As said: ‘Expect plagues from Two Witnesses’, Rev. 11

Twin Tornadoes and a Candle Factory  KAIT8 Chief Meteorologist Ryan Vaughan posted: “This pic is when the long-track tornado was just cranking up. Yes, it started as two separate tornadoes. Pic is from Angie Burgess from Bay, AR, looking northwest. I just thought you guys would want to see how it started. For the hour … Read more

Woe! Sign of Two Witnesses of Revelation

REENACTMENT OF ANOINTING THE HIGH PRIEST TO BE HELD ON LAST NIGHT OF HANUKKAH Israel365news I am amazed how the past several months of posts come together as background for this sign. Actually, today I planned to post my most recent research about the Jewish lunar calendar, how it aligns perfectly with Daniel’s “70 weeks”, … Read more

Book of Enoch and his 364-day calendar

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch Enoch: Tribulation Witness Is the Book of Enoch Inspired? Sign of Azazel & Raphael (Enoch 20-22) Enoch’s Prophecy of 7 cycles of 490 364-day Dead Sea Scroll opened Part One: How the 364-day calendar works Part Two: How the lunar calendars work Alternative intercalation of the 364-days The Key … Read more