Temple harps burn at hour of 360-cal. ‘New Year’

The very hour marks “1260 days” to the 70th jubilee (Sunday evening, Aug. 15, 2021)

See, “Sabbath year” is at hand! Jew & Gentile “One new Man”

As with the previous post, things are happening too fast to write a proper article. Instead, I have cut and pasted from the comments section of the post:

Comment by Chanda Pinto


Micah & Shoshana Harari began making handmade harps in the early 1980s based on 👉3,000-yr-old cave drawings discovered by archaeologists in Megiddo.👈 😂Without knowing it, they had brought a musical instrument into the world whose music had not been heard for 2,000 years. Everything seemed on track to bring harps into the world for their unique music to be played in the Temple until Sunday when Arab terrorists set the blaze that became a massive forest fire surrounding Jerusalem.

In addition to the 5,000 acres of forest, the workshop of Micah Harari in which he had painstakingly created unique handmade harps for more than three decades burned to the ground, destroying his tools and many harps that stood waiting for the Temple.

Rev 18:22 The sound of harpists, musicians, flutists, and trumpeters shall not be heard in you anymore. No craftsman of any craft shall be found in you anymore, and the sound of a millstone shall not be heard in you anymore.


Reply by Dean Coombs

Harps are associated with prophetic ministry in worship. The harp can symbolize prophecy.

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Psalm 49:4
I will incline my ear to a proverb;
I will express my riddle on the harp.

1 Chronicles 25:1
Moreover, David and the commanders of the army set apart for the service some of the sons of Asaph and of Heman and of Jeduthun, who were to prophesy with lyres, harps and cymbals… Cf., 2Kings 3:15-19; 1Samuel 10:5,6;16:16,23

In the below video, I explain that the fractal of the “woman who is given two wings of an eagle” to escape into the wilderness for “1260 days” carries the prophetic harp with her, like a garland around her head. As I will explain shortly, 1260 days from when the temple harps burned is the 70th jubilee.

The harp is also the symbol of Israel

The harp is also the symbol of Israel, as is the Olive Tree that burned down seven days before. Ironically, Israel was returning from fighting the fires in Greece when the Jerusalem fires broke out.

(The menorah/lamp has seven lights on it, a day for each of its lights like the seven days of creation. The menorah is another symbol of Israel that was figuratively extinguished seven days before the harps burned. See Eve’s 2500-year old olive tree burns

“The Temple harp is the symbol of the state of Israel, Harari said. “Of course, people who hate Israel would hate harps and be happy we aren’t able to make any more.”

When Micah saw the fire approaching the outskirts of the town on Sunday night, he went to the workshop which was located about 150 meters from his house.

“I was fighting the fire all the way to the door,” Micah said. “They finally told us to evacuate. I ran out without a wallet or anything. We stayed with a friend in Beit Zayit. I had only the clothes on my back. All night, I was thinking that the house would be burned too and that we would have nothing left in the world.”

1260 days to 70th jubilee

On the 360-calendar, Sunday evening began the 7th month, that is, the 360-calendar equivalent of Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year. https://www.360calendar.com/360-days-Calendar-Converter.html

Hence, exactly 1260 days from now is Nisan 1st on the 360-calendar in 2025, the very hour of the 70th jubilee from when Israel entered the Promised Land. (“1260 days” half of seven years.)

For details about the jubilee, see the recent post:

The forest fire around Jerusalem is especially disastrous because, in less than a month, the Sabbath year begins when the planting of trees is forbidden to practicing Jews.

I have repeatedly said the past few decades to expect signs around the 70th jubilee, and so it is.

And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” 4They are “the two olive trees” and the two lampstands, and “they stand before the Lord of the earth.” 5If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. This is how anyone who wants to harm them must die. (Rev. 11)

Cf., Rev. 5:8-10; 14:2,3;15:2-4