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  1. Dear Dean, you’ve been quiet – I pray you’re alright!

    In case you’re not aware of this development, a new star was discovered on March 18th in the Cassiopeia constellation.

    Initially this nova was bright enough to see in a small telescope, but now in the run up to Pentecost, it’s suddenly become bright enough to see with the naked eye.

    CASSIOPEIA means “The Enthroned Woman: The Captive Delivered, and Preparing for her Husband, the Redeemer” (The Witness of the Stars, by E.W. Bullinger).

    But here’s another significance: This star called V1405 Cas is actually right in the middle between Cassiopeia and CEPHEUS: “The King – The Redeemer coming to rule”.

    “He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.” Psalm 147:4 NKJV

    What’s the Lord telling us? 🙂

    Blessings, Derick

    PS: No need to publish my note



    • Wow. Thanks for sharing.
      Satan has hindered me lately using multiple tactics. But the battle is the Lord’s.
      Please pray for my family. The enemy has resorted to attacking them in order to hinder me. But what does not kill you makes you stronger, as the saying goes.

  2. Hi Dean
    This may be totally irrelevant to this incredibly beautiful wings of an eagle fractal but I saw this article regarding a church that reappeared out of the water after forty years of being submerged in mexico today 5-6-21. It reappeared due to drought.
    Thank you ,
    Thanks be to God.
    Blessings to you and your family and your children and your children’s children in Jesus name.

  3. Hi Dean
    My Name is Meriolee “Chanda” Pinto
    Lake Dallas, Texas (North Texas)
    Our Heavenly Father has brought me to your studies a few days ago. Like you, I’ve spent many years study the bible at least 30 years in deep study. I’ve been blessed with many good teachers in my life as well. I watched every video you have in 2 days time. And I’ve read from your blogs for days now, morning till night, only break is to sleep and I probably will not stop till I’ve digest all of it, that’s just my style. Your studies come easy for me to understand. I’m very familiar with all the different aspects that make up God’s forms of Communication. I’ve seen and study amazing things. This is adding a whole new layer for sure. I also watch all things political, weather, sky signs, ect and have for about 20 years. I just turned 50 this year. I knew everything I was witnessing was prophetic but your studies have shown me how all the past events have related even more specially than I could of ever imagined. Today I decided I’d just make myself a chart and map the past 20 years out and it’s already getting to be a massive file. I really enjoy your video’s and I hope you continue. I feel blessed to get to share this experience with you. I appreciate you.

    Please feel free to email me anything or any suggestions you have for me to get through your entire base of material? I get how the codes are formed, and how they also have a visual symbol, so very awesome. It reminded me of the story God tells in the stars. Looking up you don’t see the symbolic images just lots of dots. but they represent an image that represents God Story. I’ve study the his-tories of the bible, and I just crave to know more every second pretty much.

    I have a picture from a storm a couple of weeks ago and it’s a Rainbow with a skinny snaky tornado tube wrapping itself around the rainbow. I’d love to share it with you if you decide to email me. I can only assume your a very busy person, so I understand if you choose not to.

    Thanks very Much

    • The basic locust shape (with wings) is represented at the lower bottom of the fractal (where one would expect to find locust — towards the ground).


      Upside down, the locust now reminds us of its humble caterpillar stage, and bows like the rest.

      The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said the appearance of desert locusts in Syria and Jordan was an “unusual and rare” event caused by several days of strong southerly winds and high temperatures that brought the adult groups to these areas.


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