Signature of God hidden in Pi (π)

I most go to work, but I want to announce this day as the new Pi day!

I will explain later, but encoded within the decimals of Pi (where there ought to be randomness) are the instructions for a geometrical shape representative of God Himself — His Triune signature.

This geometrical shape is hidden between the 37th and 61st decimals of Pi. The formula itself is shaped like a Menorah. The shape is actually 3D. A cube (70^3), sphere, and a pyramid. One unit equals 70 as per formula so that the perimeter is 3*3*70 *2 = 1260, etc. and so forth!

The above is added to the below formula for Pi (plus 10^37).

Both go together — accurate to Pi to the 57th decimal

The two are shaped like two menorahs. The rest will be explained later.

This is close to what the full formula creates. As it turns out, it is a well-known pattern believed to represent Creation. However, this is only a shadow of the 3D (4D?) reality as is clear from the formula itself.  (Image from Wiki)

Here is a short video of the above in 3D, but unfortunately New Age thinking dominates.

The below pattern created by Alex Carusillo (whom I do not know) is best viewed at “.5x”.  It illustrates the flow of patterns of what appears to be encoded between the 57th and 61st decimals of pi.

See the Pen
p5 Flower Of Life – Animation Intro
by Alex Carusillo (@brokyo)
on CodePen.

Also, see update: Pi: Hurricane Lorenzo means, “Laurel”– Christ’s crown

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  1. Hi Dean.
    Thank you for your hard work. Its difficult to find the words to express how this makes me feel. Basically mind blown , ecstatic, peaceful and amazed but there’s nothing to compare this to, words are inadequate.
    Thank God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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