Cain’s Seed Parallel to Godly Seed Forms Flag of Israel

The following is in response to an email sent to me by a Bible School Student.

One of the  questions asked was:

“Hello, I was just wondering how you came about the Names-Code, thank you!”

My response:

Aware that the first ten names could be strung together (discovered by another), it provoked me to look for an acrostic using the same ten names, plus the next ten to Abraham — and there was.

It also seemed logical to me that because the first ten names could be strung together to read the way it does, why not all the way to Christ?

And it does!

I tried to do the same with the genealogy of Luke (that bypasses the kings of Judah) and it does not.

The fact that the one does so well, and the other not at all, underscores how miraculous both genealogies are. Why the line of the kings’ works and the other does not is in of itself an interesting puzzle. Of course, both genealogies are true, but from two angles and literally from two directions.

On Nov. 7, 2017 (a month before Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) I discovered another code within the Genesis-geology when studying the pre-flood world, particularly Enoch and Jarod and the fallen angels (Nephilim). I have been too busy to make it public, but I present the image to you.

Parallel Geneology in Genesis

The names of the ungodly line of Cain is in parallel to the same or similar names of the godly seed. Scholars have debated why this is so for millennia. The text underscores these names by the mathematical formula of sevens. The text itself refers to: 7, 77, 777, (and less obvious — 70×12, 70×13,  182+595) — and even 70×7 in the LXX. Contrasted to Jesus words using the same numeric, the first refers to “vengeance”, but Christ to “forgiveness.

When I first drew lines to simply join these names, I thought, ‘It looks like a flag that I once saw’. ‘It looks like a star separated by two lines.’

So I searched the internet for similar flags. It turned out that it was Israel’s flag that it reminded me of!

All this, along with the said acrostic and Meaning-of-Names code that is embedded here as well, creates a staggering degree of complexity.

The rest I leave to you to ponder for yourself!

God bless!

Dean Coombs

P.s., I think I will insert this response to your question as a page on my website (with your name of course left out).

Besides, seven years from now (2025) is the 70th jubilee (70x7x7 years) from when Israel entered the Promised Land and the jubilee-cycles officially began (1406 BC), which is when Moses died thus completing that genealogy. Moreover, 70 years have elapsed from when Israel became a nation. This also means that in seven years Israel will celebrate its 77th year.

Flag of a six-pointed star between two lines is created when lines are drawn from Cain's seed to its match in the Godly Seed.
(Click to enlarge.) Flag of a six-pointed star between two lines is created when lines are drawn from the seed of Cain to its match in the Godly seed. (The Godly seed is on the left side.)
Compare the former with this Flag of Israel. (Wiki “A blue Star of David between two horizontal blue stripes on a white field.”)


The 77 names from "God" to "Jesus", the "Son of God", which is also 70 names from Enoch.
(Click to enlarge.) The 77 names from “God” to “Jesus”, the “Son of God”, which is also 70 names from Enoch. The meaning of all these names when strung together tell a story that interprets the epochs wherein each of these ancestors of Christ lived. The flag also includes an acrostic.

Flag of Antichrist?

The two flags are close but are not an exact match. Perhaps the flag created by the parallel names refers to a coming conflict between the godly seed and the ungodly seed?

The star in the middle of the flag resembles two tridents overlapping each other — a symbol associated originally with Nimrod, “the mighty hunter before the Lord”, who in turn is a proto-type of antichrist, (Gen. 10:9).

dragons in sumerian mythology - Google Search
Note trident arrowhead.