“2020 Christmas Star” & the Great Planetary Alignment when Noah died

This post will be leisurely updated from now until the sign of the “Christmas Star”, which occurs Dec. 21, 2020. The above 1953 BC planetary alignment is directly related to the 2020 “Christmas star”, as explained in this article. Key texts to ponder: Gen. 49:8-12; Num. 24:15-19; Acts 7 Also, see Roe v. Wade overthrown … Read more

Rise and fall of the Dung god

I said to expect signs in the heavens and on the earth in keeping with the prophetic images and prophetic map posted a year ago. And so it has been. The following is a condensed explanation of the sign of the dimming of the star Betelgeuse, Mars and Jupiter happening now, and “Mystery Babylon”. Hopefully, … Read more