Part 2: Book of Revelation gives position of “sun moon and stars” at Creation

This post is written simply and briefly in order to appeal to a broad audience. Please read Part One for background and dates.

Feel free to skip the enclosed footnotes if in a rush.

We said in Part One,

At Creation, the planets aligned in the constellation of Virgo (“The Women”) and in Cetus (“The Sea Monster”), the same symbolism found in Revelation 12-13.

“A day for each year” (Ezek. 4)

In order to understand the heavenly signs at Creation one must be familiar with the day-year principle of the Bible.

I wrote articles about Ezekiel 4 in the ’90s. Eventually, this became an entire website.  The below chart is from those early articles. This agrees with my approach now to Creation and the heavenly signs.

The day-year principle was partially employed by Jews[7] as seen in Daniel 9:24–27, Ezekiel 4:4-7[8], and in the early church. (Wikipedia)

In the below chart, the seven days that Ezekiel sat overwhelmed (Ezek 3:15) immediately before he laid on his side 430 days “a day for each year” coincides with the EXACT seven years until Jerusalem fell in 586 BC.

Ezekiel’s siege. Demonstrates day-year principle. The seven days of his call symbolized the next seven years unt0 the fall of Jerusalem, about which he laid on his side for 430 days

Some ancient texts utilize the day-year principle, such as the Book of Jubilees, written before Christ. Jubilees places the fall of Adam exactly seven years after Creation.

The seven-day week of Creation and the seven-day Sabbatical years of the Pentateuch has the same meaning and work the same way, (Exod. 23:10–11, Levit. 25:2–7, 25:20–22 and Deut. 15:1–3). Both are continuous unbroken cycles of seven days and of seven years that began at Creation and confirmed by Moses.

Footnote: The Enochian Calendar also utilizes the day-year principle. See the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch.

The Day-Year principle at Creation

The Bible says that Adam was created on the “6th day” of Creation. (And then God rested on the “7th day”, Gen. 1-2.)

The Bible says that Adam was “130 years of age” when his son Seth was born, (Gen. 5:3).

The question is, How do we integrate the seven-year principle at Creation?

This is how: Because the count of years (i.e., “130 years”) begins at the 6th day of creation (when Adam was created), this means that six days AND six years before this must represent the first ‘day’ of Creation.

Footnote: The six days and years are also inferred in the Book of Jubilees because according to it, Adam sinned in the garden seven years later, which, therefore, is the 13th year from the very first year of creation, (6 + 7 = 13 years). 

The coinciding of the seventh and the 13th year at the fall of man signifies 'redemption'. The combination of these two numbers, the seven of perfection and the thirteen of imperfection, are at the root of the Enoch calendar. Moreover, in the chronologies of the Bible, multiples of 7 and 13 repeatedly occur in the SP, LXX, MT, and even NT chronologies. For example, "130 years to Seth", which is 13 x 10, and then "105 to Enosh", which is 7 x 15, and so forth.

I wrote an extensive article about the importance of "multiples of 23 years unto the Exodus or Conquest" in Biblical Chronology. For example, from the Creation in 4114 BC unto the Exodus in 1446 BC are 2668 years (23 x 116). Therefore, the said six years of Creation, plus the '40 years in the wilderness' equals 46, which is 23 x 2. This means that from the "first day" of Creation as in 4120 BC (4114 BC minus six years equals 4120 BC) unto the Conquest in 1406 BC are 23 x 118 years. Thus, the 'seven years' of Creation are "23 x 118 years" apart from the seven-years of the Conquest, and the Conquest is a type of 'new creation'. (Also, see 23 x 178 of LXX.) Much more could be said, but I forbear.

The Six day-years of Creation are 4120 to 4114 BC

As explained in Part One, the straightforward date for Creation (assuming the traditional Exodus date of 1446 BC) puts Creation at 4114 BC. Therefore, six days and six symbolic years before this puts the start of the first ‘day/year’ of Creation as 4120 BC. Below is the standard Biblical chronology as a point of reference and confirmation.

As we shall next see, astronomical signs as explained in the Book of Revelation grace the sky during this same ‘six years’ of creation. And the exquisite precision of the heavenly signs suggests a divine arrangement, a prophecy written in the stars.

These same stars were likely named by Adam along with the animals (Gen. 2:20). God impressed these names and symbols upon the mind of Adam by His gentle sovereign hand. Thus began a universal language read by all men under the heavens (Ps. 19), later twisted by the serpent, but stars redeemed by the Savior as trophies of His grace, (Eph. 1:10; Dan. 12:3).

MT (“Your Bible!”) Chronology. Creation to Moses in the Bible. Click here for best quality

The Seven Day-Years of Creation

Observe the symmetrical arrangement at Creation: Three days/years of forming and three days/years of filling that which was formed, (Gen. 1). The grand finale of the first three days of forming is the seed זַרְעֲ-bearing plants. And the grand finale of the last three days of filling is “man”, but more specifically, the Seed זַרְעֲ of Man, which is Christ the Lord, (Gen. 1-3; Gal. 3:16).

As we shall see, this “three-plus-three-year” pattern is outlined by a wonderful astronomical sign. Visible from Eden and Jerusalem, at the hour of the Spring New Moon, Nisan 1st, on the New Years of 4120, 4117, and 4114 BC a wonderful sign occurred in the heavens. It portrayed the first promise found in the Bible:

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.” …וּבֵין זַרְעֲךָ וּבֵין זַרְעָהּ הוּא… Gen. 3:15. (Ponder Gen. 1:29 with Gen. 3:14.)

We look at this heavenly sign first and after that at the more magnificent planetary alignment as also portrayed in Revelation 12.

Click here for best quality. Note: Most dates before the Exodus can be earlier by half-a-year. Thus, the creation of Adam can be Oct. 4115 BC. This creates a full span of 7.5 years (Oct. 4121 – Apri. 4112). All this has stunning effects in biblical prophecy, but for now, we keep things simple

Part Three: In three days the head of the serpent is crushed

In Part Three, the heel of the Good Shepherd is pierced by the ruler of the night, but the Shepherd crushes the head of the beast and dragon/serpent. All this is portrayed in the heavens on the specified three days, i.e., on the New Years of 4120, 4117, and 4114 BC, even on the very hour.

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (i.e., “the beast”), whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8; 1Pet. 1:20)

Just to increase your anticipation of Part Three…

After explaining the first sign, we will then discuss the astonishing planetary alignment that occurred on Tammuz 17th, 4117 BC (the year that symbolizes the 4th day of Creation when God created the sun, moon, and stars). Tammuz 17th also happens to be the anniversary of the alignment of a series of catastrophes in the history of Israel, such as the fall of Jerusalem, 589-586 BC, 72 jubilees later!

Below is a 16-second video clip. It shows the eleven heavenly bodies in alignment on “Tammuz 17th”, at Creation, 4117 BC. Seven heavenly bodies are in Virgo (“the Women”) as viewed from the Moon. Four are in the “Sea Monster/Dragon” as viewed from earth, with the 12th,  Neptune, under the foot of the “Serpent Wrestler”. (Recall that Judas, the 12th disciple, also went astray.)

Click on the image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge. Video clip of alignment of planets on Tammuz 17th 4117 BC. (“Eres” is the same size as Pluto and is the tenth planet from the sun. These are by far the ten largest bodies in our solar system that orbit the sun. Unfortunately, Eris and Pluto are now classified as dwarf-planets because they are a little less than the size of the moon. But apparently, this is not how God classifies them!

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  1. Wrong. Day 6 humanity are created. There were humans before Adam such as Cain’s wife. Adam and Eve were created after day 7.

    You may find this of interest. See sacred texts sacred symbols of mu part 4 the creation. It seems the Lemurian civilization called their creator the seven headed serpent and the 7 intellects.

    Also we know for a fact the 7 days are recreation after cataclysm. The 7 thunders may be the destroying factor.

    Creation is the big bang. Our last universe reformed but this universe will rip apart in trillion years or so.

    This may also help if you can find The HU creation date video dealing with the alignment of the celestial sphinx. Creation occured on july 4 14,000 bc.

    The video exists on my YouTube channel emerald eyes esoteric called fourth of july fireworks for the mind.

    Your 4114 date is interesting though. 41 is leviathan and 14 is messiah which means serpent king.

  2. I never noticed the mirror part.

    There is more to it than you have noticed so far. But I am not surprised that you would pick up on it ahead of time. 😉
    Add the next two planets/dwarf planets, Pluto and Eres. (They are both about the same size and other closer dwarf planets are many magnitudes smaller, and thus little more than asteroids.)
    Observe these ten planets out from the sun on Starry Night.

    “Ten” is the number of completion.
    Including the sun and moon (as heavenly bodies), that’s 12. Eleven in alignment, but with Neptune outside of alignment, yet underfoot of the constellation of “The Serpent Wrestler”, and the moon underfoot of Virgo.

  3. Autumn 4117BC Particularly August 14-16 (Julian Calendar) was pretty interesting, with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, & Mars being in the constellation Virgo, the Virgin “Woman”. It would be the 4th “day” of Creation. Uranus was just above Cetus, the Sea Monster/Dragon/Serpent. The mythology of Uranus is interesting, as he was supposedly the father of the Titans (Fallen Angels).

    Surprisingly, 14*397. 3 years would be September 15, 1446AD (Mirror of Exodus year) & another 397.3 years would be 1843/1844AD. Mirror of the LXX minus 33 years variant’s Entry of Israel into the Egypt, 2 years into the 7 Year Famine.


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