Mark this day — USA and Canada is now fully indebted to the Bankers


“What we’re witnessing here is nothing less than the death of capitalism and birth of something new,” said Mati Greenspan, the founder of analysis and advisory firm Quantum Economics. “It’s quite fascinating, really.”

“By offering to buy an ‘unlimited’ amount of assets from the market the Fed is basically saying that they’d rather nationalize the markets than see prices drop. What started out a decade ago as an experiment in monetary policy now has us witnessing the transition to a new economic system.”

…investors are scrambling to adjust to the new world order. (Forbes)

The above quote was added a few weeks after this post was written. It highlights the significance of what happened, as slowly realized later.

Also, see Why “2.3 Trillion Fed Bailout” comes 13 days after the “2.2 Trillion”?


In the previous post, I discussed the meaning of the two recent earthquakes– one in Utah, and then four days later in Croatia, both around sunrise. Both times an iconic religious symbol fell. I said that this anticipated something important to occur Wednesday morning, March 25th, 2020. I planned on making a video today about that important post — and perhaps will.

In that post I said…

Two earthquakes topple iconic religious symbols

The Lord gave me the word about “Rest” as I awoke yesterday morning, Wednesday (18th), which was also the very hour of the New Year on the 364-day Enoch Calendar, that’s if the “leap week” was not added. Because a leap-week happened to occur this year, the Enoch New Year is delayed to Wed. morning, March 25th this year rather than the morning of the quake.)

Thus, the last week of the Enochian year is divided in half by these quakes. It appears that the last week of the year on both the Enoch and regular Jewish calendar is building towards something.(Bold red added.)

Update: a powerful 7.5 mag. earthquake occurred in east Russia, March 25th, which is the New Year on the Enoch calendar, (5 pm local time, about 3 am GMT, but morning in Croatia/Magog time.)

Consequently, the last week on the Enoch calendar is divided into three equal parts by the three quakes: the start, middle, and end of the 490th week of Daniel 9:24-27 — as is the globe itself! (The “490” is explained later in this post.)

(Click to enlarge.) Three earthquakes that divide the 70th “week” (483 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 490) into three equal parts, marching towards the east — in a straight line! By traveling towards the east, the week is “shortened” by over nine hours, Matt 24:22; Rev. 7:2

What happened on the morning of Wednesday, 25th, around the very hour?
Calendar of Signs and Wonders that happened after the Mene Tekel code
Calendar of Signs and Wonders that followed the Mene Tekel code. Notice how these signs tended to occur in two straight lines (purple). For example, the sign of Notre-Dame as discussed yesterday occurred April 15th, 2019

Two historic massive monetary stimulus packages in the US (2 trillion) and Canada (82 billion) coincidentally were passed–both on Wednesday morning. This will change the meaning of money, as time will tell. This financial package is like an atomic bomb, economically speaking.

(Two earthquakes {make that three!} may seem unrelated until you consider the post just before the start of the Stock Market: 02/02/2020: Rare ‘worldwide palindrome day’ (& 7.7% financial quake),  (Feb. 2, 2020).

Wednesday morning, March 25, 2020 — is also the 490th day from the very first event listed on the Prophetic Calendar of Signs, (Dan. 9:24-27). (See the end of this short post for the list of events on the Calendar of Signs chart.)


Update: The final stage –when the House passed the 2.2 trillion relief bill — was delayed two days until Friday, March 27, 2020, but which, therefore, is ALSO 490 days, except the most important date of all — 490 days from the day when God began to reveal the Mene Tekel Code that set all these signs in motion as seen at right in the “Calendar of Signs”.

As a matter of fact, all these signs count down from Nov. 23, 2018, (and to a lesser degree, 13 days later, Dec. 6), as a reading of most of those posts will show. Thus, God counted down “seventy weeks” (490 days) from BOTH Nov. 21 and 23, 2018 as seen in the Calendar of Signs. What is better? Two witnesses to an extraordinary economic sign or merely one?


Mene, Tekel, and Pharsin of Daniel 5. It’s all about money — and who will rule

And Wednesday is also the 430th day from the “Trump Wolf Blood Moon” sign that produced the Prophetic Map, and 400 days from the other major sign in the heavens that also created this map, (Ezek. 4).

Also, this day is “430 x 7 days“. (Add “1260 +1260 days” of the California drought to the said “490”, as specified on “The Calendar of Signs“. The calendar was included in each of the 70 posts the past year about the “Writing on the Wall.)

Happy New Year!

This morning — this very Wednesday morning is also the hour that the (solar) Enoch New Year begins and is, therefore, the anniversary of “The 20th Sign”. Moreover, the regular lunar New Year begins this evening on the Jewish calendar. They both overlap this day – both sun (solar) and moon (lunar)  — as mentioned in the previous post just a few days ago.

Thus, today, the Sun and moon overlap for half-a-day on the two calendars. This reminds me of the sun and moon that half-overlap on the prophetic map, where the moon overlaps Washington and Ottawa, and below is the Bull Market weighed in the balance!

The Prophetic Map

Please ponder the below image and read the caption!

Click to enlarge. The Prophetic Map is explained in earlier posts. For now, note the overlap of sun and moon atop the pyramid of Mystery Babylon. The moon sits over Washington and Ottawa. Throughout the image, the Aramaic (Babylonian) words repeated throughout read, “Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin” (Dan 9) — which were three ancient coins — “A mina, A mina, A shekel, and Half-a-shekel”. Also, note the half-shekel Trump coin that sits in the lower-left balance weighed against the symbol of the Bull Market in the right balance. It’s all about money, power, control, and who will rule the world — the Lion of Judah or the Scarab (Cancer). It’s a heavenly conflict.

The economic capitulation of the USA

A major step towards “666”

The White House and Senate leaders reached a deal early Wednesday morning on a massive stimulus package they hope will keep the nation from falling into a deep recession because of the coronavirus crisis.

The revamped Senate proposal will inject approximately $2 trillion into the economy, providing tax rebates, four months expanded unemployment benefits and a slew of business tax-relief provisions aimed at shoring up individual, family and business finances. (The Hill)

The economic capitulation of Canada

OTTAWA — A deal has been reached to get the federal government’s aid package through the House of Commons, one day later than planned.

Now, the Senate is set to study and likely pass the bill by day’s end.

The COVID-19 Emergency Response Act passed third reading in the House just before 6 a.m. EDT Wednesday after significant delays caused by opposition to the Liberals’ attempt to grant broad spending and taxing powers to cabinet without parliamentary oversight – something both the Conservatives and NDP described as an unexpected attempt to acquire a blank cheque. (CTVNews)


One more detail if interested: “Shekel” in gematria equals 430. Pharsim (Hebrew of Pharsin) equals 390. Note the Jewish sign about Kaduri on the Calendar of Signs 390 days ago. Recall: ‘Lay on your side 390 days for the house of Israel‘, Ezek 4.)

Also, see the sign of the “Pale Horse” that happened on the same day.

“A pale horse — Death was given authority over a quarter of the earth”


Click to enlarge

This Prophetic Picture Code was revealed as the full moon of Nov. 23, 2018, the anniversary of “The abomination that causes desolation.” These signs occurred seven times 365.25 years from the Fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (Left chart is a calendar of events.)

Part One. Mene Tekel: gods are judged!

  1. Sea-Dragon comet underfoot and ‘Meteor in Russia like ten atomic bombs’
    •  Dec. 16 & 18, 2018
  2. Eruption of Anak Krakatoa triggers tsunami due to full-moon
    • Dec. 22, 2018
  3. “OSIRIS-REX” reaches Bennu on Hanukkah as Bush laid in state. And 30 days later: China on dark side of moon
    • Dec. 3, 2018, and Jan. 2, 2019
  4. Locust invade Mecca as a partial solar eclipse occurs
    • Jan. 5th local time, (eclipse EST)
  5. Meteor strikes “Super Wolf Blood Moon, “and New York Tower of Babel lit up baby-blood pink
    • Jan 20 and 22, 2019
  6. River of Blood: Dam bursts in Brazil killing 360
    • Jan. 25, 2019, noon
  7. Polar Vortex, F4 Tornado strikes North America and Havana, Cuba
    • Jan. 27, 2019
  8. Meteor strikes Cuba at foot of mountain-mural of dragons and giants; (And Part A, “Dragon Aurora in Draco “)
    • Feb 1st and 6th, 2019
  9. Magnetic Pole speeds across the Arctic
    • Feb. 4, 2019
  10. Mount Kea (Hawaii) Enlil, god of wind and mountain — judged!
    • Feb 10-11, 2019
  11. Mene, Tekel, Persia, “Turkey, 50 Russian bears,  the Pope, and Kushner’s Peace Treaty
    • Feb 1st, 4th, 9th, 11th, and 14th
  12. Resurrection! Mountain clothed with butterflies
    • Dec. 22, 2018, and Feb. 14, 2019
  13. (Pt. B/CStar of Isis and Virgo darkened (full moon), creating triangle both in heaven and earth. (Pt. A. “Serpent ascends “)
  14. Israel and Bible: 7x around the Moon/Jericho
    • Feb. 21 and Apr. 11, 2019 (And “Dragon’s Palace, “Apr. 5)
  15.  “Prince of the power of the air” exposed
    • Feb 1 & 15, 2019
  16. Tornado (F4) topples tower three-hours after posting its image. And, “The Mark of Trump”
    • March 3rd and 8th, 2019
  17. The US recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heightsand thus Mt Hermon where angels fell
  18. Drill for water in Antarctica
    • Dec 18, 23, 26th, 28
  19. Book of Enoch and the underworld: Three scientific reports
    • Jan 10th, Feb 14, 15; March 1, 3, 2019
  20. Enoch’s 364-day solar calendar: The great switch from lunar to solar commences
    • March 21, 23 (Enoch New Year – March 20 & 27)
  21. Secret code predicted deaths of Saddam, Bush, Yitzchak Kaduri and Sharon
    • Feb. 1 and March 1, 2019. (Deaths: Saddam on Dec 29, 2006 {10 pm, EST}; Jan 28, 2006 {Kaduri’s code-Jan 18/’28‘, 2007}; Jan 11, 2014; Nov 30, Dec 3, 6, 2018
  22. Drought in USA, Israel, and Babylon ends
  23. Notre Dame Fire
  24. Easter Sri Lanka bombing
  25. Three Unusual Typhoons
  26. Mystery Mountain rises from the sea
  27. Final  prophetic images coincide with record stretch of tornadoes
  28. Day of Atonement Comet
  29. Sign of 2019 Christmas Ring of Fire (that began in Jerusalem) Dec. 26
  30. Why “Down Under” is on fire (Australia) Jan. 7

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