Turkey invades on Day of Atonement

The seven churches of the book of Revelation were located in Turkey. Many believe that the antichrist arises out of Turkey. If so, then this attack (and slaughter) of those once allied with America, who claim to be Christians, are the first among the slain.

The fact that the slaughter began on the Day of Atonement may indicate things to come.

“Turkey launched a military operation in northeast Syria on Wednesday just days after U.S. troops pulled back from the area, with airstrikes and artillery hitting Kurdish YPG militia positions around the border town of Ras al Ain.”

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the name of the operation — “Peace Spring” — on his official Twitter account Wednesday, and said the aim was to eradicate “the threat of terror” against Turkey.” CBC News Report

Day of Atonement (Oct 9, 2019)

(Also, see Sign of comet/sword slaying multitudes on Day of Atonement.)

Wednesday was the Day of Atonement, the day Turkey attacked the Kurds after Trump withdrew his hand of protection. It is the only day revealed to Moses that we are to “afflict our souls”.

In Leviticus 16:29-31, we are told about a day called the “Day of Atonement”, and are commanded to “afflict our souls” on that day. “And [this] shall be a statue for ever unto you: [that] in the seventh month, on the tenth [day] of the month, ye shall afflict your souls, and do no work at all, [whether it be] one of your own country, or a stranger that sojourns among you.”

“For on that day shall [the priest] make an atonement for you, to cleanse you, [that] ye may be clean from all your sins before YAHWEH.”

Kurds are Trump’s Scapegoat

It’s also the day in which the scapegoat entered into the wilderness to carry away the sins of the people.

William Hunt: The Scapegoat, 1854. The Kurds are the scapegoat among its cowardly ‘friends’ allied against Isis. Is the leader of Turkey the “little horn“? (To be clear, I am not saying that he is, but that he is a candidate.)

Trump acting like King Saul

Few can see through the trap of Trump, therefore this post will be short. Saul was great at first… but later…

Trump was alluded to already in the previous two posts:

Trump was compared to King Saul in an unpopular video posted two years ago during Hurricane Maria.

Two years to the day later (Jewish calendar) after posting this video, Tishri 8th, Trump tweets the following:

At the same time, astonishing Typhoon is a sign to the world, as explained in the “3rd sign: Super Typhoon Hagibis comes quickly” on

Typhoon Hagibis satellite image: Hagibis crashes into the island of Anatahan (Image: NASA), part of the Northern Mariana Islands … “is an insular area and commonwealth of the United States consisting of 14 islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean”
Typhoon Hagibis (meaning “speedy”) over or near American territories Tuesday morning, which is around the time Trump tweeted “I, in my great and unmatched wisdom,” EST. The tiny old eye is nestled within the new, larger structure. (CIRARAMMB). The Typhoon is very unusual for having two eyes at once, the ultra-fast tiny one rotating around the other just after its stunning rate of formation

This has led to a bizarre sight from space, as the old, tiny eye, complete with its eyewall, spins around within the larger eye as if caught in a meteorological pinball game. (Washington Post)

Saul’s Unlawful Sacrifice


Saul reigned one year; and when he had reigned two years over Israel…  (1Sam 13:1)

Saul commanded to slay. But the exact opposite is true under the terms of the New Covenant: Mercy trumps all

But Saul and the army spared Agag and the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs—everything that was good. These they were unwilling to destroy completely, but everything that was despised and weak they totally destroyed…

Samuel said, “Although you were once small in your own eyes, did you not become the head of the tribes of Israel? The Lord anointed you king over Israel. And he sent you on a mission, saying, ‘Go and completely destroy those wicked people, the Amalekites; wage war against them until you have wiped them out.’

Why did you not obey the Lord?

Why did you pounce on the plunder and do evil in the eyes of the Lord?” (1Sam 15:17-19)

The sign of the powerful tiny eye being swallowed by the huge eye, even as Trump made this telling boast — and that amid betrayal –illustrates how God feels. “You were once small in your own eyes.”

The writing is on the wall, but most are caught off guard.

Do not trust in man.

The meek shall inherit the earth.

What should our attitude be in all this?

Pray for your leaders.

Respect your leaders.


The Lord said to Samuel, “How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king.” (I Sam 16:1)

Mystery Babylon. Prophetic image from earlier this year. Notice who is on the coin being weighed in the balance against the Bull market of “Sin/China”

Also, see Sign of comet/sword slaying multitudes on Day of Atonement.

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  1. Agree w/ Naomi above- stop the Trump bashing! It is ugly & makes me question your ‘godly insights’. Hate to say it, but it seems necessary. Very disappointing.

  2. No one in the US has “asked for a king” save the left who praised the dictates of Obama and the Clinton global foundation. Trump has stood with religious liberty, rescinding laws which bound our religious leaders from freedom to express their conscience. Trump is not “Saul” and the US cannot be the world’s policeman.

  3. Like most people who are looking for anything to criticize Trump, you only quoted part of his statement. The rest deals with ISIS. Do you think confrontation with this horrific group is of significance?


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