“Not one iota will pass away”. God is sovereign over storm names

Update to these two posts from half-a-year ago:

What’s in a name?

On March 17th, 2021, it was announced that four Hurricane names have expired from use.


Geneva, 17 March 2021 – The World Meteorological Organization’s Hurricane Committee has retired Dorian (2019) and Laura, Eta and Iota (2020) from the rotating lists of Atlantic tropical cyclone names because of the death and destruction they caused.

It also decided that the Greek alphabet will not be used in future. World Meterorological Org

Half-a-year ago I wrote an article about Hurricanes Eta and Ita. A little before that, I wrote about Hurricanes Dorian and Laura. In these posts, “Eta & Iota”, and “Dorian & Laura” are paired together.

Hurricanes Dorian and Laura

New York marathon-wreath-2019. (See post, Marathon Man and woman)

The Lord, who knows the future, moved me to start a very long series of posts about running the race to win the (Olympic) prize. This series began in 2019 with Hurricane Dorian and ended with Laura in 2020. (“Dorian” means “gift” and “Laura” means, “Laural wreath/crown”.)

Of course, God knew beforehand that this would be a year that called for much endurance — as in an Olympic race. Covid has tested the endurance of us all. That’s why the long series of posts about endurance that began Sept. 1st, 2019 — a few months before news of a virus out of China emerged.

The post about Hurricane Laura begins by saying this:

Victor’s Crown

I am coming soon! Hold on to what you have so that no one takes your victor’s crown. (Rev. 3:10-11)

A year ago I began recording the signs on earth regarding “The victor’s crown”. The first sign and post began with cat. 5, Hurricane Dorian. The name Dorian means, “a gift”.

Shortly after that came cat. 5, Hurricane Lorenzo, which means,  “The one who wears a laurel wreath“. (Lorenzo has the same basic meaning as Laura.)

You can go back and read those posts for yourself. However, one thing I pointed out in the Laura Post is that one year passed between these two hurricanes, both at the autumn New Year, etc. “One year”, I said, is like a “lap” of time around the Olympic arena.

Now it happens that the day when it was announced that Dorian and Laura are expired was March 17th, 2021. This was the New Year on the Enoch Calendar as discussed in the previous post.

It is also remarkable that I said in the subsequent post to Hurricane Laura that the actual Olympic games were also delayed a year to symbolize the Lord’s victory lap of one year.

It happens that due to Covid, (which means, “Crown”), the expiring of the name Dorian was also delayed a year. That’s why the unusual step of dropping Dorian and Laura at the same time, although one year apart.

The Hurricane Committee agreed on the retirement of names from 2020, along with 2019, because this was not on the agenda of last year’s Hurricane Committee due to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis. World Meterorological Org

The following quote from the World Meteorological Organization leads us to our next brief discussion about Eta and Iota.

The 2020 season got off to an early and rapid start with a record nine named storms from May through July. It ended late, with two major hurricanes in November for the first time on record and at a time when the season is normally winding down. The season was so active that WMO’s 21-name rotating list was exhausted and the Greek alphabet was used for only the second time (the first time was in 2005). World Meterorological Org

Hurricanes Eta and Iota and ‘The End of the World’

For, verily I say to you, till that the heaven and the earth may pass away, one iota or one tittle may not pass away from the law, till that all may come to pass. Matt 5:18 (YLT)

Over time, in Greek, the letter “Eta” now makes the same sound as “Iota”. They are essentially the same letter. Thus, “Iota” has “passed away” from use and is symbolic of ‘heaven and earth passing away’ as Jesus said. This is the basic meaning of the Hurricane Iota post.

Consequently, the timing of the passing away of Iota is important.

As said, the announcement that Iota has passed away was made on the Enoch New Year, March 17, 2021. This is exactly to the day half-seven-years to the 70th jubilee. (A jubilee is 7 x 7 years). In other words, March 17th, 2020, could have literally been the end of the world if God had chosen this particular prophetic timetable. Instead, God gave a token sign of what might have been.

The Hurricane Iota post mainly had to do with an island under siege. Therefore, ponder this verse about “heaven and earth” passing away.

The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. (Rev. 6:14

Hurricane Iota grazes Providence Island, (which is the dot just below the eye)

And speaking of “rolling up like a scroll”, it is interesting that the two equivalent letters, Eta and Iota in Hebrew spell “Woe”! And it is spelled like this just once in the Bible.

And when I looked, behold, a hand was stretched out to me, and behold, a scroll of a book was in it. And he spread it before me. And it had writing on the front and on the back, and there were written on it words of lamentation and mourning and woe הי.

What about Alpha and Omega?

The most amazing sign to do with hurricanes was not Iota but was “Alpha”. (Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. They are used as a title of God in the Book of Revelation. The basic meaning is that God is the living word: He is the First and Last and every letter in between.) This was explained in the below post about the sign of “Storm Alpha”.

Storm “ALPHA” forms at “BEGINNING” of Jewish New Year (& Supreme Court Judge dies)

The following is a quote from the above post.

They ran out of names for storms today and had to resort to the Greek letters of the alphabet. This happened only once before, 15 years ago, which I meticulously documented back then.

Extremely rare storm “ALPHA” formed at the exact “BEGINNING” of the Jewish New Year. Jesus said: “I am the ALPHA and the Omega, the BEGINNING and the end.” (Rev. 22:13)  (Sept. 18th, 4:30 PM GMT — the eve of the New Year)

The whole Alpha-Beta!

Incredibly, tropical storm”Beta” formed next shortly after Alpha at 4 PM CDT, (Sept. 18th). This is just before evening and thus just before the Jewish New Year according to this timezone (in the Gulf, near Texas). (The New Year begins at sunset, Sept. 18th.)

Alpha“, “Beta“!

Jesus is the complete alphabeta if you would, from beginning to end! He is the entire alphabet from Alpha to Omega!

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. (Rev. 22:13)

So then, to complete the sign that the whole Greek alphabet is symbolic of Himself — the Word of God, and that all else will pass away– what does God do?

The Meteorological Organization does the unthinkable — It does away with the entire Greek alphabet!

What a forceful way of declaring that “Heaven and Earth”, Iota and every other letter, could have passed away on March 17th, 2021 if God wanted to follow the prophetic pattern of cutting short the 490th Shmita (since Israel entered the Promised Land), (Cf., Dan. 9, Rev. 10).

Impacts from Eta and Iota were severe enough that those names have formally retired by the Hurricane Committee.  There was no formal plan for retiring Greek names, and the future use of these names would be inappropriate.  World Meterorological Org

Or put in simple English, Eta and Iota “formally” passed away, however, the entire Greek Alphabet used as a list of names when the regular names are exhausted will also no longer.

March 2021 could have been The End.

Were you ready if it had?

Were you still running the race?

Or has Covid cooled your heart and slowed your pace?

2Peter 3:9-13

 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.

11Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.  That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 13But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.

Hurricane Laura: The Victory Lap

The name Laura is the feminized form of laurus, Latin for “bay laurel plant”, which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame. The name represents the embodiment of victory and strength. Wiki

Victor’s Crown

I am coming soon! Hold on to what you have so that no one takes your victor’s crown. (Rev. 3:10-11)

A year ago I began recording the signs on earth regarding “The victor’s crown”. The first sign and post began with cat. 5, Hurricane Dorian. The name Dorian means, “a gift”.

Shortly after that came cat. 5, Hurricane Lorenzo, which means,  “The one who wears a laurel wreath“. (Lorenzo has the same basic meaning as Laura.)

And then followed sign after sign, all along this theme of the runner who wins the race, as in the Olympic games. I documented each event as they occurred. Below is a list of those posts. (I was too long-winded when reporting each event before and hence this post is short and to the point!)

The links in bold in this list are directly related to the theme. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

New York marathon wreath, another sign in 2019

I thought that the coronavirus (the “crown-virus”) was the last sign. After all, the Olympics are canceled due to the crown-virus, a fitting conclusion to this assemblage of signs.

Why canceled?

Because Jesus has finished demonstrating to powers and principalities that He alone directs the storm. He alone controls all things. Not that He had to prove anything, but for His own purposes He did this.

Jesus alone can faithfully predict all things before they happen.

He alone directs the storm. He alone has power over these things.

Jesus is Lord! The cross is His victory.

(I speak in analogies. See, Typhoon Marathon Man and Tokyo Olympics, )

…But then along came Hurricane Laura.

What, another laurel-wreathe storm-sign!

(Lara means, a victory wreathe.)

Hurricane Laural-Crown is unique

Hurricane Laura is the tenth most powerful hurricane to ever make landfall on the United States, the earliest 12th named storm, and the 7th of this season to make landfall.

Hurricane Laura is unique. Laura was preceded in the same region and around the same time by Hurricane Marco. This was an extremely rare event.

Not only that, but Laura is also the earliest twelfth named storm on record in the North Atlantic basin.

I asked the Lord about Hurricane Laura. “Why another sign?”

This thought immediately came to me. (I leave it to the reader to make of it what they will.)

Hurricane Laurel is the (extra) victory lap of the Lord Jesus who has triumphed over all false gods — so-called gods like Mars. (‘Marco’ is the Roman god of war, “Mars”.)

This agrees with the ongoing theme, as a perusal of the below posts will show.

Update: Date of landfall predicted back in January 2020

I speculated in January 2020, that there would be another sign along the theme of the crown/wreathe on August 27th and/or Sept. 26th, 2020. I thought that perhaps Aug. 27th might mark the literal passing of the queen, but instead, like Hurricane Lorenzo of 2019, the event was figuratively marked by another extreme hurricane.

Hurricane Laura (“laurel-crown”) made landfall early “August 27th” and is forecast to ‘die’ this same day, (and into the next).

Below is a quote from the said post in the series to do with signs concerning the laurel crown.

But do keep in mind the 215-day gap in chronology, that is, the death of Jacob was in 1859 BC OR 1644 BC, and “1644 BC”, therefore, corresponds to August 27th, or September 26th, 2020. The latter is especially striking numerically in that it’s “the 7th day of the 7th month” on the 360-calendar, and Jacob’s life is made up of units of seven. (I.e., Jacob died at three-jubilees old, “147”, which was 70 years after he had his name changed at 77. And he worked for each wife seven years, and the years of famine and plenty were also 7 and 7, etc.)

Will the queen or a prince die on one of these dates?

I do not know for sure. But one thing I do know. All our days are numbered.

Hurricane Laurie, therefore, made landfall on this very same day, on “August 27th”, which is the 7th day, the 7th month on the 360-calendar. Laura was the 7th storm of the hurricane season to make landfall on the United States and the 12th named storm. (As said back in January, August 27th is tied to the death of Jacob in signification and is linked to 12 names. Jacob prophesied over each of his 12 sons when he died, Gen. 49.)

Thus, near cat. 5 Hurricane Laura-crown formed on the first day of the 7th month and made landfall (and died) the 7th day.

The cyclone will become a tropical storm this afternoon (Aug. 27th) and is expected to weaken to a tropical depression tonight or early Friday. (NOAA Hurricane Center)


Hurricane Sally (derived from the name Sarah) is to make landfall late tomorrow or the next day and has unexpectedly intensified. Its impact will coincide with the Peace Treaty to be signed tomorrow (Sept 15th, 2020). (“Sally/Sarah” means, “Princess”, and we know that a princess wears a crown. Let no one steal it from you!)

List of previous posts along the theme of the laurel wreathe/crown

Listed in reverse order

π (22/7) within the circle of the Sun

Pi on sun and 11/7
Sun forms a dark spot with the shape of a “7“. Pi on the sun, whose formula is 22/7. This first sign occurred on September 1st, 2019, as seen through the eye of cat. 5 Hurricane Dorian at the same time

At the risk of overcomplication, these signs began with Hurricane Dorian and Lorenzo. (The name ‘Lorenzo’ has the same meaning as Laura.) In those first posts, I said that Dorian and Lorenzo were timed to the equation of Pi, (the equation for the 360-degrees of a circle).

One year later,  a solar lap, “a victory lap”, completes this circle. However, this time it’s on both the 360-calendar and the lunar calendar (from the 1st to the 7th day of the autumn New Year, the anniversary of the first seven days of creation). (Click on 2019 post about Hurricane Dorian for why Elul 1st in this very special circumstance is as Tishri 1st.) This agrees exactly with what was explained in those first posts about Pi, Dorian, Lorenzo, and the solar sign with the “7” appearing on the sun one year ago.

The links are listed above (Aug. to Oct. 2019) if you wish to examine this for yourself.

The below link address from one year ago says it all!


1) π in the wink of an eye

Update to this sign half-a-year later: “Not one iota will pass away”. God is sovereign over storm names