Hurricane Sally and 7 storms in the Atlantic

Seven storms at once: Two Hurricanes, two Tropical Storms, one Tropical named storm, and two depressions. Sept 14, 2020.

The west coast of North America is virtually on fire, while in the Atlantic there are seven storms at once, five of them named. Soon they will run out of names and begin to use the Greek letters as they did in 2005. (See 2005 posts.)

In the below tweets, notice that the previous time this happened was 49 years ago to the day (a jubilee, 7 x 7).

Add to this yet one more named storm in the Pacific, “TS Karina”.

Sally (derived from the name Sarah) is to make landfall late tomorrow or the next day and has unexpectedly intensified. Its impact will coincide with the Peace Treaty to be signed tomorrow (Sept 15th, 2020). (“Sally/Sarah” means, “Princess”, and we know that a princess wears a crown. Let no one steal it from you!)

Sally formed Sept. 11th as the “19th storm of the season” exactly 19 years after 9/11, the same day Trump announced Bahrain to join UAE to sign the treaty.

If this had been Hillary Clinton brokering this peace deal, with the west on fire, the assault of hurricanes, and COVID — what would most Christians have said then?

Is this not hypocrisy?

But a remnant sees.

Please see yesterday’s post.

Why 666 at the cross? See yesterday’s post.

Hurricane Sally update:

This is an update to Hurricane Sally that weakened and then unexpectedly strengthened just before landfall on the verge of cat. 3. It is expected to drop historic amounts of rain — up to two feet in some areas. Compare the shape of Sally to the above diagram. (The above post is unaltered from when it was posted, including image. See video and timestamp for verification.)

I linked Sally to the 666 of the Treaty, whose torrential rains began around the same time that the treaty was signed.

Note the inner outline of the “6” at the moment it made landfall.

The “6” in 666 of Hurricane Sally
Part of the video on Youtube made as Sally first formed

Two hours after the official landfall as the eye slowly dragged onto the shore, three powerful hurricanes — 6 -6 -6 — churned in the Atlantic. This might not seem convincing except that all three are clocked at 100 mph winds. I have watched storms all my life and have never witnessed such a coincidence. Three hurricanes at once is rare. But three at exactly the same wind speed — and an even number of 100 — is likely a first.

Three 100-mph hurricanes in the Atlantic at once

Why 666?

Why would God use a storm to illustrate the six in 666?

It’s because Bible numbers are confusing to most Christians. But even a child can comprehend an image of a six. The goal, after all, is to warn ALL God’s people of what is to come. His love compels Him!

But God will pour out his spirit like a flood! (See Joel 2, and note the sun and moon turned to blood by the forest fires.)

Thus, from the signing of the Trump Treaty to the Jewish New Year (called “The Feast of Trumpets”) is 3.5 days of flooding rain, literally and figuratively.

Sally means “princess” (same as Sarah). The word of the Lord to you is:

“Let no man steal your crown!