Ezekiel Code unto 1948 & 1967 (Israel a nation; Jerusalem liberated)

Part 2 This post is based upon: Part 1. Ezekiel Code: “Can these bones live?” Oct. 22, 2021 The rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948 after nearly 1900 years occurred on May 14th at 4 pm. The timing of the proclamation was hastened that day to avoid the Sabbath which began at 6 … Read more

Fall of Isis revealed beforehand, and when

The following was originally part of the document entitled: “U.S. Pattern of Disasters Revealed Beforehand”. However, because of the series of incredible events that occurred October 16-17, 2017, I thought it best to detail these latest events in this separate document. I plan on adding to this document slowly over the next few days. For … Read more