Part 3. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia

This post assumes that the previous two posts were read. This is written as briefly as possible. You may have to use the supplied links for more information.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Like numbers, pictures are also a language. Both communicate information.

There were quite a few posts from the past written prophetically about Russia. But since our theme here is the Bear of Russia, we will focus on this particular post, written almost exactly three years ago.

Below are excerpts from the 2019 article! 


polar bear invasion is terrorizing Russians on a remote Arctic island with more than 50 beasts besieging one town.
A state of emergency has been declared on Soviet nuclear testing archipelago Novaya Zemlya as the beasts enter the front doors of apartment blocks. (Fox News)
Things to note:
  • It’s a Russian military community
  • It’s near the town of Belushya Guba, which area is associated with nuclear testing
  • It’s in “the far north” (Ezek 38:15)

“Belushya Guba is the main permanent settlement of the island territory of Novaya Zemlya. A large proportion of its population is made up of military personnel associated with the nuclear test sites located on the island.” Wiki

Rod with Flag points to Russia

Overlay with the above image. Note wind in flag and direction of blood. The original image revealed at and on, 2300 days before Trump declared the embassy move to Jerusalem.
Note the flag flying. Click to enlarge

A white horse: Religious ‘Peace and Safety’

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an 1887 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov. Depicted from left to right are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest. The first horsemen on the white horse with the crescent red moon below its tail represent false peace. He carries a bow and arrow the same as the constellation of Sagittarius (Nergal) where the eclipses occurred. The Pope and the Arab false peace.

“Beware of Valentine’s Day”

Both the Russian and the US-led conferences are to be held on Valentines’ Day. This reminds me of something personal.

“Beware of Valentines’ Day!” Those are the words that the Lord kept speaking to me 31 years ago when the devil attempted to destroy my family, including my mother and friends. It was our personal “Purim”. (See the Book of Esther. Purim and Valentine’s day both commemorate love and someone’s execution, and both occur around the same time of the year.)

But like Purim, God turned the tables. When that day came, what was meant to be the final blow to kill us instead became the turning point. It marked the day when the darkness began to lift.

After many months of descent, that very day, Valentine’s Day,  marked the slow ascent from the pit.

A Norad base was in the small town where I now live. We moved in on Hanukah, 2003.

“When we began our move, the moving company building where we rented the moving truck blew up like an atomic bomb… 1290 days after the Hand code.” (

The two opposing sides meet separately, but both on Valentine’s Day!

On Thursday, Feb 14, 2019– Valentines’ Day

The US-led meeting

It is interesting that this meeting for peace occurs just ten days after the Pope’s religious equivalent. After all, a woman rides the beast, (Rev. 17:7).

The two-day conference includes representatives from some “60 countries”. The stated theme was “Promoting a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.” The Bible says:

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (1Thess. 5:3)

The Russian-led meeting

Iran, Russia, and Turkey shake hands at their first summit in 2017. Back then, my wife and I made a video about this

Russia, Iran, Turkey to hold fourth round of Syria talks in Sochi. Trilateral summit between ‘guarantor countries’ to focus on long-term settlement of the Syrian crisis, the Kremlin says.

The Syria talks run in parallel to the Geneva talks organised by the United Nations.

But the three leaders will also discuss projects and coordination on the international arena. (Aljazeera)


Is it the hand of Jehovah?
He Himself goes to war. He put him to death!

Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., ‘Babylon‘),
and the arrogant one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the rebellious one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the one being removed!” (

Feb 11th (2019) was “Purim” on the 360 calendar

Click to enlarge. Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel Code

Purim is the celebration of the Jews over the attempt of her enemies to destroy them in the days of their exile in Persia, as recorded in the book of Esther.

It happens that Feb. 11th (the 40th anniversary of their revolution) on the 360 calendar is Purim. “Purim” is another word directly related to the Aramaic word “Uparsin“.


This completes the quotations from the said 2019 post!

Now here we are three years later and on Purim on the 360 Calendar, Russia invades Ukraine.  As usual, things are happening on the 360 Calendar, the Bible Prophecy-Calendar, so as to hide it from the wise and prudent.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. And the leader of Ukraine is a Jew like Mordecai!

On the 360-Calendar, Feb. 24th, 2022, was BOTHthe thirteenth day of the first month” and ALSO the “the thirteenth day of the twelfth month”. (Menacingly, at the same time, Russia amassed most of its naval fleet off-shore Syria and Israel. This sent a chill up the spine of knowledgeable Israelis, aware of Ezek. 38.)

Now consider the decree of that wicked Haman in the book of Esther, (and as mentioned in the post about the Russian “50 Bears“!)

Esther 3:12-14

Then on the thirteenth day of the first month the royal secretaries were summoned. They wrote out in the script of each province and in the language of each people all Haman’s orders to the king’s satraps, the governors of the various provinces and the nobles of the various peoples. These were written in the name of King Xerxes himself and sealed with his own ring.

Dispatches were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with the order to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews—young and old, women and children—on a single day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, and to plunder their goods.

Footnote: Regarding "Iran" and "Valentine's Day" (as quoted earlier in this post), see this news article.

The Prophetic Map

This leads us to the Prophetic Map constantly referred to three years ago.

As repeatedly said, the future is written pictorially on the map. The stars in their constellations represent the heavenly war that is occurring in the spiritual realm and are overlayed upon the map of the earth like clouds.

All these things were revealed systematically, line upon line, over the course of several months three years ago.

Constellations of The Bear and Orion, “The Mighty Hunter before the Lord”, Gen 10:8–12

Webb Telescope focusses on the Great Bear constellation. The star atop the Kremlin marks the spot

“Can you tie up the chains of the Pleiades,

Or untie the cords of Orion?

“Can you bring out a constellation in its season,

And guide the Bear with her satellites?

Job 38:31-32 NASB

First is shown the constellations without the Prophetic Map.

These gif images may take a few minutes to load! Job 38:31-31

The river, “Eridanus” is seen at right that flows from Orion “The Mighty Hunter”, Nimrod, the archetype of all Conquerers. (The word “occulted” is not to be confused with horoscopes. It is the technical words used by astronomers for when one heavenly body passes in front of another.)

Notice the Golden Bull of the Stock Market is on the right balance. The below image has the earth overlapping the Bull Market as it spins on its axis. The Stock Market has been falling all 2022. Will it recover soon? God knows.

The earth is weighed in the balances and found wanting: Viewed from “the 2nd heaven”

Now the heavenly beings at war are overlaid like clouds upon a map of the earth. This is the Prophetic Map!

First is the earlier rough map that included the outer constellations, and then the final Map.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge. Prophetic map of Mystery Babylon
Click to enlarge “Mystery Babylon”, Rev. 17:5. Same, but displayed with globe maps

Now locate Moscow and east Ukraine (which was annexed by Putin at the start of the war) on the Prophetic Map. They are located in the right hand (Moscow) and lower right hand (East Ukraine) of Orion the Hunter. Orion has a club in his hand that threatens the whole Middle East, but his eye is on Israel as its final objective.

The face of Orion is situated so that he looks to the east (as seen in the constellation image). But when overlayed upon the Map, the sea forms an eye and an angry face that appears to look at Israel, instead.

The face of Orion appears to turn around and face the opposite direction when in overlay upon earth — a face of anger

Iran and Iraq are located at the armpit of Orion.

Let’s look at that again and enlarge Orion.

Orion overlapping earth. The two seas form two eyes and the borderlines form the nose and mouth. The head is in Russia, “Chief Prince of Rosh”, Ezekiel 38. In Hebrew, “Rosh” means “head”
Upper Orion with locations of Moscow and east Ukraine identified by a star, i.e., in the right hand of Orion

Now recall the hand in the Hand Code discussed three years ago in that post (as quoted earlier). This code is literally written on the extended hand, from Daniel 5, “The Writing on the Wall”. It foretells the doom of many Orions/Mighty Ones/Nimrods.

But as said in Part One, all codes are about the Lord Jesus Christ and only others incidentally. Thus, Orion is actually about the Lord Jesus Christ, “the Mighty One of Israel”.

He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. He will subdue the king of the north and send him back to where he came from.

The angel of the Lord stands above the river (Eridanus) with two hands raised and on oath and promises that everything is timed, that is, “for a time, times, and half a time!” Daniel 12

Encoded in Dan. 5


Is it the hand of Jehovah?
He Himself goes to war. He put him to death!

Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., ‘Babylon‘),
and the arrogant one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the rebellious one!

Jehovah goes to war against her,
and the one being removed!” (

Enough said!

Part 2. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia

For the past 70 days, there have not been any articles. The reason why was explained in this post:

I said:

I apologize for not writing new articles recently. I am absorbed in study. Like the 18 eyes of the Webb Telescope that is presently being aligned to give sevenfold light, so it is in the spirit.

The Lord is giving understanding by combing past studies into one, which is Christ.

I wrote this the day after the Russian war in Ukraine began, Feb. 24-25, 2022.

Red Star above the Kremlin (Moscow, Russia)

The Webb Telescope is going through seven steps over the space of several months to align the telescope by focussing on just one star.

At the same time, the world began to focus on one particular star also — the Red Star of Russia!

Both the Red Star and the Great Bear are well-known symbols for Russia & the former Soviet Union.


The Russian Bear is a widespread symbol (generally of a Eurasian brown bear) for Russia, used in cartoons, articles and dramatic plays since as early as the 16th century, and relating alike to the Russian Empire, the short-lived Russian Provisional Government and Russian Republic, the Soviet Union, and the present-day Russian Federation. Wiki

The star that Webb is focussing on goes by the name, “HD 84406“.  It happens to be the star that rides the bear as seen below!

Webb Telescope focuses on the Great Bear Constellation. The star atop the Kremlin marks the exact spot

U.S.S.R lasted exactly 12600 + 12600 days until she was ruined

Moreover, from 1922 until 1991 (12600 + 12600 days), Ukraine was the informal name of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. This will be discussed in Part 2.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics … was formally established on December 28, 1922. “The Rise of Communism: History, Documents, and Key Questions” Page 123. (Wiki has Dec. 29th)


On 26 December 1991, the USSR was self-dissolved by the Council of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, the first house of Soviet legislature (the second house, the Council of the Union, was without a quorum). Wiki

Dec. 28/29, 1922 unto Dec. 26, 1991, is exactly 12600 + 12600 days exclusive and/or inclusive. But it’s the date on the 360 Calendar as elaborated in the Ezekiel Code that is truly astonishing!

Note: God uses the 360 Cal. because it's obvious and simple. By means of it, God hides His works from the pride of man and from dead religion. Yes, God uses all calendars, but when it comes to Bible Prophecy, the 360 Calendar is the fountainhead.

The “12600 + 12600 days” is an excellent example of how the Key of 23 works in Bible Prophecy.

Plus 12600 plus 12600 days…

(See Key of 23.) Thus, 70 years of 360 days are 69 years on the regular solar cal. Therefore, the span of the USSR was cut short a year (as if from Dec. 1992), which in turn is 1290 + 1290 literal years back to the day from the start of the siege of Jerusalem, etc., and so forth.

Moreover, between Ezekiel’s siege and the actual one are 1290 + 1290 DAYS, (Ezekiel 4, Dan. 12). And from the exact middle of this period plus 1290 + 1290 YEARS is the fall of the USSR on Dec. 26, 1991.

All this is but a small thing, really. There is more — much more.

The point is that the 70-year reign of the Russian Pharaohs over the USSR and God’s people (in which many tens of millions died) occurred precisely on God’s timetable. So perfectly precise is all this that to grasp it is to swoon in astonishment.

“A wheel within a wheel” (Ezekiel 1).

By the time the 70 years were over, all Russia and the USSR were ruined, which Chernobyl epitomized.

Pharaoh’s officials said to him, “How long will this man be a snare to us? Let the people go, so that they may worship the LORD their God. Do you not yet realize that Egypt is ruined?” Ex. 10:7

And so it was.

Christians were released from their dungeons and torture racks. Jews returned to their homeland.

Thus, this year, 2022, is the 100th year from the start of the USSR, of which Ukraine and Russia were its largest members. (40, 70, and 100 are a generation in the Bible.)

Russia longs to return to her former glory. She wants to dance the dance of Tyre.

At the end of seventy years, the Lord will deal with Tyre. She will return to her lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth. Yet her profit and her earnings will be set apart for the Lord; they will not be stored up or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live before the Lord, for abundant food and fine clothes. Isa. 23:17-18

A generation is 70 years but can be 100. A gap of 30 years exists between the fall of the USSR and when “the Lord deals with Tyre”. Thirty years to repent.

A quick preview of Part 3

Count 1260 + 1260 & 1290 + 1290 literal years from the exiles of Judah in 597 & 586 BC (see Ezekiel Code) to arrive at symbolic dates 726/5 BC and 1446 BC (and -280 days/years each). The effect is to take the staff of “Joseph” and the staff of “Judah” (Ezekiel 37) so as to become  “one” in God’s hand. (“1260 ” can symbolize a staff/rod, Rev. 11:1-3.)

Remember, Ezekiel 37 is about the “valley of dry bones”.

“Can these bones live?”

And the next two chapters are about Russia, i.e., “the king of the north”.

The chapter after that is about Ezekiel’s temple, upon which Rev. 11 is based in reference to the “1260-day” rod.

Moreover, the Russian army will be buried for “7 years”, that is, 1260 + 1260 days, Ezekiel 39.

It is entirely possible that current events are merely setting the stage for this battle. But one thing is for sure, one day it will happen — and the birds of the air will eat their fill.

“Flee from the land of the north!”

Then the angel of the Lord said, “Lord Almighty, how long will you withhold mercy from Jerusalem and from the towns of Judah, which you have been angry with these seventy years?” 13 So the Lord spoke kind and comforting words to the angel who talked with me. 

14 Then the angel who was speaking to me said, “Proclaim this word: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I am very jealous for Jerusalem and Zion, 15 and I am very angry with the nations that feel secure. I was only a little angry, but they went too far with the punishment.’ Zech 1:12-15

“Come! Come! Flee from the land of the north,” declares the Lord, “for I have scattered you to the four winds of heaven,” declares the Lord. Zech 2:7

God will give you wings of an eagle, Rev. 12.

Click to enlarge. The woman flees dragon-fractal from the Book of Revelation 12. Although she carried a bow strapped to her back, her weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God.
Aurora dragon
Prophetic image of the Lion of Judah prevailing to open the seven seals as the Woman flees the dragon., Rev. 12. The Lion breaks through heavens gate to trample upon the head of the dragon who presides over Mystery Babylon

Part 1. U.S.S.R. & the Great Bear of Russia


Before we speak about the Great Bear and the war in Ukraine, the message must first pass through the fire.

Only in dying can it live again in hope.

The Rod of God

Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? Isa. 53:1

This post was delayed because, although true, what good is it?

At least that’s how I feel.

The answer to my despair came in prayer.

“Preach Christ crucified.”

“Use what I have put in your hands”.

…And you shall take this rod in your hand, with which you shall do the signs.” (Ex. 4:17)

Do you know that there is a rod in the hand of every believer and it points only to Christ?

The rod of Moses is symbolic of the message of the cross.

The Rod of Moses into a serpent

…he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” Gen. 3:15

Moses cast down his rod before Pharaoh.

The rod of Moses transformed into a serpent.

The two false prophets of Pharaoh (2Tim. 3:8) then cast down their rods. They also became serpents.

But the rod of Moses swallowed up the serpents of Pharaoh.

The venom of serpents symbolizes “death” and “pain” because of God’s curse, (Gen. 2:17; 3:17).

After the rod of Moses swallowed up the other two rods, Moses then picked up his serpent “by the tail”, (Ex. 4:4). It changed back into a rod. The tail is in his hand which means that the head of the serpent-rod is at his feet.

Every day after that, the head of the serpent-rod “licked the dust” at the “heel” of Moses, (Gen. 3:15). Every step after that was a reminder to Moses that “all authority had been given to Him to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy”, (Luke 10:19).

Moses was now ready to strike Egypt with ten plagues.

Moses lifted high his rod. Not a word he spoke fell empty to the ground.

This is what Jesus meant when He said, “If I am lifted up I will draw all men unto me”, (John 12:32).

Passover viewed forward and backward

During the ten plagues upon Egypt, Moses looked forward to the first Passover. The first Passover is when all Israel was set free from Egypt. Moses is symbolic of the faithful before Christ. They looked forward to that Great Passover when the shadow of death would forever pass over.

However, we look back to the Last Passover. (“The Last Supper” of Jesus has a similar meaning.) The last Passover is when all those in Christ were set free, that is when Jesus was crucified.

We who believe were included in Christ when He died. We, the accursed, were included in Christ that day — the day He hung upon a tree and soaked in the venom. As it is written, “Cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree”, (Gal. 3:13).

Jew and Gentile were swallowed that dark day. All those before and all those after Christ were swallowed. On His right and on His left were they swallowed. And the angel of death passed over.

And on the third day, He rose again. Death could not hold him. A day for each serpent.

We were included in Christ when He died and rose again.

We are now “bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh”, (Gen. 2:23).

More than that, just as Christ is the Rod in God’s hand, even so, we a rod in the hand of Christ.

All power in heaven and on earth is in that rod!

That rod only points to Christ and to Him crucified.

This simple truth is something we often run from, just as Moses ran from the serpent when called to preach Good News to Israel.

When we run we become weak.

When we stray from the cross we revert to confusion and chaos. We become as unwieldy as a serpent.

But when we preach and live Christ and Him crucified, we are transformed back into the rod of Christ, which is our true state in Him — the state of those no longer under the curse.

Preach Christ crucified!

Not some pet doctrine.

Not politics.

Not Covid.

Not family.

Not some conspiracy.

Preach Christ crucified!

Sure, one can use peripheral subjects as illustrations of Christ, but when they became the focus of the message, then we are no longer the servants of Christ. We have fallen from grace. The Gospel becomes bad news. Our old nature stirs.

Soon we are afraid.

Soon we run!

What is the rod that God has put in your hand?

The numbers, fractals, and codes found in the Bible are what God put in my hand. It’s my “rod”. For you, it is something else. But whatever it is, the rod in your hand must point to Christ and to Him crucified.

Point the rod in any other direction and death resurfaces.

Flee conspiracy theories, Christian nationalism, and the worship of “great Christian leaders”.

 But I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Rom. 16:19-20.

Russian and Ukraine

The message about Russia is not really about Russia, but about Christ who died for all men, including the former U.S.S.R. Only in this context is a prophecy about Russia useful. Only then is a prophecy about world events meaningful.

The below Picture-Code was posted many years ago. It continues to happen as it portrays, and when. Lord willing, this will be discussed in the next post.

Personally, I do not want to talk about these things. But all is happening as predicted, and when — Covid, Russia, and a host of things these past years. And more is to come.

The destinies of every nation and every person are written ahead of time. Some things are what must be. Some things are what could be, depending on human interaction. But all things are about Christ.

Click to enlarge. Overlapping of Picture Codes (1996-2005)

The above image is multidirectional. Below is the same as above, but flipped around.

Click to enlarge. Composite of multidirectional Picture Bible Codes here upside down to normal position. Notice rod in the hand of Moses. It points to the Burning Bush, which symbolizes the endless revelation of Christ. Below is the rod that turns into a serpent that swallows up the other two serpents. The distance from the rod to the serpent on the ground is nine rows, which equals 9 x 120 = 1080, which is 3 x 360, that is three days, a day for each year — the resurrection of Christ. Click here for the fractal equivalent of the Lord appearing in the Burning Bush as viewed in heaven

As said years ago, the red dragon in this image is Russia (and more, Rev. 12). And as also said back then, the dragon corresponds to the spring of 2021 unto the summer of 2022. Russia began amassing troops in the spring of 2021. Ultimately, the war of Ezekiel 38 is being presented, but the ‘when’ can be delayed.

In the image, a day is as a year and a letter is as a year horizontally. However, vertically, every row is 120 letters/years apart (ELS +120). (Thus, the image would be much wider if those letters were included, but would be empty blue space.)

This current article was posted March 8, 2022, which on the 360-Bible Prophecy Calendar is the 25th of the 12th or 1st month.

The count of symbolic day-years is to the 70th jubilee which occurs on the Spring New Year in 2025 (Feb 26/Mar 28) on the 360-Calendar. That’s 1086 and 1116 days from now. Thus, today symbolizes 1086 and 1116 BC, a year for each day. Thus, tomorrow will be one day less, and hence 1085 and 1115 BC, and so forth, as explained many times over the past 30 years.

Now look at the above Picture Code and note the dates mentioned in the above code, such as “1231 BC” or “1446 BC”.

Now you can align current events with the image for yourself.

For example, today, March 8, 2022, corresponds to 1116 BC (or 1086 BC). “1116 BC” is the letter just above the dragon’s furthest left foot. Directly above that are 120 letters/years, and thus the letter above it is as 1236 BC (and below it is as 996 BC). Count five more letters horizontally to the left of 1236 BC and in the image see “1231 BC” located at the mouth of the dragon.

1231 BC marks the central event of the composite image.

But the dragon is only about Russia in the secondary sense that Christ bore the sins of Russia on the cross. Even today, about as many as left Egypt in 1446 BC have now fled Ukraine — they flee the red dragon as per Rev. 12. But God will defeat the dragon because the cross has already defeated it. Christ absorbed “the flood from the serpent’s mouth” when Jesus died on the cross. And we are in Him — we are children of the Woman and of the Living. (Eve means “Living”).

The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. Rev 12:6-9

Here is a quote from the 2005 article from Part One: Red Dragon Bible Code:

(This code is also patterned after the drowning of the Egyptians in the Red Sea, 1446 BC. Recall Isaiah 11:15.)

There is much to say, but like all picture bible codes they interpret the surface text as it applies to Christ Jesus, yet they also infer a future or contemporaneous event. In this case that future event is the rise of Russia (from the north) but also of Antichrist (from the west). The other codes along with dreams, make this interpretation sure. But more importantly, bible prophecy teaches this anyway! This code is a sign intended to bring this prophecy to our attention, possible because the event is near.

For the skeptic, you can find the above quote from my article in Dec. 2005 in the “WaybackMachine”, an independent archive.

The above composite Picture Bible Code was also from 2005, as also captured by WaybackMachine.

Here is another quote from the 2005 article,  Part Three: The Dragon Code

In conclusion, the Christ who died on the cross at the devils instigation will one day hook the dragon by the jaw and lead him into the battle of Armageddon where he will ‘die’ the death of the accursed. Since a spirit-being cannot die, this means that the devil will be defeated and ultimately sent to the lake of fire, (Revelation 21) “where the beast and the false prophet are” (20:10). This will happen when Christ returns on the clouds of glory with and for His bride. The birds will eat the flesh of His enemies, but the saints will eat from the wedding banquet set for them, (Revelation 19). Then there will be the thousand-year reign of Christ. After that a repeat war of “Gog and Magog” occurs where after the devil is finally cast into the lake of fire, (Revelation 20:7-10.)

The clue as to the timing of these events is in the bible-code word “Yesterday.” Perhaps forces were literally unleashed yesterday that are putting hooks into the jaw of Russia (and/or some other great power) that will eventually lure them into the battle of Armageddon, just like the Egyptians were led into the watery-trap at the Red Sea?

(Note: the battle of Ezek. 38 may be another battle other than that seen in Revelation 19. However, they are sometimes viewed as if one battle in bible prophecy, which some find confusing. Remember that one single prophecy can speak of several things at once.)