“Mystery Babylon” revealed in the heavens

This post is basically what is written at the Home Page. It has been reposted here so that regular readers do not miss it. It is the next stage in the development of this prophetic image of Mystery Babylon.

(See the later section in this post concerning the expanding Universe for this added layer in the prophetic image of Mystery Babylon.)

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The Hebrew of Isa 45:21-23 and Dan 5:25 runs through the image. The path of Sirius’s shadow, the morning star, rises from the pit! See “Sign 13B” for more about how this globe of Babylon was deciphered.


Mercury as seen from Venus as Sirius occulted on earth

Mystery Babylon was revealed 42 months after the blueprint for the “Temple of Time: Blood-Moon Tetrad“.

Every line in the above image has been drawn according to its position relative to a lunar eclipse, two stars (Virginis Chi and Sirius) and the planet Venus. The eclipse was on Jan 20, 2019, and the others were blotted out 30 days later. Moreover, a “falling star” (asteroid) struck the moon at the very minute of totality.

Ishtar, Osiris, and the black hole


Venus as seen from Mercury as Sirius occulted on earth

Venus (as viewed from Mercury in Virgo/Libra) disappeared behind the sun at the very same time that Sirius blinked on earth.


χ Virginis, Sirius, and Venus, all three symbolize the goddess Ishtar during this once-in-a-billion-year heavenly sign! Her rise and her fall.

The star along the rod of Virgo is where this black hole is located (“M87”, superimposed over the map).

Behold the reward of the wicked
The reward of the wicked: “Crown of Darkness

It’s the first black hole ever seen by human eyes. (I.e., revealed on April 10, 2019, which was 50+1240 = 1290 days from Tetrad.)

The abyss of the black hole, therefore, corresponds to the abyss נונ of the Pacific-Ocean.

Mystery of the Universe’s Expansion Rate Widens With New Hubble Data (NASA)

“Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope say they have crossed an important threshold in revealing a discrepancy between the two key techniques for measuring the universe’s expansion rate. The recent study strengthens the case that new theories may be needed to explain the forces that have shaped the cosmos.” (NASA statement released to public April 25, 2019)

The same day that NASA released this statement, the Lord revealed that the wall in the prophetic pyramid image of mystery Babylon had been omitted. This meant that the stars/constellations had to be expanded by one more letter/square to the right to align properly with the vertical crosses at the center. (See green double lines.)

God timed NASA’s discovery with this expanding stars of the image to draw attention to another heavenly sign.

The heavenly and earthly overlap of the “Mountain Table” is the next step up

The location of the “70 stars” that the Hubble telescope measured was within the Large Magellanic Cloud, located at the bottom of the Mensa (“Mountain-Table”) constellation. This constellation was named after the Mensa mountain in South Africa. And the pyramid in the prophetic image is also a mountain.

Therefore, it was logical to overlay the heavenly Mensa/mountain with the earthly one that it was named after. The earthly Mensa-mountain is located in South Africa. The effect is to overlap the original heavenly/constellation scene with this new one.

And all this, as said, is superimposed over the earth as explained elsewhere. The above image is the result — Perfect positioning in every way. For example note Reticulum constellation. (Reticulum is Latin for the crosshairs at the focus of a telescope eyepiece used to measure star positions! Sound familiar!)

The result in a deepened prophetic pictorial message that foretells what is soon to take place on earth. (To be explained later.)

The 70 stars that the Hubble telescope studied is located in the Table-Mountain constellation. This produces a prophetic image of what is to come. Notice that the same serpent is repeated twice. This is because it happens that this constellation (Hydrus) is officially represented by the triangle, that in turn fits perfectly over the triangle of the Star of David in the image. I know that there is a lot to explain — perhaps later.


Compare this with the previous image. The serpent falls from heaven to the earth, whose end is the bottomless pit (black hole). He knows that his time is short. Up from the pit arises Hydrus and the Bennu/Phoenix.

Click to enlarge. Combination of the ancient view of the world with the modern
Click to enlarge. Combination of the ancient view of the world with the modern
Earth observed from the second heavens with stars in combat

Click here for an interactive global map with partial constellation background.

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  1. The astronomer Hubble discovered the “Hubble Red Shift”…..All the galaxies are accelerating away from earth….The farther a galaxy is from earth–the faster the acceleration rate……Which is quite mysterious! What could cause it?…..Mr. Hubble insisted that we must not say that earth is in a special place in the universe (that earth is in the center of an expanding universe), so we must deny all the evidence+proof that he had discovered. If the earth was in a special place, it might lend credibility to the Bible, which Hubble hated.

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