in the day on July 4th, particularly July 5th, the Lord wiped away the reproach of the so-called “Buddahbrot fractal” and revealed the Christobrot fractal! (See above middle image.) This time instead of the Lion on the Throne it was ‘The Lamb on the Throne
    • The next day another earthquake occurred in the same place. It was seven times more powerful at 7.1 mag. It also was the anniversary of the fall of Jerusalem (360-Calendar)
    • California has turned from the Lord to Buddha. Buddha mania has set it. Consequently, it was appropriate for the earthquake to be here
    • God continues the theme for the past 8 months about “The judgment of the gods”. This time it’s Buddha, whose philosophy began on or shortly after the fall of Jerusalem in 586/587 BC

The First Temple built by King Solomon was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BCE, and the population of the Kingdom of Judah was sent into the Babylonian exile.[6] The First Temple’s destruction began on the 7th of Av (2 Kings 25:8) and continued until the 10th (Jeremiah 52:12). According to the Talmud[7], the actual destruction of the Temple began on the Ninth of Av, and it continued to burn throughout the Tenth of Av. (Wiki)

Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel code
Calendar of Signs and Wonders, after the Mene Tekel code. Click to enlarge

Thus, the 7.1-quake occurred 3.5 days after the total eclipse, thus dividing the week spoken of in earlier posts, and 15 years ago.

Note: To locate articles about the week of Av and Tammuz 5-12 -- google the keywords of Av, Tammuz, 5th month, 5th-12th, Ezekiel, But include "" or "" with those keywords. Also see post about the eclipse. 

Interestingly, ten days later on July 15 there was a 7.3 quake in Indonesia, but which was Tammuz 12th on the regular Jewish calendar. This is a way of delaying or "cutting short the days" as discussed in the Enoch article posted June 27.

Note: Buddhist (Thai) calendar year is 2562, which on the Enochian calendar is exactly seven years of years (or more likely, 7 years and 7 or 14 days of years). See Feb 15 and pivotal event on Feb 19, 2019, in 'Calendar of signs and wonders' at left, which dates are key Buddhist festivals.


The Lord has begun to tie in the regular fractals with the mathematical density that is hidden within the invisible parts of the fractal. United, they form the complete fractal imagery of the Book of Revelation and all the Bible.

Dream of ‘taking the low seat’ and of the parable of the talents

I also had a detailed dream the morning of the eclipse about the parable of the talents (“60 pounds/minas”) and “the first shall be last and the last first”, and of the judgment of the wicked.

One of the many images to be explained soon

The Christobrot Fractal, discovered July 5, 2019. This image also incorporates the July 3rd (accidental) discovery of the lion-like face of Him who sits on the throne, but with max orbit limited from 0-7. I leave you with this image to ponder. Keep in mind that it is not drawn, but is the result of simple math — in this case, Bible numbers!

Please click on this link for the next series of images about the Christobrot Fractal.

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