“The Sun and Moon god are judged”. (Update to dirt-devil sign 364 days ago)

“Pyramids of the Sun and Moon” (Mexico) is closed this weekend (The closure of the Pyramids is discussed after the note about the two earthquakes that coincide with this closure.) Yesterday’s post was about the timing of the astonishing things that are now happening in the world that coincide with the Spring New Year, 2020. … Read more

1-4. Moon-god judged! First four great signs as Mene Code posted

Above image: Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” at ziggurat/pyramid, with a solar eclipse in background. Unusual events in heaven and on earth coincided with the posts about the Mene Tekel Peres Code. This is the first sign. More quickly followed. God demonstrated what this first heavenly sign meant, namely, that the enemy is under our feet. Note: the … Read more