Dream about “3910 years to Moses”, and more

In the previous post about Hurricane Iota, I refer to “391 years”, and how that it can convert to 403 lunar or 425 priestly years. All this was s explained in detail in the earlier post about “The Key of 23“.

The below text in between the two bars is quoted from “The Key of 23”, and is also included in the post about Hurricane Iota. It summarizes what one must know about 390, 391, 403, 425, (and 437) to appreciate the dream.

‘Seven’ with 430,  (437 = 23 x 19). (I.e., ‘7 + 390 + 40’ of Ezek. 3:16;4:4,6.)
  • Ezekiel began his symbolic siege of Judah on the 391st day. 391 (23 x 17) is often chronologically paired with 390. Example: It took one year for earth’s destruction by water, but in one day fire destroyed Sodom, which occurred 391 and 390 years later
391 solar years equals “23 x 31” lunar years

It happens that 23 x 17 (391 solar years) equals almost exactly 403 (13 x 31) lunar years (without leap months) This astonishing fact did not escape the notice of the ancients. This will be explained in future documents, (Gen. 11:13, 15.)

  • 23 x 17 solar years (391) can convert to 403 lunar years (or the other way around). (And ’23 x 17′ also converts to the Priestly year as explained.)
    • 403 strictly lunar years = 142,809.93 days, which is almost exactly 391 solar years
      • 365.2425 x 391 = 142,809.8175 days
        • The actual difference between the two was nearly nil at around 4206 BC

The dream about “3910 years”

In the previous post about Hurricane Iota, I said:

Over and over I keep saying that when something is revealed (unsealed) for the first time, signs on earth manifest according to the magnitude of its significance.

This revelation is important because it infers that the ‘last iota’ of fulfilled prophecy is near, and the below chart is part of what was said would be revealed in the last days.

Early this morning (Nov. 19, 2020), in a dream, while sleeping, I labored to understand how 3900, 3910, 4030, and 4250 come together from the time of the Flood unto Moses in the Long Chronology. The Long Chronology (and chart) was posted clearly for the first time Sunday at 6 pm (EST), 3.5 days before this dream. This is when Iota exploded in strength, “astonishingly” so according to NOAA.

This sort of thing happens a lot and is expected. However, this sign was exceptional for many reasons. (See post about Hurricane Iota.)

I wasn’t going to write this post because there are endless patterns in the Long Chronology. But in that this came about in a dream, I thought perhaps the Lord desires it revealed now, and not later. Fortunately, the hard work of explaining “how the 23’s work” is done; it’s already explained in “The Key of 23“, s0 I can just jump right in.

Any questions, please read “The Key of 23”!

I don’t go into great detail anymore. I realize more than ever that I write for a generation that is to come. They will understand.

Here is the “Long Chronology” chart I posted late Sunday night, Nov. 15th, 2020.

Click on this link for best quality

Keep in mind that all dates in the above chart are ALSO “plus and minus two years” when you do the below calculations!

The exact numbers of 390, 391, 403, 425, and 437

  • Count “3900” and “3910 years” to the birth of Moses from the birth of Shem.
  • Count “4370” years to the birth of Moses from Shem with the added “460” of Kenan 

391 can convert to lunar 403. (The Long Chronology is generally ten-times that of the regular “short” Chronology.)


  • Count “4030” years to the seven years of the Conquest, (includes the first Sabbath Year), (1406-1399 BC)

391 also converts to priestly 425, thereby adding 340 years to the genealogy.  (3910 + 340 = 4250). This means that the date of Shem’s birth can convert from 5431 BC to 5771 BC, as can all the dates back to Adam. Thus, 14006 can convert to 14346 BC

14346 BC to the Exodus (1446 BC ) is 12900 years, and 12900 is ten times the “1290” in Daniel 12:11. Also, 12900 equals 4300 x 3. Furthermore, Israel spent “430 years in Egypt” until the 1446 BC Exodus. Jerusalem fell in 586 BC, 430 + 430 years later, that is, 1290 years from when they entered Egypt in 1876 BC. (Also see the “Pillar of Time.”)

Therefore observe:

  • the 4030 from Shem to Moses’ death can contract to 3910
  • the 3910 from Shem to Moses’ birth can expand to 4250
  • therefore the total difference is 460 (-120 and +340 = 460)
    • This 460 is also “residual” because it likewise is divisible by 23
  • And 460, therefore, overlaps the “460” option (due to Kenan) and symbolizes the engrafting in of Kenan

I said that “the 4030 from Shem to Moses’ death can contract to 3910”, therefore, the date for Shem’s birth contracts from 5436/4 to 5316/4 BC. 5196 BC to 1446 BC (Exodus) is 1290 x 3 (which is also 430 x 9).

The significance of the 430 and 1290 to the Exodus was just explained when we spoke of the “12900 years from Creation”. Therefore, observe the combined possibility: 7 x 1290 to Shem and 3 x 1290 to Exodus equals 10 x 1290 (12900). “3”, “7”, and “10” each symbolize ‘completion’.

4370 with the 460 of Kenan (see chart)

I said a little earlier:

Count 4370 years to the birth of Moses from Shem with the added “460” of Kenan.

Besides the fact that “437” is the number discussed in the “Key of 23” (and thus part of the dream), it happens that 4370 equals 190 x 23. 

What is important about “190”?

The “7 + 430″ of Ezekiel 4 in the LXX reads “7 + 190″ instead. And the “4370 years to Moses” includes the ‘460 of Kenan’, which in turn is also from the LXX.

If you can receive it, even 3910 is related to 430 because of 23 x 340. “340” is the reverse of 430.

The entire chronology can be reversed, as can the Short (regular) Chronology. But that’s for another day.

All the above is what I tried to understand in my dream.

I awoke and looked at the chart and there it all was.

The Spirit reveals what He wants to whom He wants. It’s the end-time purpose of God and is not merited or deserved.


The dates all had to be exact in every way to produce this pattern, including the initial 2 +3 +2 pattern at all pre-Flood dates, (i.e., Shem is 5436/5434/3531/5429 BC).

The various outcomes are all perfectly compatible with one another. For example, they create 430’s and a residual 460 that overlaps the extra 460 of Kenan.

All this gives the appearance of a machine with perfectly coordinated moving parts, and like a fractal. Moreover, the residual 460 implies a living machine that expands and takes on a life of its own.

For example, the 3910 of Shem to Moses birth converts to 4250 thus making Shem as 5776 BC, and with the extra 460 of Kenan, 6236 BC. 6236 BC to the Conquest in 1406 BC is now 4830 years, and 4830 expands to 4900 on account that 69 converts to 70. (4830/69 = 70.) And because Shem lived “600 years”, thus, 4900 and 4300 from Shem to Conquest, (and also 4300 to the Exodus because the 460 can convert to 500), etc.

And so forth.

“A wheel within a wheel!” (Ezek. 1)

“A fire enfolding upon itself!” (Ezek. 1)

Fractal image of throne room with altar at center
Click to enlarge. Look closely! This is what all that math in the Bible creates! Fractal image of the throne room where the Lamb opens the seven seals revealing the mystery of Christ. ‘Coincidentally’, upon doing an update today, 11/20/2020, I noticed that Google’s image for the day is Mandelbrot, a Jew nicknamed, “The father of fractals”. It’s been 40 years (Ezek. 4:4) since this spectacular discovery was made on Purim, March 1, 1980

The Two Wall Furnaces

This post is a little late getting out today because yesterday my two wall furnaces that heat my whole house were replaced by gas fireplaces. (The former are no longer lawful.) However, the one on the north side would not turn off. It kept blazing and blazing, responsive to the thermostat. I had to cut the gas and call the serviceman back in. He said that it was unusual. This morning he fixed it and for this reason, I was delayed.

The old wall furnaces were a sign to do with the 430 of Ezekiel as explained in a couple of posts two years ago. This, then, completes that sign.

One more thought!

This was not part of the dream, but it’s one of my favorites numeric to do with Shem!

The revelation to Daniel about the “490 years” (Dan. 9) was given in 536 BC. 4900 years before 536 BC is the birth of Shem (death of Noah), and thus is also 4830 to 606 BC when Daniel went into Exile.

And 175 jubilees before Shem (49 x 175) is the Long Creation of 14006 BC. (Also calculate the Short Chronology date of Jacob in 2006 BC.)

Moreover, from the Long Chronology Flood to the seven years of Conquest (1406-1399 BC) at 70 jubilees, 7 x 7 x 70.