“364-day” Dead Sea Scroll opened: End-of-days sign

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch



View of the Dead Sea from one of the caves where some scrolls were hidden — about 40 years after Christ. It symbolizes Christ, the Word of God, resurrected. A door of revelation!

Wiki summarizes the Dead-Sea Scrolls into three general groups:

  1. Some 40% are copies of texts from the Hebrew Scriptures.
  2. Approximately another 30% are texts from the Second Temple Period which ultimately were not canonized in the Hebrew Bible, like the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, the Book of Tobit, the Wisdom of Sirach, Psalms 152–155, etc.
  3. The remainder (roughly 30%) are sectarian manuscripts of previously unknown documents that shed light on the rules and beliefs of a particular group (sect) or groups within greater Judaism, like the Community Rule, the War Scroll, the Pesher on Habakkuk, and The Rule of the Blessing.

Clearly, the discovery and timing of when these scrolls were discovered, 1947/1948 —as Israel was being reborn— was a sign that we had entered into the final stages of time. And now 70 years have passed. And in seven more years there will have elapsed 70 jubilees from when Israel entered the Promised Land! The opening of the Dead Sea Scrolls was a sign of the restoration of lost knowledge reserved for the last days.

God validates the importance of Enoch’s Calendar

Update: God gave marvelous signs several days after writing this and the below section to do with the fractal images of the four angels of the book of Enoch that control the flow of time (each stationed at the four cardinal points of the year). A researcher at the Department Of Biblical Studies at Israel’s Haifa University released to the public that they had cracked a “code” after piecing together tiny fragments of the second last of some 900 Dead Sea Scrolls yet to be unveiled. They had been working on it for over a year, and have now moved onto working on the very last one.

The images presented below, at center, mainly depicts the scene from Revelation 5, that is, the opening of the seven scrolls of the lamb. Hence, the fact that the last of some 900 scrolls is about to be deciphered after 70 long years is an important sign of what is occurring in the heavens, and of this revelation. 

This was true of the 12th cave and "little scroll" (Rev 10) discovered less than a year ago. The two signs mean the same thing: 'Near completion'. (As in the 12 tribes of Israel.) Friends, the final unsealing and revealing of the Revelation and Coming of Christ is at hand!
(Click to enlarge.) The same math that creates patterns throughout the bible and history also creates this image of the throne room.

In an interview with the CBC, a leading researcher, Jonathan Ben-Dov, stated:

“But also every calendar has to relate in some way to astronomy, whether accurate astronomy or maybe just schematic or approximate astronomy. For them it’s important to distinguish the seasons, which they did then the seasons are nicely symmetrical with the transition day between the seasons celebrated as a festival. So that was the contribution of this little piece that we found, it’s seasonal day, the Cardinal days of the sun actually. This is what made this little scroll important.”

Now it happens that about four days prior to this press release, I wrote about the same thing. Only the Qumran scroll was only a shadow of what is now being revealed. And this calendar/fractal image (for they are one and the same) is merely a shadow and symbol of what is occurring in the heavens. The below image, with its caption, is what I wrote a few days prior to the press release. (The same is true of all the images.)  Compare what I said to what was happening in the natural world with this press release. (In the below image, can you see the four large angels at each corner? Or the four “Star of David’s”  that lays between them and points to the ends of the earth? How about the four fish images that the star of David’s upholds, in the traditional shape that represents the Church? These are but a whisper of what is there.)

(Click to enlarge.) The same four very-large angels/seraphs of the book of Enoch, each facing in the four cardinal directions from the center. Vertically, from top of head to top of head spans 4x7x490 years,  (5x7x490 for horizontal.)

When I wrote this, I was referring to the very same thing as in the press release — the four points of the season as spoken of in the book of Enoch (and the Qumran scroll). It was the main point of their discovery and mine! The exact same thing. Please tell me. If mere chance, what are the odds? Moreover, in the “Alpha Omega” image below that uses the old Hebrew script and Greek letters to form these images, well, as it turns out, the Qumran scroll was encoded too. Guess how? Using the old Hebrew script and Greek letters! In the news article entitled: “Scholars Have Cracked The Code And Deciphered One Of The Last Remaining Dead Sea Scrolls”, the article says:

“And lastly, the researchers are still perplexed by the mysteriously coded nature of this 364-day calendar with the ancient encryption system consisting of both paleo-Hebrew or Greek letters along with arbitrary characters. As Ratzon and Ben-Dov wrote (in the study conducted by the team).”

I could go on more about this great sign, but you get the picture!

Dow Jones Drops 666 points by the eve of 360-cal. New Year — a Shmita Year

Actually, there have been a great number of signs. For example, I refer to the 360-calendar and the final seven years (Shmita) until the 490th “Shmita” from 1406 BC when Israel entered the Promised Land, (Dan 9). I’ve also been speaking a lot about 666 lately, how it has to do with money. This New Year (that marked the final Shmita) on the said 360-calendar began Friday, 6 pm, Feb. 2, 2018. What happened at or around that hour? The Dow Jones dropped 666 points. It was the most since 2016.

Enoch’s Calendar and Bible numeric create these images

The calendar math and the fractal math for the four angels are one and the same.

(Click to enlarge.) (Two of) The Four Horsemen of Revelation rising from the Sea.

Related to this is that one of the great discoveries made in the 364-calendar form Dead Sea Scrolls was the extension of the Barley and Wheat festivals (i.e., “Firstfruits and Pentecost”). The sect that created the scroll followed these two biblical festivals with two more, the wine and oil festivals. What does this have to do with 666 and the coming economic famine?

When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

Enoch Calendar and the Center of Time

As we shall see, the Enochian calendar also agrees with the recent article I wrote on the Sumerian chronology. That Babylonian (Sumerian) chronology spans back hundreds of thousands of years. It also has an Enoch figure (En-men-dur-ana) “caught up to heaven to learn secrets” and who was “seventh” from their ‘Adam’. Most liberal scholars insist that this is proof that the book of Enoch was borrowing from the “much more older” Sumer tablets. But as usual, they have flipped the truth upside down. This, and all calendars, including the Mayan calendar (the counterfeit of Enoch’s calendar) chime with perfect precision at the center of time — Jesus Christ. And because events in time repeat in cycles like a fractal, the chronology of these calendars (especially Enoch’s) weave into the complex chronology that forms the fractal imagery of the book of Revelation. In other words, you can see Enoch’s patterns with your eyes, such as the image below, with the throne surrounded by the 24 elders (like the hours on a clock) and the 7+7 mighty angels, and the seven churches like a star, and so forth. (The 24 priestly divisions of weeks is also a part of the Enochian calendar as per 1Chronicles 24.)

Examples of Fractals that Result from Bible Timeframes

Before I lay out the blueprint for the calendar of Enoch, here are some visuals that agree with, and result from, the calendar of Enoch. These fractals will be explained later, Lord willing. I mention them because they agree with the book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees (and of course the Bible), and with the calendar of Enoch. They render a visual depiction of the calendar instead of what otherwise would be, for most, a dull read!

(Click to enlarge.) Fractal produced by biblical time-frames. A timeline radiates out from the center.  Example: The church/seven-pointed-star as seen here from top to bottom spans 70 plus 70 jubilees (6860 years; i.e.,  3366 BC to AD 3495), but 12005 years horizontally, (5x49x49). The throne is centered at 36/6 BC, whereas the church/star and angels have 65/95 AD for their center. This image is encased in a much larger image and at that size, the above becomes a fiery seal over the heart of Christ, the high priest, united with His bride — New Jerusalem, whose feet stand at 262086/56 BC. I mention this now because the fractal-math demands the above scene to be dropped by 70,000/70,070 years to the new center of “New Jerusalem”, (from/to 70,006/69,976 BC). I mention this because it happens to also directly relate to the 70,000-year prophecy in the book of Enoch. (Enoch 10:12; Jubilees 30:20; Exodus 20:6; Deut 7:9.)
(Click to enlarge). Christ, “the Alpha and Omega”) ushered to His throne, before countless angels. Four very large angels surround the throne. These are the four angels that Enoch refers to at the four corners of the year, (Enoch 82). Symbolically speaking, they turn the wheel of time.
(Click to enlarge.)  Perhaps easier to see in this image: The same four very-large angels/seraphs of the book of Enoch, each facing in the four cardinal directions from the center. Vertically, from top of head to top of head spans 4x7x490 years,  (5x7x490 for horizontal — but now slightly corrected to 364×49.).
(Click to enlarge.) Above image overlayed onto Ezekiel’s temple. Note inner hands of the seraph upon the two pillars of the temple, (Isaiah 6), as Christ, the mirrored image of the Father, offers Himself as a sacrifice upon the altar. See Temple of Time for more on Ezekiel’s temple.
(Click to enlarge.) No one picture can bring out the full imagery: In this image, the (same) background of fire is now emphasized. Here, only one of the four seraphs is emphasized (meaning, “burning ones”). This’ burning one’ stands with arms crossed. Notice how his arms perfectly surround the star of the seven churches to shield it!

If you wish, here are the four angels again, in the scene from the book of Revelation where the seals are opened by the Lamb, along with the four horsemen of death. They are about to be swallowed up in life by Christ the Victor. See if you can spot the same four large angels. These four are easily seen about one minute into the video as the center is slowly enlarged and zeroed in on.

Enoch’s Clock And the Clocks of the Nations

The calendar of Enoch literally swallows up all other calendars, just as Moses’ rod that budded swallowed up his rivals did, first the magician’s rod of Pharoh, then later the twelve rods of Israel. The 360-calendar (see 360calendar.com), the 24 priestly divisions of David referred to at the time of John and Jesus’ birth and the lunar calendar used in Israel today are all aspects of Enoch’s calendar. All other calendars are true in the sense that they can keep track of time, but only have meaning when absorbed (swallowed) by Enoch’s calendar. What I mean is this: all other calendars are a subset of Enoch’s ancient calendar and were allotted to certain nations by God (and in some cases, tolerated for a season). They compliment and are subservient to his, much, I’m sure, to the chagrin of hostile principalities that rule these nations. Some principalities “changed times and seasons”, hoping to expunge the memory of the Only True God. But even here, restricted to the pragmatism of useful time-keeping, the ancients usually set their courses by the sun and moon or stars and were thereby nudged into timekeeping that nevertheless glorifies God, at least indirectly. Such is the Mayan calendars and Islamic calendars. The Mayan calendar especially reveals an attempt to undo the theme of Atonement by the removal of the crucial cycles of seven in relationship to 13 per quarter year, (7×13 days) but retain the rest of the elements of Enoch’s calendar, particularly 13 and 20×18 (360) with its 144,000-year grand cycles. Click here to begin reading the series of articles about Enoch and the signs that have followed.

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch

Called, "Pi: The Rod of Enoch". This simple formula locates a position in space/time of a straight line surrounded by its circle, which by definition is π, discovered and posted as Dorian first formed.
True to Pi to the 22nd decimal point, note the predominance of multiples of 7 and 70

490 days to Hurricane Michael & Paradise Fire

Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.

The literal “seventy weeks” (490 days) prophesied last year about this time unto Hurricane Michael and the Paradise Fire.

(UPDATE: …and also 490 days to when the Fire was put out!)

If these conditions…persist…this (fire) could well turn out to be one of the U.S.’ costliest weather and climate disasters, exceeding the damage caused by recent major hurricanes such as Katrina, Sandy and Harvey. (AccuWeather)

Said Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder and president of AccuWeather, “This is a serious humanitarian as well as economic disaster for the state of California, possibly rivaling the negative impacts of the great earthquakes there. (AccuWeather)

These two events are among the two most severe in American history.

Below is the chart found in the article from last year entitled: “(Pt. 2) U.S. Pattern of Disasters Revealed Beforehand.” (As you can see by the link address, it was put out exactly 360 days before Hurricane Michael.)

The chart in that article contains the pattern for the prophecy. With a little effort, you can figure it out for yourself. Just make sure that you use the 360-calendar.

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it. I also had this chart date-stamped (Aug. 2nd to 8th, 2017, which is the week that I worked on the chart) on Youtube, and then posted the Youtube video Holloween, 2017, to prove its authenticity for the future.

Why start from the deaths of Aaron and Moses?

As said before, there are different types of “The Two Witnesses” (of Rev. 11). Moses and Aaron is an obvious one. Aaron was the mouthpiece of Moses who brought plagues down upon Egypt.

Moses died exactly half-a-year after Moses, just before they enter the Promised Land, (1406 BC). The Bible tells us that “Moses was 80 years old and Aaron 83” (Exod. 7:7)  when the plagues began half-a-year before the Exodus of 1446 BC. Therefore, do the math — Aaron is 3.5 years older than Moses.

Why is this important?

3.5 years (1260 days)

The plagues upon Egypt and destruction of Canaan together are a type of the End of the World. It carries the same meaning as the fall of Babylon in 539 BC. (See Rev. 18.)

And immediately before the Promised Land is taken and Canaan falls, what happens?

Aaron and Moses die.

And what happens before the End of the World in the Book of Revelation, when Babylon falls?

The Two Witnesses die.

But the reason the pattern is not obvious is that we have been trained to look at the Bible and even the Book of Revelation in one naively simplistic way — as the dot at the end of a book. But think of the Bible, and especially Bible prophecy as a fractal. Yes, prophetic events reach a crescendo, a culmination, however, the end is embedded within self-similar patterns of various lengths, all interconnected over time of infinite number. In other words, time is a fractal.

In mathematics, a fractal is a detailed, recursive, and infinitely self-similar mathematical set.

This is the true perspective of Bible Prophecy. And this upcoming crescendo in or age will work its way into something even more grandeur in the next age.


Fortunately, God has made all this simple by allowing the Biblical patterns that weave as a fractal to also be the math that produces a literal fractal, so as to form an image that we can literally see. An image of space and time. Not just space and not just time, but space-time. Location and time are synonymous.

What is it an image of?

It’s an image of the Glory of Jesus, which is what every letter, word, and page in your Bible has also literally painted. One image. One Person. And we in Him. And like a fractal, all that is not in Him will vanish.

After 3.5 years (“1260 days”) the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11 die.

The world rejoices.

However, 3.5 days later the two rise and ascend to heaven, (Rev 11). And then The End comes at the Last (seventh) Trumpet — but that, too, is a fractal, and thus from the Seventh Trumpet emerges seven more things, and seven more from that — its a fractal!

(Click to enlarge.)  Four angels of Book of Enoch that surround the Throne.

(Click to enlarge.) Sketch view of the four Angels of Enoch’s calendar around God’s Throne. Every pixel represents a date in time radiating out from the foot of the Throne at center: A timeline of world history, past, and future. Different colors help bring out different things. In this case, note the 24 crowns on the 24 elders, each sitting on 24 thrones that surround God’s Throne at center. (His Throne also sits on the middle of seven hills.)


Back to our discussion about time as a fractal…

The imagery of the Bible is a fractal

Thus, 1260 days is also as 1260 years.

And the “3.5 days” unto their resurrection is, therefore, the same as 3.5 years, which in turn is again 1260 days. Thus we have 1263.5 years and 3.5 days, etc. It’s a fractal!

As we shall see, 1260 days on the Enoch calendar is the same as 1274 days (3.5*364 = 1274). And every seven years an intercalary leap-week is added. (We will discuss this in the next article.)


7*364= 2548 (i.e., 1274 + 1274)

2548 + 7 = 2555 days

And 2555 days is 365*7 (i.e., seven solar years)

However, this is a fractal. The last “week” in 490 years is where 1260 + 1260 days have their origin. (Compare Daniel 9:24-27 with Daniel 12.)

Therefore, from Aaron and Moses’ death (the Two Witnesses that died before the End of the World at the destruction of Canaan), plus 7*7*70 (i.e., 7*490) comes to AD 2024/2025. (1406 BC plus 7*490.)

Less the seven years is AD 2017/2018.

And from the fall of Babylon (Tabernacles, October, of 539 BC), plus 7*364 also equals AD 2010. Plus the “leap week”, as said, comes to Tabernacles of 2017. And Tabernacles itself is seven days long.

In other words, 539 BC + 7*365 = Autumn of 2017.

And just to stretch you some more! Plus a leap day according to modern reckoning equals 2556 days, which as year brings us to October of 2018.

And we wonder why the past 490 days have had more natural disasters than in all the history of America!

Like Haman, America has already begun to fall, unless she repents. Already Mordecai is remembered before the king, (Book of Esther).

“For her sins have reached up to heaven”, and the cities of California are the sewer pipes, like two false prophets with frogs coming out of their mouths. Think Fractal! In the Bible, a city is often personified, such as “Sodom and Egypt”, (Rev. 11).

In mathematics, a fractal is a detailed, recursive, and infinitely self-similar mathematical set.

490 and 7*364 are also connected

Thus, generally speaking, from Canaan (End of the World) to now is 7*490 years.

And from Babylon is 364*7 years.

And the difference between 490 and 364 is 126 years, which in turn is one-tenth of 1260.

490 minus 126 = 364.

Do you see how one pattern weaves into another?

And this sort of thing is endless because all things are interconnected. It’s just that this is the pattern God has made visible at this time and is the primary modus operandi for this season of time. It’s what takes front stage at this time in an ongoing drama.

Let us begin again with the chart put out a year ago (in the Autumn of 2017). Its the blueprint of what will happen over the next 14 years.

Death of Aaron and Moses Begins Countdown

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it. I also had this chart date-stamped (Aug. 2nd to 8th, 2017, which is the week that I worked on the chart) on Youtube, and then posted the Youtube video Holloween, 2017, to prove its authenticity for the future.

Click to enlarge. Snapshot of the chart and when it was created on my computer. It was put unlisted on Youtube Oct. 31, 2017, to verify the word of the Lord for the future. The week that I created this chart corresponds to around the New Year on the 360-calendar.

Notice on the 360-calendar the 30 + 30 + 10 weeks (490 days), (this is in addition to “days”, “months” and “years”), plus another 2300 days, as seen in the chart, to the New Year on the 360-calendar in 2025 AD.

2025 is 70*7*7 years from when Israel entered the Promised Land. In other words, as implied in the chart, there are 490 days to Hurricane Michael and the California Fires, (esp. Paradise Fire and the 1.5 days that it spread), and also 2300 days from these same two events to the said New Year in 2025, as per the chart put out last year ‘as a pattern of what will be’, as said.

“Within only a day and a half of it starting, the Camp Fire destroyed more properties than any other fire in California before it.” (The BBC, “California wildfires: The day Paradise burned down”.)

(Note: The 360 calendar has a 30-day leap month that causes the 30-day spread between Hurricane Michael and Paradise Fire. Both names have obvious symbolism in regards to the book of Enoch and Daniel 9-12. Micahel is the archangel and Paradise is another word for Eden and Heaven.

Update: By the above chart, you can see that not just 70*7 is important, but to a less extent, 75*7. This works out to the day that the Deputy in California sees the smoke in color for the first time in his life (Nov. 14, 2018), as mentioned earlier in this article about "colorblindness".

“Then I saw “a new heaven and a new earth,” Rev 21:1.

This final 35 days that follows the 490 symbolizes the last "night" as referred to in Rev. 20:7-15, and also corresponds to the 8th day of Tabernacles. This colorblind man symbolizes the eternal-day that follows, (Rev. 21-22). 

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away,” (Rev. 21:4).

“And there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels…” Rev 12:7.)

Thomas Fire (at this time last year). “The larger “fiery red dragon”-silhouette is simply an enlargement of the actual fire above Ventura. (A shadow and an eye added to the larger image.) Thomas Fire began the very hour (on the 360-calendar, Dec 4, about 6 pm) at the very earliest point back to the death of Moses in 1406 BC. (490*7, fewer 7 yrs.) Thus, the pattern continues, except now it switches from Aaron to Moses.”

The above was a direct quote attached to this same original image back a year ago. It refers to the fact that this fire (worst ever at the time) began the exact hour that marks Moses’ death as per the above chart that I said at the time was what God was causing these events to occur in conjunction with. In other words, this fire began exactly 180 days after the anniversary of Aarons death, and so forth. Besides the video on Youtube, you can verify this on the Wayback Internet Archive if you think that I am making all this up as I go!

The “Woolsey Fire” began later the same day as “Camp Fire” that destroyed Paradise. The Woolsey fire is located in Southern California, in the general area where the Thomas Fire was. It has now burned about 100000 acres and almost contained. It looks eerily similar to the Thomas Fire.

The exact location of Woolsey Fire overlayed upon the one-year-old image of the Thomas Fire Dragon that I repositioned (top right) and enlarged (back a year ago) so as to surround Los Angelas. (It happened to face Thousand Oaks.) “Los Angelas” literally means, “The Angels”, which is why I felt instructed a year ago to surround the city with the dragon, in accordance with Rev. 12:17.  The Woolsey Fire ‘coincidentally’ occurred where the Dragon breathes his fire.”

Mere “chance” on place names, or a way of getting our attention?

“And there was war in Heaven (Paradise). Michael and his ANGELS fought against the dragon and his angels…” Rev 12:7.

Prophecy Against the South (Ezek. 20:45-48)

“The word of the Lord came to me:  “Son of man, set your face toward the south; preach against the south and prophesy against the forest of the southland. Say to the southern forest: ‘Hear the word of the Lord.

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am about to set fire to you, and it will consume all your trees, both green and dry. The blazing flame will not be quenched, and every face from south to north will be scorched by it. Everyone will see that I the Lord have kindled it; it will not be quenched.’”

Then I said, “Sovereign Lord, they are saying of me, ‘Isn’t he just telling parables?’” (Click here for more about this verse, and the shooting at Thousand Oaks hours before the fire started.)

Typhon Yutu

Typhoon Yutu was 7*72 days later, also significant. A day is as a year, and with the Precession of Equinox, 72 years is as one day. Thus, 7*72 is in this sense as one week. Typhoon Yutu is also, therefore, 2300 days to Passover of 2025 on 360-calendar. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses let everything be established.”

Moreover, if you check on the 360-calendar again, notice that Typhoon Yutu occurred on the 9th month, the 24th (and 25th) day, that is, Hanukkah on the 360-calendar, the festival that originally fulfilled the 2300 days of Daniel 8. (And see Haggai 2:20-23, the verse and date that the Lord brought to my mind to study a few days before Typhoon Yutu).

And Paradise Fire occurred on the tenth month the 9th or 10th day, which is the anniversary of the beginning of the seige of Jerusalem. (See the signs to do with Ezekiel’s symbolic siege of Jerusalem as discussed a few days ago.)

And we have already discussed what these dates were on the 364-calendar. Remember, think multiple calendars chiming in succession like a musical crescendo. It's not about what one calendar says on its own, but what they come together to spell, just as letters come together to form words.

So it is and always will be with every sign that God gives to prove that Heaven rules over the affairs of men. However, His people believe The Lie that all is random, and that “negative” events are from the devil and only “positive” events are from God.

But what is negative and positive?

Yin and Yang are unbiblical. Discipline from God is good.

What does this and Hurricane Michael have in common? They both occurred on the last day of Tabernacles on Enoch’s calendar in 2018, while each crossed US territory.

(Enoch’s calendar was held in reserve for the last day but does not replace the Jewish lunar calendar. It’s a second witness that “God has power over these things”, Rev. 16:9. The 360 calendar is an aspect of the 364-day year.)

Breakdown of the 490 days leading to Hurricane Michael and also the Paradise and Woolsey Fire

(See update at the end. The Fire was 100% contained after 490 days too, except on regular Jewish calendar!)

Here are the key points:

  • The 360-calendar has two parts: Each run 30 days parallel to one other due to a leap-month effect of 30 days. This is why the 29/30 days between Hurricane Michael and Paradise Fire are both 490 days from the anniversary of Aarons death, as per the pattern is shown me last year. (See above chart.)
  • The 490 days ties into the 490*7-year cycles about which we talked about last year.
  • Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.7*2 years ago, the Lord told me to watch for storms and fires that would follow a certain pattern beginning from the date that He first showed me the “Balance Bible Code“. I then tracked and predicted events meticulously from 2004 to 2011 with dozens of articles, including the Great Slave Lake Fire and the Joplin Tornado 1260 + 1260 days later. (The Stock Market Crash of 2008 came 3.5 years later.) Back then the 490 days came to Hurricanes Wilma, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. (Seven Greek letters had to be used when they shockingly ran out of nRecord year for storms.ames, ending with 28-named storm {4*7}, 70*8 days later! “Zeta” was the name of this last storm, whose number is gematria is “Seven“!) Katrina was the 430th day. We are now entering a repeat, therefore, two Shmita’s later.
  • The 490 days also ties into the prophecy of Enoch as discussed in the previous article.
  • The 490 days is broken down into the same pattern as discussed in the chart put out last year: 30+30+10+5, in days, months, years, thousands of years, and here as in weeks, (that is, 70 weeks).
  • The 490 is broken down into units of 70. The first, (as explained last year), is the 30+30+10 days of Aaron’s death, the 30 days mourning, the New Year, and the Day of Atonement. (Then another 5 days to Tabernacles. See chart for details.)
  • This will tie in with months (to Moses death etc., and see Thomas Fire).
  • And months time in with the weeks. Thus, 70 days to the Day of Atonement in 2017 (all on 360-calendar), 350 days to the New Year of 2018, then another 70 days to Hurricane Michael and the Paradise Fire, a total of 490 days. (See Daniel 9.)
  • And this year is the 70th anniversary of Israel a nation, and in seven years it will be the 77th year, and 2025, Nisan 1st on the 360-calendar will also be 70*7*7 from entering the Promised land (technically another 10 days, that is 70 days after the death of Moses!)
  • And thus the pattern is complete into our future. Therefore keep an eye on the next 7 years. Expect it to follow the 3+3+1+half-year pattern to 2025 as well as the Jubilee year, etc. Expect events to chime together on all calendars in unison.
  • The symbolic day-year will also be important. I have not talked much about it in years because so few believe the obvious, so why bother with the details.
  • Look for patterns that tie in the 7 with the 13, which together reads, “Undoing the curse, redemption”. It is foundational to the Enochian year of 364 days (7*13*4-months).
  • For example, the Paradise Fire (and the day after) is both 490 or 520 days from the starting position of the anniversary of Aarons death. 490 is 70*7 and 520 is 40*13. Such examples of this are everywhere in the Bible and in the calendar. (Example, Pentecost comes 7*7 days after First Fruits on the 65th day of the Religious (Spring) New Year. (65 is 13*5.) However, the 65th day is half-490 from the Civil (Autumn) New Year, (180+65=245, which is 49*5).
  • Hurricane Michael and Paradise Fire were also 430 days from the 2017 New Year. (See Ezekiel 4 and the previous article, “North-South Paradise Fire”.)
  • An eye on the Stock Market:  The Nasdaq peaked Aug., 31st, 2018 and might signal the start of a Bear Market. (See the first article of this series back in October concerning the Bear Market.) A Bear Market at the very start of the 490th Shmita fits perfectly with what happens upon a Shmita cycle, that is, the remission of debt. “At the end of every seven years, you must cancel debts,” Deut. 15:1.

“In addition, on Aug., 31st, 2018, the Nasdaq peaked on the last day of the year on the 360 calendar. (On Aug. 31, 2018.) The 360 and 364 are related Enochian calendars. The 360-calendar has already been on the Internet for about 20 years.) The Nasdaq likewise began its steep decline Oct. 3rd, the same day as the others.” (From first article in this series.)

  • I also wrote back in February 2018, that on the 360-calendar, the religious New Year began Friday, 6 pm, Feb. 2, 2018, which also was the 490th Shmita year. I pointed out that the Dow Jones dropped a whopping 666 points on that date.
    The symbolic number “666” caught my eye for several reasons, aside from the obvious. It was also the date anticipated in the chart, in this case, the 30 days from the end of the mourning for Moses to the New Year. This also means that this day was 210 days (70*3) from both the anniversary of Aaron’s death and the 30-days-mourning over his death (360-calendar). Therefore, another 210 days was Aug. 31st, 2018, when, as said, the Nasdaq peaked. {The 210-days, 70*3, is part of the said (70*3) + (70*3) + (70*1) pattern. Compare again to below chart.}

(Click to enlarge.) Both Moses and Aaron follow the pattern of creation when they died, and in turn become the pattern for much larger things that interweave with it.

Update and Conclusion to Fires

  • Camp Fire (Paradise Fire) officially out on Nov. 25th morning, earlier than expected due to very heavy rain a few days earlier.

“The firefight got a boost last week from the first significant winter storm to hit California. It dropped an estimated 7 inches of rain over the burn area over a three-day period without causing significant mudslides.” (Weather .com)

  • If you read the article before this one, you will recall the simple sign of the “Two Bricks“. (It’s embarrassing to mention it as I know that most will find this ridiculous. But here is the follow up to this sign anyway!)

The next day (Nov. 26th), the fan on my furnace that I mentioned became so increasingly noisy and annoying over the past week that I finally turned it off completely, despite the sign of the slab/brick, (or as I thought). The slab had been their 25-and-a-half days when I pulled the plug. The furnace had worked fine ever since we got it over 10 years ago, and so the timing of the fans demise seemed peculiar given the fact that it worked fine a couple of weeks earlier when I purchased the brick for that very purpose.

  • It turns out that the Camp Fire (Paradise Fire that killed about 100 people) that began on the 490th (489) day on the 360-calendar (as already explained a little earlier), therefore also ended on the 490th day on the regular Jewish calendar. (As you can see in articles posted last year, I have been using both calendars all along. Recall the eclipse of the sun for example.)
  • Woolsey Fire in Southern California was contained exactly 3.5 days earlier. By (Wednesday, November 21 at 6:11 p.m. PST, the (Woolsey) fire was 100% contained.” (See Daniel 9:24-27.)
    • Compare when 100% containment was declared. Exactly 3.5 days and one hour to the minute. See Daniel 9:24-27 for reference to 490 days and 490 less 3.5 days.
  • Thus, the brick (symbolic of Ezek 4) to protect the floor no longer was blasted with heat exactly 490.5 days after the anniversary of Aarons death, on the regular Jewish calendar, unknown to me when I pulled the plug. My ears were beginning to ring from the noise of the broken fan! (This very same day was also the anniversary of the end of the 40 days of Noah’s Flood on the 360-Calendar!)
  • The brick had been their 25 days. (5*5, meaning, grace multiplied.)
  • IMPORTANTLY, this agrees with what I have been saying: God can switch from one calendar to the other in order to mercifully “cut short the days”, yet without breaking the pattern of what He decreed. Why? Because God delights in mercy.
  • So while I expected a sign after the brick was there for “40 days” (as said in the previous article), God fulfilled what He said He would do in a way far better than what I could have conceived, and a whole lot more merciful, too.
  • Lastly, on the Enoch calendar (i.e., from Anniversary of Enoch’s death) are exactly 488.5 days to the end of Woolsey Fire and 492 to end of Camp Fire. You can do the math for yourself. On the Enoch calendar, Aarons’ death would be 61 days before the New Year. Quoting from the first article in this series about the Enoch Calendar:

“Last year, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria (one of the most deadly, destructive and powerful to have ever made landfall over US territory) crossed Purto Richo on Rosh Hashanah. (Amazingly, that day the Enoch AND the Jewish lunar New Year overlapped. It was the New Year on both! Sun and Moon — Two Witnesses!)” 1260d.com/2018/11/14/hurricane-michael-and-typhoon-yutu/

Also, see First, the Paradise fire, now Greenville 1000 days later

Enoch’s prophecy of ten 490-year periods

Posts in this series about Enoch

= 3.1415926535897932384626 True to Pi to the 22nd decimal point — a perfect circle! Note the predominance of multiples of seven, as well as the solar year of 365 and half-364 (“182”). “22 x 182” equals a solar cycle of 11 years. All are Enochian timeframes. Both “25920” (2160 x 12) and “25800 (2150 x 12)” are One Year of Precession of the stars. The drifting of stars off their circular course is a major conundrum in the Book of Enoch.

The main chart

Click here for best quality

Before we address Enoch’s prophecy of the seven epochs of 490 years each that span from Creation to Christ, first some words about why the book of Enoch is important for today.

The timing of the renewed interest of the book of Enoch with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 is significant. It anticipates the repeat of the sin of the Watchers.

Footnote: The "Watchers" is a general designation for a certain class of high ranking angels. They "watch" over men and the cosmos to make sure that order is maintained, and then report back to God. However, some 20 of these rebelled, along with another 180 under their authority, "200 hundred in all" (Enoch 6:6). The final total who rebel is one million, as deduced from the hierarchy of Enoch 69:3 with 6:8, i.e., 20*10*50*100.
What was the sin of the Watchers?

“In the days of Jarod” (Enoch’s father), these angels mixed their DNA with men, animals, and plants. This resulted in giant men and monstrous creatures. This was the main reason why God sent the flood of Noah. A new creation was needed,  a reset, because, except for Noah, all men had corrupted their way upon the earth.

Jesus said:

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Matt. 24:37

This sort of mixture of men and animals is happening again today and is being weaponized. God’s warning from the book Enoch applies to today because the sin is the same today, and so are the consequences. Indeed, the very first verse of Enoch claims to be a message for our day, i.e., “for those living in the day of tribulation,” (Enoch 1:1.)

Order and Chaos

However, there is another reason why the book of Enoch is important for these last days. And that reason is found in the verse immediately following the place where Jude quotes from in the New Testament.

“Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about them: “See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all of them of all the ungodly acts they have committed in their ungodliness, and of all the defiant words ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” (Jude 1:14-15)

Let us continue to read from the Book of Enoch, from the very next verse, (which is addressed to the fallen angels)…

“Observe ye everything that takes place in the heaven, how they do not change their orbit, and the luminaries which are in the heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and transgress not against their appointed order. … but ye–ye have not been steadfast, nor done the commandments of the Lord…” (Enoch 2:1, 4a)

In other words, the book of Enoch is saying that the orderliness of God’s creation testifies to their disorder (“transgression”). They are without excuse.

Footnote: Compare this with Romans 1:18-32, "Therefore they are without excuse, because since the creation of the world...etc." Likely the Apostle Paul had Enoch 1-7 in mind here as evident by his stress on sexual transgression. Also see the Book of Jude.
An orderly creation testifies to the following:
  1. That these Watchers have transgressed, (i.e., they have caused chaos in God’s orderly universe)
  2. That the 364-days calendar is God’s clear testimony to men and angels of divine order. Moreover, it points to the day of their doom and is marked on the calendar
  3. An orderly creation testifies that God’s children will eventually rule over their enemies, as surely as day follows night

And in keeping with the theme of an orderly cosmos, the Book of Enoch prophesies that the Enochic calendar (“workings of the cosmos”) would be fully revealed at the end of the seventh cycle of “seventy weeks”. It seems that the seven-cycles of 490 years complete its course twice: at the First and Second Coming of the “Son of Man,” (Enoch 93:9-14; cf., Daniel 9).

Sevenfold Light

“And after that in the seventh week (i.e., a “week” of generations of 70 years, see verse 3)… at its close shall the elect… receive sevenfold instruction concerning all His creation.” (Enoch 93:10-14).

The prophesied, “sevenfold light” was given to men when Jesus came the first time, by His Apostles and prophets.

However, it seems logical that this prophecy of Enoch is also fulfilled a second time just before His Second Coming, not foundationally, but an expansion of what was revealed the first time. One thing held in reserve until these last days is the understanding of the workings of “the cosmic order”. And this is now revealed, both to secular men by way of science, but more importantly, to His servants by way of the revelation of Christ as revealed by an orderly cosmos.

Cosmic Clock of Prophetic Potentials

The heavens are a cosmic clock that keeps track of the passage of time using extremely complex cycles and rhythms.

However, these complex rhythms, like the many hands of a complex watch, have been, and still are, tracking every event recorded in the Bible and in world history. All events occur in an orderly fashion in conjunction with the sun, moon, and stars thereby demonstrating a non-random universe.

Biblical events tend to clump together along the scaffold of these rhythms like the skeleton of the body upon which the flesh hangs.  Or to use a secular analogy, these rhythms in time are like the invisible filaments affected by “dark matter” that gravitationally pull on the visible universe so that wherever this invisible dark matter is densest, the likelihood of the visible universe clumped around it is proportionally more likely.

The cycles and rhythms of God’s clock act like gravity; they inexorably pull all things towards His master plan — toward the written destinies of both men and angels, yet without impeding freewill.

This does not mean that future events are easily predictable, but rather that the probability when major events occur is predictable, and even what type of event.

By analogy, crucial events occur in history in proportion to how ‘dense’ the invisible filaments of the universe are. Or to use another analogy, they increase according to how loud the crescendo of overlapping chimes on God’s cosmic clock is when they periodically chime all at once. It’s at these mountain-peak moments along God’s timeline that new chapters in redemptive history ring out.

The pattern is obvious in hindsight but murky beforehand when as yet they are mere potentials, even if high in probability. Only God knows the end from the beginning because He is the Beginning and the End.

(Wiki) “In the standard model of the evolution of the universe, galactic filaments form along and follow web-like strings of dark matter. It is thought that this dark matter dictates the structure of the Universe on the grandest of scales. Dark matter gravitationally attracts baryonic matter, and it is this “normal” matter that astronomers see forming long, thin walls of super-galactic clusters.”

Chart for “Seventy generations of 70 years” of the Book of Enoch, the key to all other chronologies

Click here for best quality

The chronologies of Luke and Matthew are simply variations of the Book of Enoch, (as is Genesis in the MT, LXX, SP with the “Key of 23“. This even includes the Tablets of Sumer!)

“…Adam, the son of God”, Luke 3:38.

Adam was created at age 70, as implied: “You shall die in the day that you eat from the tree”, that is 70 + “930” = 1000 years. (“A day is as 1000 yrs.”)

Apparently, Luke understood this extra “70-years” as a foreshadowing of the pre-incarnate Christ who came ’77 generations’ later. 

However, Matthew counts three sets of “14 generations” to Abraham (and stops). Thus, Abraham is born in 2876 BC, which is ‘490 x 2’ to the Abraham of Book of Enoch (1896 BC).

(Note: Matthew overlaps the generation of the exile in order to ALSO allow a rounded 40 generations to Christ.)

Matthew and Luke trace their genealogies through the line of Judah, not Levi so that the Conquest of Canaan occurs three generations later. (See “Nahshon” in Wiki.).

Footnote: See note in the chart about the seven-days/years of creation, and its effects on the chronology.

In the Book of Jubilees, both Cain and Abel are born when Adam was 70 and 77 years of age, (Bk Jub 4:1). The fall of man occurred "seven years exactly" after creation, (Jub 3:7).

Luke likely had a similar notion about the fall of man because from the pre-incarnate "Son of God" unto the fall of man adds up to 77 years. This is likely why Luke records 77 generations unto the redemption of man from the original transgression -- a year for each generation, similar to the Bk. of Enoch.

Many manuscript fragments of both the Book of Jubilees and Enoch were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls that date to the period just before Luke and prove that such concepts well known to scholars of that time period. Interestingly, the final 12th cave of Qumaram was discovered 70 years after the initial discovery of the other eleven caves, 77 generations after 3366 BC, etc. Also count cycles of 483-solar years ("490 yrs" of 360 days). See "Key of 23".

3366 BC less 3360 years = 6 BC, and 3360 is itself ten priestly years of 336 days! (See Luke 1:5)

Enoch’s Prophetic Outline: Pre-Creation to Christ (70 gen.), and 30 more to the “Appearing of the New Heaven”

You can read the prophecy of Enoch at this link: Book of Enoch 91-93. Note the odd way that the last three cycles of 490 years appear out of order, that is, before the other seven cycles! This is a strong hint to the importance of the internal three-plus-seven and seven-plus-three pattern found throughout.

Enoch utilizes idealistic generations of 70 years, which he says is symbolic of just one day. Therefore one day equals 70 years. (Compare to Daniel 9.)

The parallels between the Book of Enoch and the Bible are self-explanatory.

The following is meant to be an aid to the chart.

Enoch 91-93 — (One day equals seventy years)
  1. “In the 1st week”: 7 generations (i.e., “7 days”) span from “God” to Enoch’s birth (or from Adam to Enoch’s ascension).  “I (Enoch) was born the seventh (day/generation) in the first week…” Enoch 93:3. The chart has 7 gen. to his birth as does Luke 3:37,38, likely the traditional understanding
  2. “In the 2nd week”: 7 gen. from Enoch to Noah’s Flood and “Cainan” of Luke 3:36, inclusive. (Notice ref. to Noahide Laws. See Bk of Jub 7:20-28.) 
  3. “In the 3rd week”: 7 gen. from Shelah to Terah, incl. (“The plant of righteousness”, 93:5, is Abraham, elected at birth through Terah at “70”, Gen 11:26-27. Compare to Enoch. One can instead begin from Creation unto Abraham incl., but in this chart, we follow the path of Luke that begins at “God”. The omission of LXX Cainan has the same effect.)
  4. “In the 4th week”: 7 gen. from Abraham to Moses of the Exodus/Tabernacle/Conquest, incl.
  5. “In the 5th week”: 7 gen. from Moses to King David, incl. (David prepared for the temple in every way, but it was built 3.5 yrs into his son’s reign. Both the Bible and Enoch accredit the temple indirectly to David, 1Chron 22-29. David lived “70 yrs”, 2Sam. 5:4.)
  6. “In the 6th week”: 7 gen. from Solomon to the 70-yr exile, incl. or excl., Enoch is ambiguous
  7. “In the 7th week”: 7 gen. from the exile unto Messiah and the prophesied “sevenfold increase of light” (of revelation). (The Messiah is here called, “The Eternal Plant of Righteousness”.) The “70-weeks” of Daniel 9 is the same as the 7th “week” of Enoch 93:9-14 
  8. “In the 8th week”: 7 gen. (Enoch 91)
  9. “In the 9th week”: 7 gen. (Enoch 91)
  10. “In the 10th week”: 7 gen. (Enoch 91)
From the Exodus to Now

Now let us view the above prophecy of seven weeks (of generations) again, except this time beginning from the Exodus rather than from Creation.

There have elapsed seventy weeks of seventy years from Moses unto our generation. That is, from the 40 years between the Exodus to when Israel entered the Promised Land (1446-1406 BC), plus 7*7*70 more years to our generation equals AD 1985 to 2025.

Observe that if one begins from the Exodus (a type of ‘new creation’ instead of the literal Creation), then a general parallel between the events listed in Enoch’s prophecy, except now from the Exodus to our day, reemerges.

How long is a generation?

A generation can be 40, 70, or 100 years in the Bible. However, in the Book of Enoch, it is logically 70 years. The number seven predominates the book, as it does also in the Book of Jubilees (and Book of Revelation). Furthermore, we have Daniel 9 that concurs.

Footnote: "Plant of Righteousness"

Compare the third "week" with the seventh in Enoch's prophecy. They both refer to the "Plant of Righteousness" and their seed/elect. This has the effect that what is said about Abraham can also be true of Jesus. And the parallel is not by accident, for the prophecy about Abraham also goes on to prophecy about Abraham's seed, the Messiah.

"After that in the third week at its close...a man shall be elected (i.e., Abraham), and his posterity shall become the plant of righteousness for evermore," (93:5).

And the above statement is explicitly said to be fulfilled at the end of the seventh "week", where the "posterity" of Abraham is again called, "The Eternal Plant of Righteousness," (93:10, cf., 10:15) upon whom the elect "hang" (38:2).

Posts in this series about Enoch

Locked out special endnote, “The sign of blindness and sevenfold light”. I have excluded this note because not everything is meant for the general public. 1260

Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch

My View of the Book of Enoch and Biblical Inspiration

Click here for the first article in this series.

The Book of Enoch has clearly impacted the New Testament (and arguably the Old Testament), yet it is sadly neglected by most seminarian and Bible-College professors.

Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?

I do not believe that the book is inspired, nor that Enoch is its author. It actually has many authors. It’s possible that bits and pieces represent the thoughts of Enoch in some way, but that’s as far as I dare take it.

Here is a link to a video about whether the Book of Enoch is inspired. However, the video underestimates the Book of Enoch’s usefulness in my opinion.  A careful comparison of the New Testament with the Book of Enoch reveals significant influence upon the NT or at least that they both held similar worldviews.

However, one thing’s for sure, the Book of Enoch helps to understand certain parts of the Bible and clarifies quite a number of obscure allusions or symbols, especially in the Book of Revelation.

In short, the Book of Enoch is useful but not authoritative.

Biblical Inspiration

The following is my view of the inspiration of the Bible, (not the Book of Enoch).

God used flawed people in a flawed culture with a flawed worldview, scientifically and culturally, to deliver His perfect message. And revelation is progressive, yet never contradictory, although it might appear so in the beginning.

Stated another way:

God makes Himself known through men according to their limited understanding, but the outcome is perfectly what God intended.

This is how our Redeemer is glorified: He takes what is flawed and makes it perfect so that our trust is in God and not men.

Therefore, I ask myself two questions when I approach Scripture:

First, What did the author mean?

Second, What did God breathe?

Men spoke more than they knew, and may or may not have been aware of it.

“For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” (2Pet. 1:21)

So I don’t search the scriptures merely to know what a man said, but what God “moved” them to say.  We may compare it to a loving father who interprets their infant son’s gibberish so that “out of the mouths of babes” gush words deeper than men or angels can fathom, yet still comprehensible having come from man, (Matt 11:25; 21:16; Eph. 3:10).

A Brief Overview of The Book of Enoch

The book of Enoch consists of five distinct major sections:

Most scholars believe that these five sections were originally independent works (with different dates of composition), themselves a product of much editorial arrangement, and were only later redacted into what we now call 1 Enoch. (Wiki)

NOTE: I will embed incidental information within boxes, as below. The title within the box is what most readers should know, and so feel free to skip over these sections!
Dating the Book of Enoch: 

Sections one and three of the Book of Enoch were written at least two centuries BEFORE the New Testament was written.

The second section, "The Book of Parables", is about the "Messiah: Son of Man". Ironically, the Book of Parables is conservatively dated to around the birth of Christ.

Scholars gather regularly to discuss the book of Enoch's influence on the New Testament and early Jewish development of thought. "The Enoch Seminar" is an academic group of international specialists in Second Temple Judaism and the origins of Christianity who share information about their work in the field and biennially meet. The group gathers about 200 university professors from more than fifteen countries. (Wiki)

At the 2005 conference, the date for this section of the book of Enoch ("The Book of Parables") is dated conservatively to about "the end of the reign of Herod the Great, or shortly after". (I.e., about the birth of Christ, plus or minus 20 years.)

Keep in mind that these scholars are in search of "the historical Jesus", as they put it. In other words, they are speaking from a root of unbelief, which is valuable in obtaining the least contested date for this part of the book of Enoch.)

In summarizing talks regarding its date (during the 2005 Camaldolo meeting), Paolo Sacchi writes:

"Earlier Walck remarked: "The dating of the Parables, while tentative, is important." I think that after the Camaldoli meeting the adjective "tentative" should be dropped, given the impressive amount of evidence gathered in support of a pre-Christian origin of the document. The burden of proof has shifted to those who disagree with the Herodian date. It is now their responsibility to provide evidence that would reopen the discussion." 

{"Enoch and the Messiah Son of Man: Revisiting the Book of Parables." The summary and conclusions of Paolo Sacchi in regard to research presented separately by Suter, Stone, Charlesworth, Hannah, Arcari, Eshel, and Olson. Pg. 511. Bold italics added.}

The title of the subsequent 2013 meeting is also telling: "Seventh Enoch Seminar (Camaldoli 2013): “Enochic Influences on the Synoptic Gospels”'"

My Approach to the Book of Enoch

My life’s work and calling, for the past 30 years, mainly regards biblical calendars and their associated patterns and related mysteries. These patterns form the hidden skeletal outline concerning the timing of every event in the Bible, large and small, and of the nations.

The orderly motions of the cosmos are demonstrated by the 364-day calendar of Enoch. This “Orderliness”, as demonstrated by this calendar, is fundamental to his book because this calendar reveals the POWER of “The Son of Man”. This is because the Son of Man is the one who holds all things together “by the word of his oath”, (that is, ‘by the Word of His power’), Enoch 69. The Son maintains the courses of the sun, moon, and stars, and they, in turn, govern all things.

“And these are the secrets of this oath… the heaven was suspended before the world was created, and forever…

And this oath is mighty over them and through it they are preserved and their paths are preserved, and their course (ie., the circuit of the sun, moon, stars, and even weather) is not destroyed… and they (the angels) rejoiced because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed unto them. And he sat on the throne of his glory“…

And henceforth there shall be nothing corruptible; For that Son of Man has appeared, and has seated himself on the throne of his glory, and all evil shall passway before his face…” Enoch 69:16,25,26b,27a,29

Carefully compare this to the opening words of the Book of Hebrews. Such parallels are numerous throughout the New Testament, and in the old.

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets (such as “Enoch”, Heb 11:5) at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son (i.e., “The Son of Man”!), whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. 

The Son  is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.”


Next article in this series: Enoch’s Prophecy of Seven 490-year Periods

Extreme Events (Enochian Calendar)

The SOUTH and NORTH California Record Fires

As I said in the previous article, at the end of each post in this series, extreme events that occur that are related to the Enoch Calendar are briefly summarized.

(Enoch’s calendar was held in reserve for the last day but does not replace the Jewish lunar calendar. It’s a second witness that “God has power over these things”, Rev. 16:9.)

Click here for The SOUTH and NORTH California Record Fires

Enoch and the Calendar of Enoch