Pt.1. Wings-of-an-eagle fractal & Typhoon “Eagle”

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Partial overlay of Christbrot fractal with Mandelbrot image of the throne room. This only shows part of what is here in order to give an unobstructed view by omitting details
The Christobrot fractal (replacing the so-called "Buddhabrot")
Click to enlarge. The “Christobrot” fractal of the Lamb on His throne, (replacing the so-called “Buddhabrot“)

April 8th, 2021, I reexamined the main fractal in lieu of the astonishing “Christobrot” discovered two years ago. (Not that I discovered the methodology, but rather the true meaning and use of it, namely, that it glorifies Jesus Christ, not Buddha or some Hindu god.)

The methodology adds three-dimensional depth to a regular fractal.

April 6-7, I examined and applied the extra dimension of the Christbrot methodology to the basic fractal of the “seven churches” of the Book of Revelation. (It forms a star around the throne, as did the ancient circular candlestick.)

April 8th, I added the extra dimension to the fractal of the woman who rides on the two wings of an eagle. Here is what those original images looked like. I will not reveal the new images with the 3-d effect yet because I want to focus here on the very important discovery the next day.

The throne, surrounded by the 24 elders, and then the seven-pointed star — the Church, along with the seven-plus seven angels, etc. The Christobrot addition is not included here
“The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness…” Rev. 12:14. The eagle is located at the foot of the throne. Again, this image does not include the 3-d effect of the Christobrot methodology, which will be revealed at the proper time

The fractals allow your eyes to see what it wants to see. Therefore, think biblically.

“Come and see…” (Rev. 1-6)
The throne room of Christ
Click here for best quality. Panoramic view from afar of the throne room. The birds around the throne are not included in this image
Click here for best quality. The throne includes the birds, which form an eagle/cherub

Below is much the same. Can you spot the difference?

Click here for best quality. Close up of the throne room with birds
Click here for best quality. This is the previous image, but with the full iteration of the equation partially represented

Compare the above with the below image that does not include the birds/cherub.

Click here for best quality. Throne, but not with Christobrot-birds for comparison.

The birds are examined next.

Equation of the shape of  all “Flying Creatures” and Angels

Click here for best quality.  Just the birds that form a cherub, etc. From one to 17 iterations only for this image

Z[n+1] = Z[n]^-.3 + C; (Z is 1. Bail is 2.25²)

Mandelbrot fractals are an amazing discovery for many reasons. To think that an equation can describe the “roughness” of clouds, and another of mountains, and another of trees, and another of crawling creatures.

My discovery was that the math that shapes this creation is really patterned after what is in heaven. Thus, fractals compose the entire scene that is described in the Book of Revelation. (And because the Book of Revelation draws its imagery from the rest of the Bible, therefore, fractals also describe all Biblical imagery and combine them into one composite image.)

The discovery was the natural product of 25 years of obsessive study of Biblical numeric and mathematics, by God’s grace. As such, every detail of the vast fractal image is not just visually in agreement with the Bible, but numerically also.

Early April 9th, 2021, the formula that shapes all flying things was discovered, including angels. And its location perfectly fits in with the rest of the fractal. And its mathematics is also perfect, with emphasis on “1260 days” and years. I have worked on it constantly until today, which is April 21st, mostly just tweaking the colors in order to bring out what the equation creates.

And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.” So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. Genesis 1:2-21

The meaning of the images will not be explained in detail now. A Youtube video has been created to help illustrate the location of the eagle/cherub/birds in the context of the rest of the fractal. The eagle/cherub is just one small piece in a vast puzzle. As seen in the video, the formula creates the movement of the eagle flapping its wings.

Variations in color reveal hidden dimensions to the fractal
Click here for best quality. From one to 17 iterations. Same as before but with a different color scheme. Because it is a fractal, the myriad of birds form this one bird in flight, which in turn, form the upper head of an eagle with his two eyes glaring!

Upside down they become angels bowing before the Lion and the Lamb

Click on any image to enlarge.

Click here for best quality. Composite birds with a different color scheme. Observe the outline of the Lamb’s head
Click here for best quality. This is the same image as before, but upside down. Notice how the angels/birds bow to the Lamb on his throne. (Also compare with next image.)

Below is the same thing again, except with the Christobrot fractal of the Lamb overlaid. The location of the birds/angels is exactly where the equation places it, not me!

For best quality click here. Birds form a Cherub before the Lamb
For best quality click here. Birds/angels bow before the Lamb. Note the cross. Observe the cherub at the bottom center of this image, which also represents the shape of a dove. Look closely to see the face of the dove in flight with eyes, John 1:29,32

Lion and the Lamb

The first two images demonstrate full iteration and are placed in the context of the full fractal. The Lion at a distance (small images) becomes a Lamb when viewed up close. Actually, the cherub not only has wings, but also a face like an eagle, a man, a lion, and a bull. (The bull is visible in the first two images in this post.)

Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb, but the Lamb is visible only to those close to Him.

Come and see…

Below is the same as above, except the colors, are inverted.

The anchor type image towards the bottom will be explained later. Notice the three doves at the top. They form the outline of the head of the Lamb of God. This with the eagle/bird at bottom, the Lamb becomes the Lion. The Lamb is seen up close, so click on the image to enlarge! (Make it smaller to see the Lion)

Below is just the formula for the cherub/birds etc. The colors are inverted in the second image once again.

Colors inverted. Can you see the head of a Lion?

Perhaps the Lamb is more easily seen when turned into a sketch.

I see a dove remaining upon the head of the Lamb of God! John 1:29,32

Signs always accompany new revelations (and broken seals)

Note the sign of Super Typhoon Surigae (meaning, “Eagle“), its timing, and its EXACT location on the Prophetic Map (and Virgo with eagles wings) when it obliterated the record books at 888 millibars early Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Read Exodus 19:1-4, and note the date on 360-calendar when its winds peaked. It was the anniversary of the F-5 tornado sign in 1991 (on 360-cal., 6 PM), with 430 km. winds.

“Like a mighty rushing wind!” Acts 2:2

Recall the first post in this recent series 40 days ago.

It is getting late! The rest of the images, such as the butterfly that hangs from its cacoon, will be posted soon.

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