Ezekiel Code unto 1948 & 1967 (Israel a nation; Jerusalem liberated)

Part 2 This post is based upon: Part 1. Ezekiel Code: “Can these bones live?” Oct. 22, 2021 The rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948 after nearly 1900 years occurred on May 14th at 4 pm. The timing of the proclamation was hastened that day to avoid the Sabbath which began at 6 … Read more

Part 1: Leap weeks of the Enoch Calendar (Jubilee & 40-year cycles)

364-days: The Calendar of Reconciliation New Year on the 364 Calendar: Table from 1915 – 2075 AD  The Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, other extra-biblical literature of that period, and to a lesser extent, the Bible all utilize a year of 364 days. But why 364? 364 is divisible by weeks (seven) and four … Read more

Coronavirus and the Dragon image that foretold Stock Market crash

An unusual storm roared in Egypt on the day when the Stock Market became a bear market. The Prophetic Picture speaks to the events on that day, both internationally, and in Egypt. Why Egypt? Because in the Bible, Egypt and Babylon are symbolic of the whole world under the dragon, the devil. Fierce ‘dragon‘ storm hits … Read more