Hurricane Lorenzo, Christ’s crown & Pi

Hurricane Lorenzo means,  “The one who wears a laurel wreath“ ITS STRENGTH AND SIZE: 5 ASTOUNDING FACTS ABOUT LORENZO Lorenzo is the largest recorded storm to have made it so far east in the north Atlantic The wind field is approximately five times the size of an average hurricane, with hurricane force winds that reach 250 km out … Read more

Signature of God hidden in Pi (π)

I most go to work, but I want to announce this day as the new Pi day! I will explain later, but encoded within the decimals of Pi (where there ought to be randomness) are the instructions for a geometrical shape representative of God Himself — His Triune signature. The above is added to the … Read more

Pi π (22/7) on the Sun and Dorian

The “seven” on the sun was just brought to my attention. I have added it to the previous post, along with more information. I only post it here for those who read the previous post already and, therefore, might miss out on this information. For the main article, please go to For the main … Read more