“62 weeks” of Dan. 9 confirm date of Exodus and foretold 1948

“In Daniel, is there a connection between the 62 Years of Darius/Cyrus and the 62 Weeks?”

Daniel 5:30-31 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom, being about threescore and two years old.

Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, the Lord granted insight into the above question. The insight was confirmed by someone who made a comment this morning on 1260d.com using similar math. She was unaware of my study from yesterday, or my intention to post about this subject today.

Considering I have never gone into great detail about the significance of “62 weeks” or “62 years” before, I unlikely influenced her by some past post. Therefore, I believe it is the Lord’s confirmation. After all, when is the last time you heard someone talking about “62 years” or “62 weeks”? It’s a biblical numeric that very few are even aware of.

Unfortunately, I have limited time today! I may not finish this post today, at least properly edited. Therefore, for now, I have chosen to repost the comment made by “Chanda Pinto”, and my response.

Also, today I noticed an article about “62 years”. Actually, it’s a question asked on hermeneutics.stackexchange.com. The question is:

In Daniel, is there a connection between the 62 Years of Darius/Cyrus and the 62 Weeks?

The answers supplied by various people at that site lays a good foundation for what is revealed here. What the Lord showed me, or should I say, showed us, answers what is unanswered at “hemeneutics.stackexhange.com”.

Birth of King Cyrus

What is of particular relevance at that site concerns whether Darius and Cyrus are one and the same person? If not, then coincidently they were both born about the same time. Either way, the prophecies of Isaiah concerning Cyrus bear upon what will be revealed here in this post, (Isaiah 40-46). Because even if Darius is not Cyrus, it still holds true that Darius is the representative of King Cyrus. As such, the prophecies of Isaiah still relate.

Notice the connection in Isaiah 44 between the birth of Israel as a nation to “King Cyrus”, who conquered Babylon at age 62.

“Family of Jacob, listen to me. You are my servant.
People of Israel, I have chosen you.
I made you. I formed you when you were born as a nation.
I will help you.
So listen to what I am saying.
Family of Jacob, do not be afraid. You are my servant.
People of Israel, I have chosen you.
I will pour out water on the thirsty land.
I will make streams flow on the dry ground.
I will pour out my Spirit on your children…

The Lord says,
“People of Israel, I set you free.
I formed you when you were born as a nation.

“I am the Lord. I am the Maker of everything.
I alone stretch out the heavens.
I spread out the earth by myself.

25 “Some prophets are not really prophets at all.
I show that their signs are fake.
I make those who practice evil magic look foolish.
I destroy the learning of those who think they are wise.
Their knowledge does not make any sense at all.
26 I make the words of my servants the prophets come true.
I carry out what my messengers say will happen.

“I say about Jerusalem,
‘My people will live there again.’
I say about the towns of Judah,
‘They will be rebuilt.’
I say about their broken-down buildings,
‘I will make them like new again.’
27 I say to the deep waters,
‘Dry up. Let your streams become dry.’
28 I say about Cyrus,
‘He is my shepherd.
He will accomplish everything I want him to.
He will say about Jerusalem,
“Let it be rebuilt.”
And he will say about the temple,
“Let its foundations be laid.” ’

(Isaiah 40 to 46 contain other references to this link between Cyrus and the birth of the nation of Israel.)

As we will show, the birth of Cyrus was a marker in time that contained a prophecy that from his birth to the birth of the nation of Israel in 1948 spanned “seven years of years”.

We will also show that the “62 years” and “62 weeks/sevens” (434 years) of Daniel 5 and 9 confirm what most scholars now attest to, namely that Israel entered the Promised Land in 1407t/6n BC. (“t” and “n” are abbreviations for the Jewish months of Tishri/October and Nisan/April.) (Daniel 9, like the Book of Jubilees, is about jubilees of 49 years and generations of 70 years. There are 70 jubilees (490 “weeks”) from 1406 BC to 2025 AD.)

The latter point that affirms the 1406 BC date for when Israel entered the Promised land is what will be discussed first and after that how it also foretold when Israel would become a nation.

Daniel’s 434 years (“62 weeks”)

Daniel refers to 434 years as 62 weeks/sevens, Daniel 9. (Specifically, one jubilee of “49 years” plus  “434 years” plus “seven years”, for a total of ten jubilees, Dan. 9:24-27.) Daniel is told that just as there were 490 years before the exile (actual, more like two sets of 490), there would be yet another 490 until the Messiah comes. (Interestingly, Cyrus is called a messiah(meaning, “to anoint”, Dan. 9:24-27. Cyrus/Darius is symbolic of Jesus the Messiah, Isa. 45:1.)

Daniel’s ten jubilees (490 years) is a complex discussion. I have written numerous articles over the years about this, the most recent was about two weeks ago on July 6, 2021, Daniel’s 490 (“seventy weeks”) in the Mirror.

However, for our purposes, let us focus on the “62 weeks”.

Babylon fell to Cyrus/Darius during Tabernacles (Tishri) of 539 BC, a date well established. (By the way, recall that Daniel was also called Belshazzar — the same name as the king, together who are symbolic of the death and glorification of Messiah — but that’s another story!)

Dan. 5:29 Then at Belshazzar’s command, Daniel was clothed in purple, a gold chain was placed around his neck, and he was proclaimed the third highest ruler in the kingdom.

30 That very night Belshazzar, king of the Babylonians, was slain, 31 and Darius the Mede took over the kingdom, at the age of sixty-two.

Babylon fell in 539t BC. The proclamation for the Jews to return home occurred the next year, 538 BC. And the temple began to be rebuilt in 537 BC regarding the prophecy of Daniel 9 (given in 536 BC), although there was an additional delay of “21 weeks/sevens” (Dan. 10, Ezra, Zech.) until the temple was completed in 516n BC.

Back to the “62 weeks”

601t/600n (birth of Darius/Cyrus) unto 539t/8n BC (end of Babylon) is the “62 years of age” of Darius/Cyrus (Dan. 5).

539t/8n BC less the “62 weeks” (434 years) of Dan. 9 equals the death of King David (973t/972n BC plus 434 years equals 539t/8n BC). However, David likely died 971t BC, and the temple of Solomon in 967 BC, which are 434 years and also exactly 430 years (Dan. 9:24-27 and Ezek. 4) unto 517 BC when the temple was rebuilt; (from 1Kings 6:1 to Ezra 3:8 are exactly 430 years). (In the Bible, the temple symbolizes Messiah in his death and resurrection.)

And 434 times two years (868 years) elapsed from the death of Aaron and Moses (called “king in Jeshurun”, in Deut. 33:4–5), which is also the year when Israel entered the land of Israel on the two sides of the Jordan. This is also when the jubilees officially began, that is, 1407t/1406n BC.

Therefore, the “62 weeks” and the “62 years” confirm when the Exodus and entry into the Promised Land occurred, 1446 BC and 1407t/1406n BC.

Therefore, from the death of King Moses unto the death of King David are “434 years”, and from the death of King David unto the death of Belteshazzar, king of Babylon (the same name as Daniel) are again 434 years; (and Darius/Cyrus took the throne at “62 years of age”, that is, at the end of the 62 x 7 and 62 x 7 years.) Aaron/Moses, David/Solomon, and Belteshazzar/Cyrus are all types of Messiah and they all intertwine with the numeric that culminates in Jesus the Messiah, as per the prophecy of Daniel (ch.9).

This also agrees with the date of Ezekiel’s revelation (Ezek 40) regarding a future temple. His vision is dated as given either on the Day of Atonement or on the anniversary of when Israel entered the Promised Land (Tishri 10th or Nisan 10th), which is when the jubilee is announced, which corresponds perfectly to the 17th jubilee (1407t/6n to 574t/n BC).

Next, we look at the comment posted today about “62”, and how it points to 1948 when Israel became a nation.

1274 (& 1260) + 1274 (& 1260) unto 1948 when Israel became a nation

The comment posted on 1260d.com

Below is part of the comment by Chanda Pinto on July 22, 2021, at 8:37 am, posted on 1260d.com.

We were taught the most significant year prophetically was 1948. We were taught this started the Parable of the Fig Tree and this Generation would not pass before all prophecy was fulfilled. The good and the bad fig returning to the Holy land. For about 20 years that was that but I kept having people, even my Mom asking where are the good figs, they are not over there…

A generation can be 40, 70, 120…..Noah knew he had 120 yrs before the flood this is why 1917 became interesting. We know in the past 120 years we’ve seen: Electricity, Cars, Airplanes, Spaceships, computers, Ect….. out of the past 6000 yrs the last 120 have been very different.
Almost finished with my thought…

1948-62 week yrs = 2010 ( could relate to the 7 good yrs of plenty before the famine Joseph)
2010-2017 ( 1st 7 yrs growing extra before the 7 bad yrs
2017-2024 ( 7 bad years leading to the final days)
(The Eclipses also are factored in this and the 2024 USA Eclipse is a time marker)
The Global Agenda has stated 2030 is the year they plan to have total control.

And last the Mirror…
2021 years ago Christ was near the age of 21-ish
2030 Christ will have turned 30…..( Some say the cross was at age 30 some say 33)… All things considered and the 2030 date would be 2000 years from the cross. My simple mind is like 4000 yrs before the cross, and 2000 after mark 6000… That leaves the 1000 Millennium = 7000 and then the 8th day!…

My response to the above comment

Thanks for sharing. Biblical numeric is like the rest of the Bible — increasingly complex the more one studies — without end. You have described the basic outline, which is good to be reminded of. It’s part of the basic framework upon which all else is built. I would add to this the 70 jubilees from 1406 BC when Israel entered the Promised Land unto 2025.

It’s interesting that you mention the “62 x 7”. I planned to write an article about that today, based upon my study from yesterday. It also relates to 1948 and 2010. I do not believe this to be a coincidence considering very few people are aware of the significance of 62 weeks. Awesome confirmation, including the “seven-year famine part”. It’s like you were reading my notes! The groundwork for what I plan to say was laid three and 25 years ago in earlier articles.

I plan to demonstrate that the “62 years of age” (601t/n to 539t/538n BC, & died 530 BC at 70) when Darius took the throne (539t BC) is directly related to Daniel’s “62 weeks”.

Now forward this “62 years of age” by Enoch’s seven years of years (364 x 7 days/years) from 601t BC to arrive at 1948 to 2010, etc. Plus your next seven years — not symbolic of the famine, but very close to that (2001-2008-2015). See www.bible-codes.org/world_trade_center_sign_economic-collapse.htm

In the book of Enoch, 1260 + 1260 days/years is equivalent to 364 x 7 (1274 + 1274). For “1260 + 1260 years” from Ezekiel’s temple vision unto 1948, see, www.1260-1290-days-bible-prophecy.org/bible_prophecy-Israel-nation-1260-years-2x.htm

Daniel 5:30-31 In that night was Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans slain. And Darius the Median took the kingdom, being about threescore and two years old.

Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself

In conclusion

Thus, both the date of Cyrus’ birth (601t BC) and when Ezekiel’s vision of the future temple was given (573n BC) confirm the date when Israel entered the Promised Land and the jubilees commenced, that is, 1407t/1406n BC.

And these same two dates, 601 and 573 BC point not just to the past when Israel became a nation in 1446/1406 BC, but to the future when Israel was to be a nation once again — in 1948, which is 1274 + 1274 and 1260 + 1260 years later, the time frames used in the Book of Enoch and the Bible.

Also, see Daniel’s 490 (“seventy weeks”) in the mirror.

Daniel’s 490-year prophecy in the Mirror of BC/AD, are evenly balanced so that Christ is in the middle, forming a mirror. That is, each date is 490 + 490 years to the other