In like a Lion. Out like a Lamb

The proverb means that if the month of March begins like a lion (bad weather) it will end like lamb (calm weather). Or the other way around. It’s an interesting proverb given that Jesus died as ‘the Lamb of God’ in late March (or early April) but promises to return as a roaring lion., (Rev … Read more

Mercury: Sign of Armageddon, (Isis prophecy fulfilled AGAIN)

  Click here for an updated version of this article!   “The heavens proclaim the glory of God”, (Psalm 19). Stars are tools in God’s hand used to warn man. God communicates this way far more often then people realize. The stars are not about our personal lives as astrology teaches. They are part of … Read more

Angry dragon descends from a dome-shaped heavens

Two more great signs have occurred that may seem unrelated at first. They happened one day apart. Let’s begin with the second sign because it’s obvious. Two powerful (cat. 5) hurricanes and one “super” typhoon recently occurred that had interesting names. Together they convey a message. I wrote a post for each one as they … Read more